TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2016 7:00 pm (sharp!) @ Artcite Inc., 109 University Ave. W., Windsor, ON

Artcite’s Board of Directors is elected from the membership. This board relies on the Artcite membership—YOU—for input in the areas of policy-making, planning, the formation of programming and administrative committees, etc.

Elections to the Board of Directors will take place, and 2016–17 committees (Programming, Installation, Reception, FUN(d)raising®TM, Strategic Planning, Membership Development, etc.) will be formed from the membership (no need for alarm—you won’t be shanghaied into serving on a committee unless you’re interested!). Voting members must be in good standing to register their vote, and must have been members for 30 days prior to the Semi-AGM to stand for the Board. Non-voting (and prospective) members are welcome to attend!

Please attend this important meeting and learn more about YOUR GALLERY’S past and future (did you know that May 2017 marks Artcite’s 35th BIG Anniversary?!?). C’mon out and reminisce about our illustrious past…c’mon out and help to plot our glorious future (how the heck ARE we celebrating our 35th—or 40th big year?). This is also your opportunity to have a voice in determining Artcite’s goals for the next 35 years! Interested in learning more?

Whaddya think? HOW can we serve YOU better? Give us your ideas. How can YOU can serve YOUR gallery bet- ter? C’mon out, and we’ll count the ways… (with profuse thanks in advance). Or—just c’mon out and meet your fellow Artciteurs… More info? Comments? Talk @ us @ (519) 977-6564 or e-us @