(Jan.17 – Mar.01): NATURAL SCIENCE by Jennifer Willet (Windsor ON)


In July 2011, twenty artists, scientists, filmmakers, theorists and students engaged in an art/science research experiment where a diverse set of individuals came together to live and work at a bioart field research station in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  BioARTCAMP was a collaborative art/science project designed by Jennifer Willet and co-produced by INCUBATOR Lab and The Banff Centre.  Participants worked to build a portable laboratory in the forest and conducted a variety of scientific, ecological, creative, and theoretical projects.  BioARTCAMP served to provide alternative visions of of the biotech future: ecological, embodied and responsible visions of our relations and responsibilities to the other life forms we share our planet and our laboratories with.

In this exhibition, NATURAL SCIENCE, Willet will present an un-natural history collection; a collection of items, life forms, images, and stories resulting from the BioARTCAMP project.   In the NATURAL SCIENCE collection traditional hierarchies between what is natural and unnatural are undermined.  Lab specimens co-exist with local ecological specimens, cultural artefacts and human subjects.  These objects, in tandem with photographic, video, and archival documentation of the camp attempt to recount the BioARTCAMP experience and serve to re-imagine the role of biotechnology in our shared natural history.

Click here for our Flickr set of setup, gallery views and pictures from the reception

BioARTCAMP Participants:  Iain Baxter&, Angus Leech, Tagny Duff, Paul Vanouse, Marta De Menezes, Marie Pier Boucher, Kurt Illerbrun, Bulent Mutus, Jeanette Groenendaal, Zoot Derks, Jennifer Willet, Jamie Ferguson, Britt Wray, Kacie Auffret, David Dowhaniuk.  Additionally, Tokio Webster, Grant Yocom, Louise Baxter&, Joan Linder, Dylan Leech.

Video Direction:  Jeanette Groenendaal, Zoot Derks

Project Assistants: Billie Mclaughlin, Arturo Herrera, Lauren DiVito, Dianne Clinton, Patrick Bodnar.

Supporters:  The Canada Council for the Arts, the Banff Centre, the University of Windsor, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the Ontario Arts Council, Hostelling International, Parks Canada, Banff National Park, The Art and Genomics Centre at The University of Leiden, Fonds BKVB.


(Jan.18)  7:00 PM at Phog Lounge! ART’S 1, 000, 051st BIRTHDAY


For Artcite’s 31st year, our annual celebration of ART’s BIRTHDAY (1,000,051st !) we filled neighbouring Phog Lounge with a night of Fluxus Fun, performance and live music.

This was a gala evening to celebrate the community and partake in gentle revels to celebrate our annual ART’s BIRTHDAY – as this is the 1,000,051st year of Art and the 51st year such modern celebrations have been held internationally (per French Fluxus artist Robert Filliou who declared Art to be 1,000,000 years young on January 17, 1963).

The evening featured: Performances by Stephen Pender; Jeff Noonan; Collette Broeders; Steve Daigle; Dan Dunlop; A.G.Smith; Scott Hughes; Lee Rabideau; Cate Hundlebey; Aaron Daigle; Josie Watson; Arturo Herrera; Murad Erzinclioglu and Christofer Elkjar .

With the participation of: Phog Lounge; Common Ground Gallery; CJAM Campus Community Radio; F.A.M.; Downtown Yoga; Circle Box Productions; Biblioasis; Squirrel Cage Restaurant;  Salute; Terra Cotta Restaurant; Prime Burger; Starbuck’s Coffee; Ray & Kim’s Variety; Taloolah Restaurant

And, our Art’s birthday tradition: A birthday cake for art!

Click here to see our Flickr set of the evening

Click here for more info. about worldwide Art’s Birthday celebrations


(Feb.13)  7:00 pm at Artcite Artist’s Talk on VivoArt and her exhibit; NATURAL SCIENCE by Jennifer Willet (Windsor ON)

Incubator Art Lab artist and educator Jennifer Willet talked about her recent BioArt projects, and about her exhibition at Artcite, “Natural Science”.

Visit here for our Flickr set of the talk
Admission to the exhibition and Artist’s Talk was FREE; all welcome.



image: S’n’B +ATC at LeBel February 2010

Every month Artcite presents “Stitch ’n Bitch” and “Artist Trading Cards” events inour gallery space or at select off-site locations. “Stitch ’n Bitch” events feature “how-to” and technique workshops,opportunities for collaborative creation and guest presentations on various issues relating to the feminist landscape. “Stitch ’n Bitch” is an international movement empowering and reclaiming “women’s work” but guys can show up and mend their socks too!.

Artist Trading Cards (ATC) are teeny works of art (2.5″ x 3.5″) that are made specifically to trade. There are no restrictions of medium or theme and materials can range from collage, drawing, painting, glass, ceramic, metal, fabric and melted wax to computer-generated imagery and photography,etc. The creative intention behind the creations and trading of ATC’s is to present a non-commercial, non-hierarchal avenue for artistic exchange — but more importantly, ATC sessions are meant to be FUN! Cards are traded one-to-one and people of all ages and artistic abilities are encouraged to participate.

Artcite’s first monthly ATC event was launched in Spring 2007, with a generous gift of several ATC’s by Vancouver artist Chuck Stake, for Artcite’s “25 Years to Life” anniversary art exhibition and festivities. The local component of ATC production and trading has proven to be a success and the gallery has seen a diverse and increased interest with each trading session.

“Stitch ’n Bitch” and “Artist Trading Card” sessions are usually held on the last Thursday of every month. Stitch ’n Bitch” and Artist Trading Cards at Artcite now has a Facebook Group!

Ongoing through 2015 “FREE FOR ALL WALLS – DOWNTOWN WINDSOR STREET ART PROJECT” Curated and organized by Dan (D3N!@L) Bombardier (Windsor ON)

Click here for The Windsor Star’s coverage of the project.

Juxtapose: “FREE 4 ALL WALLS” PROJECT IN WINDSOR, CANADA” and the earlier:More coverage from the Street Art press

dan wall
The test wall for the street art project – looks impressive!

see also

F4AW (Free For All Walls) is a large-scale public mural project that will commence during the summer of 2013 in Windsor, Ontario.

Omen 514 / Denial – Free For All Walls Project. Also see

Nychos paints! Also at

Artcite Inc., Windsor’s artist-run center and gallery for the contemporary arts will host a project curated and organized by local entrepreneur/artist Daniel (D3N!@L) Bombardier to feature, fifteen street-art murals that will be created in Windsor’s downtown core (and surrounding areas).

Dynamic murals will replace dull walls that were subject to vandalism (or ‘tagging’), neglect or disrepair. Works will be completed in high traffic, high visibility areas to be experienced by the largest audience possible. Each work will be geographically dependent, reflecting the individual site and a specific community. These works created by internationally recognized street-art muralists will serve as positive gestures to the community, bringing long lasting character, energy and beauty to the city, and placing Windsor on the forefront of the international street-art movement.

F4AW Lead Artists so far:

NYCHOS – Austria -Tentative paint date: June 22, 2013
BASK – Florida, USA -Tentative paint date: July 16, 2013 ( site: Alley North of Maiden Lane btw Pelissier and Ouellette)
SIZEO & GLOBE –  Tentative paint date: July 11, 2013
Ben Frost – Australia –  Tentative paint date: August 1, 2013
XRAY – Montreal -Tentative paint date: July 15, 2013
ELICSER – Toronto –  Tentative paint date: August 15, 2013
DENIAL – Windsor/Detroit
HIGH5 – Toronto
ABOVE – USA –  Tentative paint date: October 15, 2013
OMEN – Montreal – Tentative paint date: August 9, 2013
David Ross (PERSUE) & Nykolai Burke (NEKOES) – San Diego – Tentative paint date: October 1, 2013
NOSEGO – Philadelphia, USA
KWEST – Toronto ON
GAIA – Baltimore, MD/ Brooklyn, NY. USA
CZRRZR – Stone Park Il, USA –
SPUD – New York USA
LABRONA – Montreal PQ

Newest roster of confirmed artists updates HERE

Call for participation – Yes, you can still be a part of F4AW!

Interested in being a part of this project? Great! Applications are open to everyone, but we’re specifically looking for artists with experience in alternative forms of public art. Applications are not limited to individuals, groups or collectives are encouraged.

Applicants will be required to demonstrate experience working on large scale, outdoor pieces.

VISIT: website for more information!

Presented by ARTCITE INC.; D3N!@L; I Was Here and Twentieth Century Design Co. with generous project support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.


(Mar.7 – Apr.19)  NOWHERENESS by Margie Kelk (Toronto ON) Reception March 7, 7:30 PM at Artcite

Read the show write-up in The Urbanite and the coverage in The Lance

detail from Nowhereness – Margie Kelk

“Margie Kelk’s current work is concerned with issues of pain, rootlessness, and alienation, in relation to online and offline social networking sites. Her ceramic heads – their faces distorted, filled with despair and sometimes hope – are placed among models of disassembled computer components; they become components themselves, victimized or in control. The dialog that emerges veers between ‘real,’ physical, and virtual ontologies; the pieces becomes sites of meditation. On one hand, for example, the elderly are swept aside in society’s continuing abandonment of individuals deemed useless; on the other, the elderly may be empowered by social networking. We’re living in a time of high-speed cultural change; Kelk’s work asks us to slow down and see what damage we may have caused, what promises may yet be fulfilled.” (Alan Sondheim)

Kelk detail 1
detail from Nowhereness – Margie Kelk

Margie Kelk has been exhibiting her artwork in Canada since 2000. She was on the Board of the Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts (Toronto, Ontario) for eight years, and was Chair for six of them. Since 2009 she has been an active member of The Red Head Gallery (Toronto), and she is now gallery Chair. Her China-based books and drawings were represented by the Headbones Gallery in 2006-7, and she was a member of Gallery 1313 in Toronto, from 2003 until 2007. She has been showing in Canada, the United States and Europe. She has received prizes for several of her works, and has been awarded grants by the Ontario Arts Council. Margie is a graduate of Wellesley College, The Johns Hopkins University (PhD.), and the Toronto School of Art degree program.

Our Flickr set of the reception,also at:




(Apr.25 – May.31) “MAYWORKS WINDSOR 2014

A Festival of International Workers’ Solidarity, Social Justice and Community Cultural Projects

Please visit our MayWorks Windsor section, for the most upt-to-date listings and information about 2014 events, past MayWorks and more!

mayday march

For MayWorks 2014, Windsor Ontario’s labour and arts communities join with other cities across Canada to present our third annual labour-focused cultural MayWorks festival in Windsor. Artists, workers, and students have met over many months to organize a collection of exhibitions, projects, events, a rally and a parade, to celebrate our creativity as a community, our dedication to the values of workers’ solidarity, social justice and human rights.

The various activities will highlight our support for our city and our history of solidarity, concern for social justice and our tradition of labour arts. 2014 will mark our fifth annual MayWorks celebrations and follows in the ten year
tradition of past Artcite/ University of Windsor Labour Studies program Labour Arts Festivals that took place during February from 2002 on.

Visit our MayWorks Windsor site for a full listing of the full month of MayWorks Windsor 2014 events!

and the Facebook Group and Facebook page (friend to get notices)


(Apr.24) 1–2:30 pm “MAYWORKS WINDSOR 2014 Quilt Project Launch, Press Conference”

MayWorks Windsor Festival 2014 Quilt Project Launch, Press Conference

make quilt
Putting the Quilt together

Video of the press conference highlights, Also at

MayWorks Windsor 2014+Quilt Project Launch

Please drop by for the Press Conference at Artcite, Thursday April 24, 1–2:30 pm, to launch the 2014 MayWorks Windsor Quilt project and kick off our month and a half of activities for MayWorks Windsor 2014; A Celebration of Labour, Arts, and Community

The MayWorks Quilt Committee has been hard at work to bring our third community quilt to life. Our theme,”The Work and the Workers, Time Stands Still” is a tribute to the Workers of the community as well as a physical representation of the fruits of labour, through teamwork and cooperation. The current crises facing workers, layoffs, job elimination, unfair wage disparities and dwindling opportunities for our youth entering the workforce, inspired us to look back at our history for clues and comfort.

Photos from the archive of The Windsor Community Museum are the basis for a crazy quilt block design, chosen for its creative opportunities and its popularity during the early nineteenth century. This quilt will be donated to The Windsor Community Museum and we hope to enhance their period décor.

volunteers have cut fabric made up 60 quilt packages, distributed them and then collected and assembled them for this collaborative project! The quilt will be carried in the May 1 May Day Parade and will hang at the Windsor Community Museum.

“MAYWORKS WINDSOR 2014” runs from April 25 – May 31, 2014. Lots more activities, all at http://www.artcite.ca/ mayworks


(Apr.25 – May.31) “THE DIGNITY OF WORK” Dan Bergeron (Toronto ON) Vince Kogut (Windsor ON) Dulce Pinzón (San Andrés Cholula Puebla, Mexico)

An invitational group exhibition as part of MayWorks Windsor 2014

Reception for “The Dignity of Work” and MayWorks Windsor celebrations:, 7:30 pm, May 2, 2014
Artists, and speakers will be address the theme of the representation of work and Windsor’s MayWorks celebrations..

In defiance of the “erasure” of aspirational images of working people, The Dignity of Work aims to re-affirm the importance of the representation of workers and work.


Keynote Speakers:

Susan Gold Smith; MayWorks Windsor 2014
Bernard Helling to introduce the show and the artists
TBA show artists in attendance
Paul Chislett; WWEC Windsor Workers Education Centre
Pat Strople; CUPE 543

Live performance by WFT’s Trevor Malcolm after the speakers

Plenty of pix from the May2 reception for MayWorks Windsor 2014 and Artcite’s THE DIGNITY OF WORK, also at

The youtube video of the keynote speeches, also at

Dan Bergeron (Toronto ON), is a photographer and street artist who photographed and reproduced on a gigantic scale, the images of the workers at the Papiers Gaspesia mill in Chandler Quebec, which closed in 1999 despite a government-sponsored infusion of nearly 400 million dollars, causing Chandler to lose more than half of its population. The site is now slated for destruction. A Vietnamese company is dismantling most of the mill’s machinery to send to Vietnam.

Gaspesia: Les portraits en papier literally puts a human face on the industrial remains of Papiers Gaspesia. Portraits of the former mill and forest workers are installed on the front of the mill and on the mill’s oil tanks. While these men and the story of the mill are well known in the community, the deteriorating mill itself has been the only public memorial to the pride, grief and frustration those affected by the closure feel. The images of these workers now mark the physical structures of the mill and lay claim to its history and to its continuing impact on Chandler. One of the subjects, Serge Soucy, remarked that you could see his “eyes were crying for the mill” when he saw his own 30 foot face on the Papiers Gaspesia’s oil tank.

Gaspesia: Les portraits en papier was commissioned by Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie en Gaspésie as part of their annual photography festival in conjunction with the city of Chandler, Quebec.


Detail from documentation of the “Gaspesia: Les portraits en papier” series, Dan Bergeron (2011)

Vince Kogut (Windsor ON) ” I’m from Windsor, Ontario, Canada where the only jobs are factory work. It’s a culture around here as it is in Detroit. I used laborers in my work due to their relevance to the culture, but my main focus is to take subjects that may be overlooked or unappreciated and depict them in a heroic or romantic manner. Most of the subjects that were in Proletariat were my friends and family that are involved in that line of work. They were all pretty stoked on being involved in an exhibition and it was awesome to see the arts culture mesh with the labor culture. Bringing groups of people together that wouldn’t usually be was the most rewarding thing for me. Breaking down cultural barriers between groups of viewers is an aspect of my work I hope to keep developing.” Vince Kogut interview frank151.com

Vincent Kogut: “And They Remain Steadfast 1”

Dulce Pinzón’s (Brooklyn NY, USA/ San Andrés Cholula Puebla, Mexico) “The Real Story of the Superheroes” introduces the Mexican immigrant in New York in a satirical documentary style featuring ordinary men and women in their work environment donning superhero garb, thus raising questions of both our definition of heroism and our ignorance of and indifference to the workforce that fuels our ever-consuming economy.

PAULINO CARDOZO from the State of Guerrero works in a greengrocer loading trucks. He Sends 300 dollars a week. By Dulce Pinzón, “The Real Story of the superheroes” (2011)

Please visit our MayWorks Windsor section, for the most upt-to-date listings and information about 2014 events, past MayWorks and more!


(May.14) 2:00 PM at Artcite “BRAVO-SUD PLANNING MEETING”


Bravo-Sud, (Bureau du regroupement des artistes visuels de l’Ontario) held a planning meeting to discuss future collaborations to develop area-wide events and programs on Wednesday, May 14th at 2:00p.m. at Artcite. If you would like to participate in upcoming Bravo-Sud initiatives, please contact the Bravo Sud planning members Chantal Leblanc, President, Bravo-Sud Linda or Renaud Fisher, Member, Bravo-Sud or email Artcite.

(May.22) 7:00 PM, “ARTCITE SEMI ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING ” At Artcite, 109 University Ave., West

may SAGM 2014


(June.6 – Aug.2) “aswemaythink” Scott Carruthers (Toronto ON) and “CAPUT MORTUUM” Sasha Opeiko (Windsor ON)

A double show to serve as the anchor exhibition for Artcite’s Summer Art Fest 2014 Reception June 6, 7:30 PM at Artcite

Setup and reception for “aswemaythink” Scott Carruthers and;“CAPUT MORTUUM” Sasha Opeiko. Also at

We are mirroring to IMGUR for mobile devices. Visit website

Detail from the installed work

“aswemaythink” by Scott Carruthers (Toronto ON) oil marker on mylar, 2014 5 feet x 58 feet (appx.)

An immersive drawing installation on five foot wide mylar sheets that wrap around the wall of the gallery. Although alluding to different forms of storytelling (manuscripts, codex, comics), the work itself is devoid of traditional narrative structure; no beginning, ending or casual connection between images.

“Using a process based on writing techniques of the Surrealists, I draw automatically and continuously, using chance and free association to suggest the next image. When I am drawing, there is no conscious theme to my work; my goal is simply to make a new image each time.

For the past twelve years I have been exploring the notion of information as environment. In an attempt to create an immersive “world” that can be experienced both cognitively and physically, I fill a site with thousands of drawings. Although alluding to different forms of storytelling (manuscripts, codex and comics), the work itself is devoid of traditional narrative structure. There is no beginning, ending or causal connection between images.

In “aswemaythink”, the goal was to create a work that exists somewhere between narrative and landscape. It is also meant to evoke a tension between sequential narrative and a kind of “all-at-once-ness”, a term that Marshall McLuhan used to describe the experience of living in a media- saturated, digital environment. This work invites a new kind of reading from the viewer, with pattern recognition playing as big a role as traditional narrative interpretation.” -Scott Carruthers

More at: http://scottcarruthers.com/

The artist wishes to acknowledge the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council.


Detail from Caput Mortuum

“Caput Mortuum” by Sasha Opeiko (Windsor ON) Mixed Media Installation, 2012-2014 dimensions variable

Conjoined series of oil paintings on metal and painted found objects and their painted “skins”. The alchemical term “Caput Mortuum” calls to mind a dead object that may still be revived or transformed into a new mode of existence.

“The alchemical term caput mortuum refers to refuse matter that has been stripped of its worldly function. The exhibition handles this idea with found objects that are withdrawn from utility – bones, moldy bread, crumpled foil, trash or roadside ruins. The objects can be interpreted as melancholic, inherently inaccessible and self-referential.

The reflective space of the metallic ground acts as a neutral decontextualized field. Each object is singularly condensed into an epidermal surface of its image. Paint is considered here as a surface built to contain itself, coagulating matter into the illusion of stillness. The paintings suggest mimetic replication but they are not accurately reproduced. They approximate self-reflexivity as a symptom and a method of melancholic introversion, as if the object is imitating itself, its image falling away or castrated from its corporeal form.

“No longer a phantasm and not yet a sign, the unreal object of melancholy introjection opens a space that is neither the hallucinated oneiric scene of the phantasms nor the indifferent world of natural objects.” Agamben, Giorgio. Stanzas: Word and Phantasm in Western Culture. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1993. 25.

“The alchemical or artistic work is strangely inside, and the human mind that directs it is also partly its inert substrate. What was once the agent of conceptual control over the work has become the bricks of its furnace… The furnace produces a product that is the furnace, and the mind tries to watch a process that is the mind.” Elkins, James. What Painting Is. New York: Routledge, 2000. 166. -Sasha Opeiko

More at: http://sashaopeiko.com/


(June.18) 8:30 PM at Common Ground Gallery, 3277 Sandwich Street Windsor, “THE ARTSY CHICKS & TREVOR MALCOLM AT COMMON GROUND” A night of space music and light Jazz improvisation


Artsy Chicks & Trevor Malcolm at Common Ground Flickr

We are mirroring to IMGUR for mobile devices. Visit website

Artcite and Common Ground Gallery present: The Artsy Chicks; a five piece instrumental band performing at Common Ground Gallery June 18, from 8:30 PM on. The live show will feature space music from their album Kwoto Zeetrus. The music expressed on this record blends the spontaneity and excitement of improvisation, with the drama and motion of composition. It falls between genres and defies conventions.

The Artsy Chicks are:
Dominic Caterina – Guitar
Juan Cruz Fernandez – Guitar
Mario Lombardi – Bass
Corey Tardiff – Drums
Zachary Scholes – Keys.


The night also featured the musical stylings of Windsor’s own Trevor Malcolm!


(July.12) 2:00 PM Artcite Workshop: New technologies for media presentation

Artcite.Inc., as part of its ongoing comittment to the contemporary arts, held a workshop on new technologies for media presentation; Saturday, 12 July 2:00 PM at Artcite

Participants recei ved hands-on experience using low-cost solid state technology that can replace traditional DVD players for use with projectors monitors and older CRT televisions.
Properly deployed, these offer far greater ease of use reliability and versatility, at significant cost savings to the artist and/ or gallery.

Also covered was:

• theoretical and practical knowledge about new technologies for media presentation.

• practical concerns about using these solutions (e.g. solid-state media player, android streaming box, etc.) to present their multimedia works.

Workshop was free to Artcite members, $25 for non-members.
We hope to post a video of the workshop and source sheet with links HERE, soon (we have to edit it up all ‘purty first)



(July.18 – Aug.9)”ARTCITE’S SUMMER ART FEST 2014″ Located in sites throughout downtown Windsor! Summer Art Fest work pickup Tuesday12 to Saturday 16, 12:00 – 5:00 pm

Note that ARTCITE’S FREE CHILDREN’S WORKSHOPS will be held Saturday afternoon, August 16, 2014 during Balloonapalooza, at Artcite

poster 2014

ARTCITE’S “SUMMER ART FEST” Located in sites throughout downtown Windsor!

Artcite Inc., Windsor’s only non-profit, artist-run centre for the Contemporary Arts, presents its 7th annual ARTCITE’S SUMMER ART FEST (previously Visual Fringe) featuring the works from Windsor-Essex, Detroit area and U.S. artists in downtown galleries, businesses and storefronts from July 18 – August 2, 2014.

For the seventh year , Artcite will bring area artists to businesses and storefronts in Downtown Windsor. We take in the works and place them into Downtown Windsor businesses in preparation for opening day on Friday, July 18.

We have a map/ brochure of events and participating venues, so that folks can keep their eyes peeled for works popping up in windows and on the walls of their favorite downtown businesses.

You can download a web-resolution version of it here (2M)

bro 2014 front

bro 2014 in

On Saturday, July 26 the public was invited to assemble at Artcite for our FREE Summer Art Fest 2014 walking Tours at 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM. During the tours participants saw the works in Summer Art Fest and listened to talks by participating Artists!

Our Flickr set of the 2014 SAF walking Tours. Also at

Please note that our Children’s workshops are now rescheduled for later in the month of August to coincide with the Downtown Windsor business Association’s Balloonapalooza.

Please visit www.artcite.ca or drop by Artcite Inc. (109 University Ave. West) for the most up-to-date list of participating artists and spaces and a convenient map & guide!


• Jude Abu Zaineh
• Jamie Baxter
• Louise Chance Baxter&
• Collette Broeders
• Scott Carruthers
• Gabriela Casineanu
• Judy Chappus
• Sarawut Chutiwongpeti
• Sandie Collins
• Nicolas deCosson
• Johnny Desjardins
• Rebecca Draisey
• Michelle Emery
• Murad Erzinclioglu
• Free 4 All Walls mural project artits; Bask, D3N!@L, Ben Frost, Nychos, Omen etc, , (see listing above)
• Stephen Gibb
• Ron Gilbert
• Tony Gray
• Arturo Herrera
• William Humphrey
• Dennis Hunkler
• Ed Janzen
• Suzanne Konyha
• Neda Laketic
• Blaine Lavigne
• Mike LeClair
• Brandon E Lemire
• Melissa Marchant
• Greg Maxwell
• Sergio Mazzotta
• April Morris
• Tony Mosna
• Adam Muraki
• Steve Nilson
• Calum Noade
• Sasha Opeiko
• Walter Petrichyn
• Antua Petrimoulx
• Allen Plant
• Jay Raven
• Mick Ridgewell
• Korinne Robertson
• Margot Roi
• John Sauvé‚
• Irene Sekersky
• Andrea Slavik
• Alexandra Spence
• Katrina Stamatopoulos
• Colleen Stark
• Gregory Stasiak
• Martin Stevens
• Bill Stoat
• The Shelton Brooks Project
• Brandon Turnbull
• Carol Ann Winters
• Greyballs Wolfmonkey
• DJ Zonk

Thank you to our venue and event partners:

• Special Thanks to Jason Baker at Baker Investments
• The Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association
• Canada Gift Shop/ Shanfields-Meyers Jewellery & China Shop
• Full Circle clothing Shop
• One Ten Park: a working space
• Milk Coffee Bar
• B.V.s House of Pong
• Mandarin House
• FiveTen Design
• Dr. Disc
• Phog Lounge
• Windsor Symphony Orchestra
• The Capitol Theatre
• Windsor Pride Community
•Arts Council Windsor Region
• Terra Cotta Pizzeria
• The Front Room Gallery
• Downtown Smoke Shop
• Rogue’s Gallery
• Squirrel Cage
• Starbucks
• Visions of Canada Gallery
• Villains Beastro
• Green Bean (Downtown)

Supporting Sponsors:
• DWBIA/ Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association
• Canada Council for the Arts
• Ontario Arts Council
• The City of Windsor
• The Province of Ontario
• Service Canada
• Canada Summer Jobs Program
• and Artcite members and volunteers!

Summer Art Fest Events:

Summer Art Fest Videos and Projections: Every evening in select windows in Downtown Windsor
Sponsored by The Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association

Our Flickr set of the night video project, also at

Window of the Canada Gift Shop/ Shanfields-Meyers Jewellery & China Shop – Andrea Slavik
Above the Downtown Smoke Shop 286 Ouellette Ave – Nicolas de Cosson

Above the Mandarin House Restaurant 331 Ouellette Ave – Sarawut Chutiwongpeti
Above 467 Ouellette Ave (next to Dr. Disk) – Nicolas de Cosson
467 Ouellette bay window – nights – Ed Janzen
Windsor Symphony Orchestra (ex-print shop) University Ave W. and Pelissier
(nights and daily on 5 monitors plus night projection) -Murad Erzinclioglu; Gregory Stasiak; Ron Gilbert; Dennis Hunkler; and John Sauve
Phog Lounge 157 University Ave W (monitor in window, nights) – Ed Janzen
Window of Windsor Pride Community 422 Pelissier ‎- Gabriela Casineanu
Window of Full Circle clothing Shop – Momentum Video Collective, works by;
– Mike LeClair, Adam Muraki and William Humphrey

Summer Art Fest Anchor Exhibition at Artcite: On display at Artcite through August 2:

“aswemaythink” Scott Carruthers (Toronto ON) and “CAPUT MORTUUM” Sasha Opeiko (Windsor ON) (see section above)

Summer Art Fest Off-Site Gallery:
467 Ouellette Avenue (next to Dr Disc) Will be staffed during the festival:

SUNDAY July 19: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Tentative times for the rest of Summer Art Fest: TEUSDAYS – SATURDAYS 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Check back here for FINAL schedule!

Space generously provided by Baker Investments Ltd (and after SAF, It is a great retail space avail. for rent!)

467 Ouellette
Our SAF off-site gallery – Installing Brandon Lemire’s YEILD

Alley Art Show – Featuring Over 40 Local Artists  
Maiden Lane – Downtown Windsor

Saturday, July 19, 2014 – Noon – 9:00 PM
Sunday , July 20 ,2014 -Noon- 6:00 PM

Alley Art

Art, Photography,
Hand Crafted Jewelry,

(July.18) Performances at Ouellette and Park: Saturday: 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM: Live performance Arturo Herrera / Jordan
But where is the “controller”?
Performances at 110 Park – a working space
SUNDAY July 19: 1:00 PM: Collette Broeders.

TTB 100park

one ten park : a working space presents “Tracing the Body” for Summer Art Fest. Tracing the Body is a series of performances by artist Collette Broeders that map the body through mark making exploring the physical boundaries of the space it fills. Performances in the onetenpark windows commence July 11, 2014 through August 24, 2014.

Broeders 110 park
Tracing the Body, Performance No. 1 (July 11, 2014)

Additional Performance Dates August 7 and 14 (4-7 pm) More at:


Summer Art Fest Walking Tours

Saturday, July 26, 2014 – Meet at Artcite: 1:00 & 4:00 PM sharp

Front Room Gallery – One Day Exhibit and BBQ

532 Campbell Avenue, Windsor
Sunday, July 27 , 2014 – 1PM – 5PM

front room

A group exhibition:

Judy chappus
Sandie Collins
Rebecca Draisey
Stephen Gibb
Suzanne Konyha
Tony Mosna
Steve Nilsson
Margot Roi

Music by :
The Shelton Brooks Project and DJ Zonk,
Reading :
Mick Ridgewell will read from his novel “Evil Never Dies.


(Aug.16) “ARTCITE’S FREE CHILDREN’S WORKSHOPS” downtown Windsor at Artcite during Balloonapalooza

Children’s Workshops 2014 on Flickr
Photos Artcite/ Brandon Turnbull

ARTCITE’s FREE workshops for children were held Saturday AUGUST 16 between 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM

12:00 – 21:00 pm: Suzanna Konyha
Make a flapping bird or butterfly using coloured paper and other materials.

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm: Sasha Opeiko and Martin Stevens
Innermost Beasts – Make a caged plasticine beast. (Theory-ized description for “big friends”:You can make a miniature externalized embodiment of what you think your monstrous alter ego might look like.)


(Sept.13) 4:00 pm through Midnight “PHOGPHEST 6 – ARTCITE STAGE ” Organized by Tom Lucier, Phog Lounge (Windsor ON)

phog poster
This year’s Phog Fest poster.

Artcite was doing renovations in September, but we still had room to become the Third Stage for the 6th annual PHOGPHEST of independent music and performance. Tom Lucier and Phog Lounge expanded from the stages at Phog, and the Capitol Theatre into Artcite for Saturday’s performance, with a line-up of arts friendly, experimental and intimate performances for Windsor’s Phog Fest enjoyment!
Our Flickr set of the night at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/artcite2014/sets/72157647941804911/show

Artcite Stage
4pm – 4:40pm – Little Fox (Windsor)
5pm – 5:40pm – Raz Banade (Windsor)
6pm – 6:40pm – Zarasutra (Windsor)
7pm – 7:40pm – Kess Carpenter (Windsor)
8pm – 8:40pm – Sansforme (Windsor)
9pm – 9:40pm – Chris Crossroads (Windsor)
10pm – 10:40pm – A Welcome Breeze (Windsor)
11pm – 11:40pm – DJ Airmaps (Windsor)

More about the show at the Phog Lounge webspace. As with all Phog Phests, a single admission wrist-band was required to get into ALL EVENTS. Over 300 Phog Phest-ers showed up to watch a great line-up of performances.


(Oct.3 – Oct.24) “FAM ARTISTS SPACE ”, Open community show in cooperation with the Harvesting the FAM Festival 2014


Featuring works by:

Daniel Bombardier – Denial
Derek Cerovski – DC
David Creed
Stephen Gibb
Tony Gray
Julia Hall
Dave Kant
and Kevin Kavanaugh – kevkav

During our special renovations programming, Artcite is partnering with Harvesting the FAM this year to serve as an open gallery for visual artists during FAM events. Harvesting the FAM is Windsor, Ontario’s largest independent inter-arts festival designed for the promotion and development of Film, Fashion, Artistic and Musical talents (FAM), working in any medium or genre. The festival creates a positive, open-minded space for artists to exhibit, promote, perform, and sell their works.

This year’s festival runs late September to early October at a variety of venues and spaces, transforming the downtown core of Windsor into a cultural Mecca for the masses. “FAM Festival acts as a collective call to inform the people of Windsor, as well as communities throughout North America, that creativity lives here!” Showcases and events are FREE to the public. There are no entry fees for participating artists and no commissions taken from the sale of works. FAM works to create a place for emerging talents to be seen and heard.

Our Flickr set of the night

Artcite Stage
4pm – 4:40pm – Little Fox (Windsor)
5pm – 5:40pm – Raz Banade (Windsor)
6pm – 6:40pm – Zarasutra (Windsor)
7pm – 7:40pm – Kess Carpenter (Windsor)
8pm – 8:40pm – Sansforme (Windsor)
9pm – 9:40pm – Chris Crossroads (Windsor)
10pm – 10:40pm – A Welcome Breeze (Windsor)
11pm – 11:40pm – DJ Airmaps (Windsor)

More about the show at the Phog Lounge webspace. As with all Phog Phests, a single admission wrist-band was required to get into ALL EVENTS. Over 300 Phog Phest-ers showed up to watch a great line-up of performances.

October  24, 2014 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm “FASTWORDS: A READING – PERFORMANCE” Presented as part of BookFest Windsor 2014


Featuring performance poet Gary Barwin, Karl Jirgens and Theatre Arachnid
Free admission; co-sponsored by Rampike Magazine presented as part of BookFest Windsor 2014
If coming to the event, please wear an unusual hat

Friday, Oct 31st, 10:00 pm

Cheap Thrills Halloween Dance Party

cheap thrills

Featuring: DJ Double A
A Phog Lounge/Artcite co-presentation to benefit Artcite

$5.00 * 19+ * Cash Bar * PRIZES for Best Costume!!

Artcite Inc.
109 University Ave. W., ph/fx: +01.519.977.6564,
for more information
Gallery Email: info@artcite.ca



Gala Opening for artists, guests and patrons: Friday, November 28, 7:00 pm

ENTRY DROP-OFF DATES & TIMES: November 13 – Nov 22 from 1:00 – 6:00 pm.

We cordially invite YOU to participate in:
Artcite’s 33rd annual DOIN’ THE LOUVRE Holiday FUN(d)raising®™ exhibition
November 28 – December 24, 2014 Gala Reception Friday November 28, 7:00 pm

ENTRY DROP-OFF DATES & TIMES: November 13 – Nov 22 from 1:00 – 6:00 pm.
Please note that we are NOT open Sundays, Mondays or mornings! Call the friendly Artcite staff if you cannot drop-off during these times.

ELIGIBILITY: Open to Windsor and Detroit/ South Eastern Michigan area artists (if you live outside of the area, but want to be part of DTL, please call–we would love to be able to include works by our out-of-town members and friends!)

FEES, PRICING AND COMISSIONS: DTL is open and free to all up-to-date Artcite members, so we know you will want to renew your memberships. If you really don’t want to be a member, you can simply pay the $15 admin fee (per you, not per work), which helps cover our inventory control costs. But since the student/ unemployed/ retired membership rate is $20 and the regular membership is $25, why not splurge?!

All DTL art must be priced at $99.99 or LESS, and less sells better.
Sales commission or this special Artcite FUN(d)raiser ®™ is 70% artist, 30% Artcite.

EXHIBITION REQUIREMENTS: Paintings, drawings, prints, photographs (or a combination of media), small scale 3-D works and artist-made gift items (books, toys, cards, “art-wear”, t-shirts, pottery, accessories, xmas ornaments, etc.) will be exhibited. A maximum of 10 works per artist will be accepted ( incl. print ed’s., artists’s multiples).

Combined dimensions of each work should not exceed 24 “+ 24 ” (or 48″ running, two sides -eg: one side at 14″, the other side at 34″ works too.). If you really want larger, you must pre-clear your entry with us, and it may be mounted very high or low on the gallery walls.
3-D works must fit within a 24″ cube.

PLEASE RESPECT the size restrictions! With over 1000 items on display in recent years, hanging space can get tight.
MULTIPLES: 10 identical and identically priced works can count as ONE work.
This works best for very low-priced works, e.g. xmas cards, audio CD’s, pins, magnets etc.
Be advised that only ONE of these might be displayed at a time.
However, a similar group of items, (eg t-shirts) with different designs and prices will count as separate items.
Looks different and/ or has a different price = separate item.
Looks the same, has the same price = multiple item, counts as one entry.

SMALL JEWELRY: Please affix small items of jewelry to a display panel where possible. Black velvet over foam board in a frame works well. Sew, pin or clip the works securely. Providing your own moderately sized display case is always appreciated. 2-D artworks do not have to be framed, but they MUST be ready for hanging.
All entries must be clearly identified with labeling on the back, where possible
* Artist’s name, title, medium, date and sale price.

Works accepted will be insured by Artcite during the exhibition ONLY. We regret that due to restrictions of storage space, Artcite cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to unsold works not picked up by Tuesday, Jan 6, 2015.
Questions? Please call or fax us at: (519) 977-6564 or e-mail us at: info@artcite.ca

Hey!! Artcite members and friends! Are YOU available to help w/ DTL hanging, Installation or w/ holiday decorating? (Afternoon and evening shifts available)? Have wacky, weirdo or vintage toys, books or Xmas decorations that you’d be willing to donate or lend (for a tax receipt) for our always-fabulous Xmas window displays? Give us a call!

We are also looking for additional select, high value ($500 – $5,000) donated art works for our annual RAFFLE WALL. We take these as donations and provide a tax receipt. Confirmed DTL Raffle artists include Bill Law, Adele Duck, Barbara Murawski, and …you? Please feel free to pass our DTL call on/ distribute to–any–and all–interested artists!