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artcite_submissionform floorplan

Artcite Inc., an artist-run centre for the contemporary arts, is situated in a large store front space located in downtown Windsor, ON, a border city that benefits from cross cultural exchange with Detroit, Michigan.

We feature new and experimental art production in all media and welcome submissions from artists for recent or proposed new work as well as curatorial proposals from artists, curators and collectives. Off-site exhibition areas (indoor or outdoor) may also be arranged for mounting special projects, performances and site-specific works.

While no indication of future programming is implied, we recommend that applicants view our exhibition archive that provides an overview of past programming at Artcite. We encourage submissions that make full use of the highly visible gallery space to engage the public.

Upcoming Deadlines

Artcite’s Programming Committee reviews submissions for exhibitions twice annually. Postmarked deadlines are: April 1 and November 1 each year. (Please note that Artcite’s Program schedule is usually set 12-24 months in advance).

Submission packages must include:  

  • The Artcite submission form; Please download, print and complete the Artcite submission form above. (Submission sent without this completed form cannot be considered.)
  • 15 to 20 JPG images (that coincide with the comprehensive image list, see below) on a usb, CD-R / DVD-R (or other pertinent supporting documentation, i.e., DVD, or audio CD) of current work, and/or of specific work to be considered for exhibition.
  • Comprehensive image list (hard copy detailing size, materials, year of production, etc.)
  • Artist’s statement and exhibition proposal (hard copy)
  • Curriculum Vitae (hard copy)
  • Digital images should be in jpeg format no larger than 1024 x 768 pixels. They should be numbered 01 to 20 (i.e. 01_lastname_title)
  • Please do not embed images in Power Point, Microsoft Word, etc.
  • Ensure your disk can be read by a Mac and a PC. DO NOT PUT STICKERS/ LABELS ON THE DISK! (labels can render a disk unreadable and damage a computer drive!)
  • Please use a sturdy CD/DVD case or back a paper sleeve with cardboard — disks can get damaged in transit.

Optional inclusions:

  • S.A.S.E. with sufficient postage if you require the return of your submission. (Please note that your package will not be returned without one!)
  • Canadian artists: please use STAMPS ONLY; Canada Post advised us return postage labels are VOID after 3 days after the date purchased (the date indicated on the label).
  • Other supplementary material (press clippings, catalogues, etc) that would assist committee members in the jury process are currently accepted.
  • For proposed new works, applicants should provide material such as sketches, videos, details, illustrations, a floor plan etc. so that the review committee can visualize the project, as it is to be presented at Artcite.

Please note that we will not accept any of the following:

  • Submissions sent without a completed submission form
  • Submissions sent via email (ie. requests to view portfolio links, etc.)
  • Submissions completed entirely in computer file format on a USB or CD-R/DVD-R
  • Ink jet, laser or digital prints submitted merely as a substitute for JPG images on USB or DVD-R/CD-R
  • Submissions without visual documentation (i.e. JPG images on DVD-R/ CD-R)

Interior Details

The main floor, store-front gallery space is ‘U’ shaped and has @ 120′ of running wall; ceilings are 15′ high. The glass-fronted gallery entrance is 3′ wide. A mezzanine office space is located at the rear of the gallery.

  • Artcite’s gallery is located in a street-level storefront in downtown Windsor; 3’ wide wooden window seats are located at front of gallery.
  • A full glass facade that can be covered to control lighting conditions (i.e., gallery black-out is available).
  • Lit with track lights (100w halogen spots and floods).
  • East & west gallery walls are 15’ high; walls are 11.5’ high at rear of gallery (where loft office space located).
  • Over 1100 sq. ft of exhibition space, with 122’ of running wall.
  • Grey urethane linoleum floors and one central wall w/ masonry support column
  • All walls are dry walled (excepting the east wall, which is hanging lathe & plaster)
  • The main gallery entrance is 81” h x 38” w; the doorway to the rear storage area is 85” h x 34” w

Artcite Provides Successful Candidates with:

  • An artist’s exhibition fee in accordance with current CARFAC guidelines. (See Section A.1.1) Artcite is considered a Category I gallery.
  • A shipping allowance that reimburses one-way shipping expenses to a limit of $250 per solo show (amount pro-rated for group shows; e.g. $125 per artist in a dual show, $75 per for a 4 person show, etc.)
  • All-risk insurance during the exhibition (only when a comprehensive list of insurable items is provided at least ten days prior to installation, listing titles, media/materials and value of artworks included in exhibition, equipment list with corresponding values, etc; we regret the gallery cannot provide transit insurance).
  • An opening reception with the artist(s) in attendance.
  • Printed exhibition announcements as the gallery may consider appropriate, with copies to the artist for their distribution.
  • Invitations sent to Artcite’s mailing list.
  • Promotion and publicity wherever and whenever possible in all media.
  • Exhibition announcements and press releases distributed.
  • Artcite will assist in attempting to arrange a free billet, where possible, for the artist during his/her installation; accommodation costs are the responsibility of the artist.

Submission Policy

Artcite’s programming decisions are made by a programming committee, which is comprised of voting-artist members who meet semi-annually to view exhibition proposals. Submission review meetings are scheduled about one to two months after the deadlines, with re-scheduling as needed to accommodate the membership. Only complete submissions are considered.

An artist can be approved for a solo show, a dual show, or asked to consider re-submitting works shown but not proposed, considered for future inclusion in a group show or rejected. Successful candidates for solo and dual shows are notified within two weeks, while requests to resubmit, group show consideration and rejection notices may take longer.