(Jan.07 – Feb.05): NEW FLUXUS SYMBOL SET by Allen Bukoff (Birmingham MI, USA)

Opening reception: Friday, January 7, 7:30 pm

Nature of Activity
: Solo show, mixed media installation

Visit the Fluxus Midwest website’s page on the show: http://fluxus.org/symbolset/


2011 is the 50th anniversary of Fluxus, the loosely-defined avant-garde group, activities, and art attitude associated with George Maciunas and more than a dozen other influential 1960s-70s artists and provocateurs. Over the last 50 years Fluxus has continued to attract many new participants and new activities.

Click here to see photos of the opening night reception.

This exhibition hopes to help “refresh” Fluxus by providing a new set of visual symbols; and a new set of emotions/attitudes, to be associated with Fluxus – and help liberate/expand new Fluxus work beyond the original set of images that have come to be associated with Fluxus and that now tend to define and hold Fluxus in place.

2011_Bukoff_Fluxus invite_BACK










As well it will invite new people to participate–from temporary dabbling to major involvement – in the new/renewed Fluxus by providing them with a set of symbols/images to creatively work with and to invite them to create and supply their own symbols and images to this symbol set. The exhibition hopes to provide a small doorway and creative ritual to “enter” Fluxus – for those who continue to be drawn to Fluxus and Fluxus creativity – now and in the future.

Sat., Jan.22, 2011, 5:00 PM – 2:00 AM “ARTS 1, 000, 048 BIRTHDAY” at Phog Lounge, 157 University Ave. West

The area arts community came together SATURDAY January 22nd, for Art’s 1, 000, 048 BIRTHDAY at Phog Lounge, 157 University Ave. W.; Doors @ 8:00 pm; festivities from 8:30 pm – 1:00 am Admission was only $5 at the door! An evening of Fun and Festivities to Banish the January “blehs”!

Click here to see photos of the fun!

The evening featured the musical stylings of Windsor’s own fiddler supreme, LONESOME LEFTY


image: Lonesome Lefty serenades the crowd And DJ Stephen Pender

Capricorn-ucopia festival Special Art’s Birthday Artist Trading card table – (bring, make ‘n’ trade cards with the community) DOOR PRIZES by the Bucket load! and A BIRTHDAY CAKE FOR ART (you expected less????)

image: Door Prizes o’ Plenty!

With 2010 finally over and the piles of happy holiday decorations hauled back into the attic/ crawl-space/ basement It was THAT time of the year again! Special Art’s Birthday musical guest and fiddler supreme Lonesome Lefty entertained the crowds.

Other fun Art’s Birthday party activities included surprise performance art, door prizes, Artist trading card ‘makin’ n’ tradin’ and a BIRTHDAY CAKE for ART Since 1990, “Art’s Birthday” has been an annual celebration for the international arts community, presented with a nod to French Fluxus artist Robert Filliou (who declared Art to be 1,000,000 years young on January 17, 1963).

Organized annually by Artcite Inc, “Art’s Birthday” is a grass roots, community-based celebration of the arts, and is presented in cooperation with other arts-friendly organizations in the community. Artcite was pleased once again to partner with Phog Lounge in the presentation of Art’s 1,000,048 BIG Birthday bash.

Click here for more info about worldwide Art’s Birthday celebrations.




image: S’n’B +ATC at LeBel February 2010

Every month Artcite presents “Stitch ’n Bitch” and “Artist Trading Cards” events in our gallery space or at select off-site locations. “Stitch ’n Bitch” events feature “how-to” and technique workshops, opportunities for collaborative creation and guest presentations on various issues relating to the feminist landscape. “Stitch ’n Bitch” is an international movement empowering and reclaiming “women’s work” but guys can show up and mend their socks too!

Artist Trading Cards (ATC) are teeny works of art (2.5″ x 3.5″) that are made specifically to trade. There are no restrictions of medium or theme and materials can range from collage, drawing, painting, glass, ceramic, metal, fabric and melted wax to computer-generated imagery and photography, etc. The creative intention behind the creations and trading of ATC’s is to present a non-commercial, non-hierarchal avenue for artistic exchange — but more importantly, ATC sessions are meant to be FUN! Cards are traded one-to-one and people of all ages and artistic abilities are encouraged to participate.

Artcite’s first monthly ATC event was launched in Spring 2007, with a generous gift of several ATC’s by Vancouver artist Chuck Stake, for Artcite’s “25 Years to Life” anniversary art exhibition and festivities. The local component of ATC production and trading has proven to be a success and the gallery has seen a diverse and increased interest with each trading session.

“Stitch ’n Bitch” and “Artist Trading Card” sessions are usually held on the last Thursday of every month.

Stitch ’n Bitch” and Artist Trading Cards at Artcite now has a Facebook Group!
visit: http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=105498902816276 to see what’s next!


(Feb.11 – Mar.19): “EVEN ON A CLEAR DAY, I STILL CANNOT FIND YOU” by Jodi Boatman (Grandview OH, USA)

Opening reception: Friday, Feb.11, 7:30 pm

Show extended through March 19, 2011

Nature of Activity: solo photography exhibition

Image: detail from “Even on a Clear Day, I Still Cannot Find You” Jodi Boatman

This exhibition presented in conjunction with: International Women’s Day (8 March), a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. more at here

Boatman’s photos lyrically evoke her grandmother’s life with both loss and longing and establish a bond between their disconnected lives.

Jodi Boatman re-creates a photographic narrative of the life of her grandmother, by standing in for her; an abandoned war bride who came to the states to find the American GI husband who had abandoned her and their child.

The photographs depict the significant and mundane elements of her life, based on stories about her that the artist has collected.

“I have been focusing on creating a character derived from memories of my grandmother through the display of three photographic projects. These projects construct a landscape of memory for the viewer in which the character of my grandmother is both visually present (where I become a stand-in for her) and where my longing for her is explored through spaces that evoke a perceptual connection to her home. The exhibition constructs an intimate entrance into my grandmother’s life, as well as a feeling of loss and longing on my part, as I explore the connections between our disconnected lives.


Image: detail from “Even on a Clear Day, I Still Cannot Find You” Jodi Boatman

“In this project I am using myself as a stand-in for my grandmother. She was a war bride from Cornwall, England who arrived in central Pennsylvania with two children and a husband who chose not to recognize their marriage. As a character, she is fascinating. Her displacement was not uncommon. During the years following World War II, the largest immigration of women and children flooded rural communities around the US. Their perception of America was that of Hollywood movies. I have read numerous accounts of women arriving at farming communities to be with the fathers of their children, only to be disappointed and eventually return home. My grandmother did not leave however, she found a new husband and had six more children.

This project uses the medium of photography to examine truth, nostalgia and memory. The work asks, what happens when the photograph becomes a simulation of a real event, one that was never photographed or written down and is remembered through the severed connections of time? How do I, as the image maker, reconcile my presence in a place of absence? “This will be a Long Lonely Year. ” In this project I juxtapose close up interior shots of textured wallpapers, curtains, lights; spaces where we look to avoid eye contact with etchings of floral patterns digitally drawn onto plexiglass above the photograph. I am interested in how the initial desire to photograph these places becomes yet another attempt to re-inhabit my grandmother’s home (to remain in the past). The floral patterns become a reference to an uncertain future, their origins derive from websites meant to educate soon-to-be brides on the meaning of flowers given to them. The relationship between the photographed interiors and my choice of etchings are the negative “meanings” given to the flowers, such as hydrangea, meaning frigidity and heartlessness.

I use these descriptions to create titles that both specifically address the flower’s meaning with additional text, addressing failed relationships and uncomfortable conversations in my own life. This work is a glimpse into the disappointment and isolation of my grandmother, exposed in the photographs by worn textures, awkwardly close framing and closed drapery, all made present by titles that address my current circumstance.”

I Noticed your Limp as you got up to Leave the Kitchen.

“In this work I explore similar theme as in This will be a Long Lonely Year though the use of the diptych. I contrast two images, a static interior that recalls the home of my grandparents paired with a fleeting and unstable photograph from a moving car. I create titles that are confessionary in nature, punctuating the photographs with (sometimes embarrassing) introspection.” -Jodi Boatman

Click here for photos of the opening reception

Listen to Jodi Boatman CBC Radio One, Windsor Feb.11 2011 – 9:39 here .

Embedded Youtube video courtesy of Tom Lucier/ DWBIA


(Mar.25 – Apr.23): “ARTSEEN 13 — SHELF LIFE” 

Opening reception: 7:30 pm, March 25, 2011

Nature of Activity: group exhibition and FUN(d)raiser(R)(TM)

Listen to Artcite’s Christine Burchnall being interviewed about ARTSEEN 13 — SHELF LIFE by AM800’s Patty Handysides:

We get a shout-out from Wndsorite.ca

Video at youtube

A Shelf
image: behold the shelf

The shelves flew off the shelves here at Artcite, as artists from the Windsor and Detroit areas picked up 23″ x 9″ pine shelves to turn into original works for ARTSEEN 13 – SHELF LIFE!.

Thanks to our mighty shelf-making volunteer crew, (Kudoes to Steve Daigle!! Thanks Sam Therrien and Matt Romain), we made and distributed a slew of elegantly simple pine shelves to interested artists who turned them into original art for “ARTSEEN 13 – SHELF LIFE”!

60 artists hung their shelf-creations on Artcite’s walls, working the idea and the materiality of “the shelf” in a show that pushed the boundaries of the creative process – some went so far as to make a couple of shelves!

Objets d’art, objets d’artiste, Duchampian “ready-mades” (that make ‘dada’ proud), SHELVED ideas! Think OUTSIDE the shelf! Think ON the shelf! Think ABOUT the shelf!

In past years, Artcite’s ARTSEEN was a showcase of experimental and ‘site-specific’ art works held in in old factory spaces and other decommissioned buildings.

Windsor and Detroit area artists presented new and in-process works in all media (visual art, video, multi-media, installation and performance) working with the themes and materials suggested by the sites.

Due to difficulties in securing donated vacant building spaces ( as well as utilities, heat and insurance costs), Artseen was “shelved” for the last 5 years. For 2011 Artseen bounced back (!) with a more intimate and miniaturized theme:
For our 2011 ARTSEEN (our lucky 13th!), “All the ARTSEEN world is a shelf!” (…on the wall…at Artcite). With this we broke the #13 jinx, and we look forward to resuming our art occupations of vacant Windsor buildings for future Artseens!

Click here to see All the shelves on our Flick set for the show.


And visitors can buy one (or many) of the shelf-works!

“ARTSEEN 13 – SHELF LIFE” is an exhibition AND a gallery FUN(d)raiser(R)(TM), so many of the shelf-works are up for grabs! A 30% commission is collected from sales proceeds during this special exhibition, so your purchases go towards supporting Artcite’s programming as well!.


Kiki Athanassiadis; Jeet Aulakh; Timpy Aulakh; Douglas Bedard; Daniel Bombardier; Leesa Bringas; Marc Buckner; Allen Bukoff; Tena Campbell; Dianne Clinton; Samantha Cooper; Étienne Daigle; Joe Deangelis; Deborah Dunlop; Dan Dunlop; Margie Ferraro; Pina Frabotta; Kewy Gammie; Ken Giles; Susan Gold; Carole Harris; Bernard Helling; Danny Hompoth; Dennis Hunkler; Frank Incitti; Nadia Ionta; Ed Janzen; Ruth Janzen; Nancy Johns; Karen Anne Klein; Suzanne Konyha; Neda Laketic; Cyndra MacDowall; Mike Marcon; Sharron McGlashan; Riaz Mehmood; Ines Mihalji; Zeke Moores; R Mutt; Sasha Opeiko; Kyle Paul Ouellette; Megan Parry; Valerie Pearson; Nadja Pelkey & Joey Stewart; Shannon Phair; Mel Ann Piva; Amin Rehman; Matthew Romain; Victor Romao; Laura Shintani; Danuta Siniarska; Hadas Sita Eitany; A.G. Smith; Mike E. Squires; Igie SunEagle; Kate Ward; Mr. & Mrs. T.W. Whalen; Holly Wolter; Thick & Heavy Marching and Chowder Society; PSA(Pertinent Social Action) and apologies to anyone we missed!.

ARTCITE: We will put your old Apple computers to good use


We thank the public and organizations who have donated their old Mac hardware to Artcite. A shout-out of thanks for the recent donation of the G3 imac from Mark Worsley!

Thanks also to the UAW local 200’s Computers for Kids who specialize in computer refurbishing and placement, with a primary focus being the opening of learning centres – it also lends a hand to other non-profit groups in the Windsor area! Thanks to the generous donation of some Apple parts, our older G4 mac now runs a lot better (and quieter!). Keep up the great work guys!


Mayworks 2011 Quilt Project
Pickup package at Artcite, 109 University Ave W. or Ten Thousand Villages 624 Chilver Street
Work on it at your leisure, return by April 15, 2011

may quilt
Mayworks quilt committee members begin to assemble the squares during a press conference April 19.

Click here for pictures of the April 19 MayWorks Windsor 2011 Quilt press conference 

Visit the project page here 

CBC NEWS WINDSOR’S interviews Deb Dunlop and Susan Gold as the May Works Windsor Quilt project is launched, April 19, 2011 at Artcite.

Click here to see the A Channel Windsor Interview.

Click here for more MayWorks videos 

The MayWorks 2011 Quilt Project was conceived as a collaborative effort to reflect the spirit of cooperation essential to the worker and collectively to the workforce. Our quilt celebrates workers, the work force and hard work, all symbolic of this year, 2011.

How it was done:

The quilt block consists of two inch strips sewn around a picture depicting the worker’s struggle past and present. The contrast of the strips creates the appearance of the number 11 in each direction. The 3 strips closest to the picture represent the blood, sweat and tears shed by workers of the labour movement.

All skill levels can handle this block. The finished size of the block is approx. 12″x12″. Please contact the organizers via facebook group if you need help or more information. Finished blocks must be delivered to Artcite, 109 University Ave. W. (519) 977-6564 or Ten Thousand Villages, 624 Chilver Ave off Wyandotte E. (519) 255-1293 by April 15.

If you are interested in helping sew the blocks together attach a note to your block and we will let you know when and where that will take place. The quilts will hang in a place of honour for the duration of Mayworks and displayed yearly in the Mayday Parade. Extra Points If you are so inclined; two blank Artist Trading Cards are included in each package. Please use the trimmings from your block and some of your own embellishments, to make your own unique ATC’s. These can then be submitted for our MayWorks “Mother of all ATC trades” May. Information on how to make ATC’s and our Stitch and Bitch group are also enclosed.

In all 36 artists participated in the MayWorks 2011 Quilt project!


 (Apr.29 – May 28): “ABILENE PARADOX”by RTST (Vancouver, BC/ New York City, USA)

Presented as part of MAYWORKS WINDSOR 2011
RTST walkout
image: this is a walkout 3

The MayWorks Windsor 2011 Festival opens on April 29th with Abilene Paradox, a multi-room environment by Vancouver, BC / New York City based First-Nations artist collective RTST (Maria Hupfield and Jason Lujan). Utilizing historical images, periodicals, documents and contemporary narrative, Abilene Paradox examines the common ground of cultural workers and trade unions.

Abilene Paradox continues through May 29 at ARTCITE INC., Windsor’s Artist Run Centre for the Contemporary Arts. Admission is free and open to the public, and gallery hours are Wed- Sat noon – 5 pm or by appointment.
Click here for Pictures of the show setup and opening reception 

Maria hupfield:

“My practice evidences the body as site of resistance and agency, often involving the viewer in the construction of narratives in relationship to land, place and one another. The work I create is interdisciplinary and often reflects the power dynamics of fourth world existence, while exploring alternative non-Western forms of knowledge. Working across disciplines allows me to engage in intersecting points of dialogue between Western and non-Western visual representations and philosophical approaches.
My work crosses a range of 2D and 3D media, including performance. I am of Anishnaabe (Ojibway) heritage, and a member of Wasauksing First Nation, in Ontario.” see more

Jason Lujan is a New York based artist of Chiricahua Apache heritage. In his artworks, Lujan raises awareness of Indigenous cultures by examining identity transitions and cultural assimilation through strategies of [re]appropriation and de-contextualization. In his video, From One Dream to Another, Lujan presents the tale of a young Indigenous girl who feels the allure of urban society.


 (May.8): 1:00 – 4:00 PM “S’n’B/ ATC MOTHER OF ALL TRADES” – a An Exhibition and Trade event, held at 10,000 Villages, Windsor 

Presented as part of MAYWORKS WINDSOR 2011

Cuba Si lecture

For Mayworks Windsor 2011, a special S’n’B/ATC meet was held at Ten Thousand Villages, to exhibit an international ATC call.

The “MOTHER OF ALL TRADES” was set to coincide with Mother’s Day and featured local and international submissions. The cards remained on display until May 20th at Ten Thousand villages; 624 Chilver. On May 21st, the cards were traded/ exchanged and sent off to participants.

The MayWorks Quilt was also on display, after it’s first showing at the May Day parade.

Click here for photos of the Mother of All Trades S’n’B/ATC meet 

Artist Trading Cards (ATC) are teeny works of art (2.5″; x 3.5″) that are made specifically to trade. There are no restrictions of medium or theme and materials can range from collage, drawing, painting, glass, ceramic, metal, fabric and melted wax to computer-generated imagery and photography, etc.

The creative intention behind the creations and trading of ATC’s is to present a non-commercial, non-hierarchal avenue for artistic exchange — but more importantly, ATC sessions are meant to be FUN!

Cards are traded one-to-one and people of all ages and artistic abilities are encouraged to participate. Artcite’s first monthly ATC event was launched in Spring 2007, with a generous gift of several ATC’s by Vancouver artist Chuck Stake, for Artcite’s “25 Years to Life” anniversary art exhibition and festivities.

The local component of ATC production and trading has proven to be a success and the gallery has seen a diverse and increased interest with each trading session.

“Stitch ’n Bitch” and “Artist Trading Card” sessions are usually held on the last Thursday of every month.

The S’n’B/ ATC MOTHER OF ALL TRADES Event was part of the MONTH-LONG MAYWORKS WINDSOR 2011 celebrations. As with ALL MayWorks Windsor 2011 events, this event was free and open to the public.




For May 2011, Windsor Ontario’s labour and arts communities join with other cities across Canada to present our second annual labour-focused cultural MayWorks festival in Windsor. Artists, workers, and students have met over many months to organize a collection of exhibitions, projects, events, a rally and a parade, to celebrate our creativity as a community, our dedication to the values of workers’ solidarity, social justice and human rights.

The various activities will highlight our support for our city and our history of solidarity, concern for social justice and our tradition of labour arts.

May woks schedule

MayWorks 2011 schedule

MayWorks Windsor 2011; A Festival of International Workers’ Solidarity, Social Justice and Community Cultural Projects (all events listed were free and open to the public)

Visit the MayWorks Windsor Facebook group for the latest news.

Click here for pictures of the April 19 MayWorks Windsor 2011 Quilt press conference 

Click to see pictures of the Cuba Si! lecture  on May 06, 2011. 

Click here to see pictures of the opening reception (May 11th reception) for Hell is Other People’s Money at Common Ground Gallery 3277 Sandwich Street, Windsor.

A shout-out on the show on Windsorite.ca

See pictures of the Legacy Costs Video Screenings at WWAC (May 12, 2011) here. 

Click here for pictures of the MayWorks Windsor 2011’s WORK IT At SB Contemporary Art (Opening reception May 14). 
Click here for photos of the POP Gallery MayWorks Exhibition” incl. LEGACY COSTS (Opening reception May 14, 2011)

See pictures of the Promised Water/ Promised Land at the AGW – Sandi Wheaton Artists talk, May 18,2011 here. 

Pictures of the 5/19 Block Party – May 19, 12-6 

CBC Windsor Radio One’s Bob Steele interviews MayWorks Quilt Project organizer Deb Dunlop about the May Day Parade Quilt On “The Bridge” April 26, 2011:

Tara Watts playing protest songs at the Windsor Armouries after the May Day March
Click here for more MayWorks Videos. 

CTV NEWS WINDSOR (A Channel ) interviews Deb Dunlop as the May Works Windsor Quilt project is launched, April 19, 2011 at Artcite. see video

More Mayworks video on our May Works Windsor Youtube channel


(subject to change, check back here for revisions, additions and updates!)

15 April – Deadline for submitting quilt blocks for the Mayworks Quilt Project at Artcite or 10,000 Villages.
Artcite’s S’n’B/ ATC group is creating a quilt depicting worker’s struggles past and present, bordered by strips representing the blood, sweat and tears shed by workers.
See: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=129263117147608

The quilt will hang in a place of honour for the duration of MayWorks and will be displayed yearly in the Mayday Parade.

28 April – “Workers Day of Mourning”
honours workers injured or killed on the job. Our Lady of Guadeloupe Church, 834 Raymo (at Wyandotte E), 5 pm

29 April – “Abilene Paradox”, exhibition opening reception
at Artcite Inc., 109 University W, 7:30 pm

30 April – “DiggIn'”, work and party in the Campus
Community Garden,
Sunset & Fanchette, 4 pm

1 May – “May Day March”.
Meet at 4:30 pm @
Ouellette & Riverside; music and performances to follow after the march at The Armouries, 37 University East

5 May – “Wasteland”, Oscar-nominated film, presented by WIFF, Capitol Theatre, $10, 7 pm

6 May – “Socialism in 21st Century Cuba”, Day of Solidarity with the Cuban Revolution at Artcite Inc., 109 University W, 7 pm

7 May – “Rusted: Work in Progress”, by Collette Broeders, exhibition opening reception, Inspect X, 5575 Ruscon Industrial Drive, Oldcastle, 1-4 pm

7 May – “4th Annual May Day Celebration”, dinner and entertainment, CAW 444 Union Hall, 1855 Turner, 8 pm

8 May – “MayWorks Artist Trading Cards – Mother of All Trades”, MayWorks Quilt on display, reception and local
trading, Ten Thousand Villages, 624 Chilver, 1-4 pm

11 May – “Hell is Other People’s Money”, reception at Common Ground, 3277 Sandwich West, 7 pm

12 May – “Injured Workers Coalition Video Night” at Windsor Workers Action Centre (WWAC), 328 Pelissier, 8 pm

14 May – “Work It!”, SB Contemporary Art, reception to meet the artists, 1-4 pm, 1017 Church (@ Erie West)

14 May – “POP Gallery Mayworks Exhibition”, including the “Legacy Costs” project, 973 Erie E, 7 pm

18 May – “Promised Water/ Promised Land”, exhibition walk thru and gallery talk w/ Sandi Wheaton, Art Gallery of Windsor, 1 pm. Wednesdays are free at the AGW

19 May – “5/19 Street Party”, PRINT HOUSE, 510 Pelissier @ Maiden Lane, 12-6 pm

27 May – Windsor Feminist Theatre’s play, “RIVETER”, a work-in-progress about women, war work & propaganda
during the second world war @ The Downtown Mission Theatre, 664 Victoria, 8 pm

28 May – Windsor Feminist Theatre’s play “RIVETER”, @ The Downtown Mission Theatre, 664 Victoria, matinee
performance at 2 pm. “Economics101: The Inverted Pyramid” poster by Dianne Bigelow available at all events.

MayWorks Windsor 2011 thanks:

Windsor Feminist Theatre
OHCOW Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers
CAW/TCA Toronto CAW 444 Retirees
CAW/ TAC Windsor
WDBIA Windsor Downtown Improvement Association
ETFO Elementary Teacher Federation of Ontario
U of W Labour Studies and School of Visual Arts
Artcite Inc.
D & R Vacuum and Sewing Centre
Lindo Tool & Die
OECTA Ontario English Catholic Teachers
WUFA University of Windsor Faculty Association
CARFAC Ontario
POP Hair and Gallery
WIFF Windsor International Film Theatre
WOHIS Windsor Occupational Health Information Services
Legacy Costs Project.
Nobel Peace Project.
Windsor Artists for Social Justice
Brenda Pelkey.
Deb & Dan Dunlop.
Elaine Carr.
Collette Broeders.
And other Supportive Workers

MayWorks Windsor 2011 thanks its artists and cultural workers:

A.G. Smith; Amanda Marya Love White; Artcite Inc.; Bernie Helling; Bob Cruise; Brandi Lucier; Brianna Love; Chris Dykeman; Christianna Burke; Christine Burchnall; Collette Broeders; Danielle; Dan Bombardier; Deb Dunlop; Diane Bigelow; Donna Longmoore; Elaine Carr; Heather Majaury; Hell is Other People’s Money artists; Jason Lujan; Joey Ouellette; Kianna Porter; Laura Chesnick and CCFA Windsor organizers; Lydia Burggraaf; May Day March Committee; MayWorks Windsor Organizing Team; Maria Hupfield; Margie Ferraro; MayWorks S&B ATCers; Meghan Krauss; Mike Longmoore; Natalie Sinn; Paul Chislet; Patricia Fell; POP Gallery MayWorks artists; Riaz Mehmood; Rita Haase & Campus Community Garden organizers; RIVETERS; Sandi Wheaton; Sarah Beveridge; Sarah Chomko; Susan Gold; Steve Daigle; Stephen Surlin; Vajo Stavic.


(Jun.03 – Aug.06): “MONSTER”by Roxanne Jackson (Minneapolis, MN, USA)

Opening reception: 7:30 pm, June 3, 2011

Jackson whale sketch

Roxanne .Jackson’s MONSTER at Artcite profiled on CBC 6PM News June 3 2011 see video

Also see images from the show at windsorite.ca

Images of the setup and reception also on our 2011 Flickr pages

Roxanne Jackson’s sculptural installations explore the duality of human nature through the metamorphosis of humans and animals. Her installations are macabre scenarios of predator vs. prey, good vs. evil, instinct and survival. Primarily a ceramicist, Jackson is experimenting with a variety of unconventional materials.

For “MONSTER”, Roxanne Jackson will be bringing selected recent works, including the oversized papier mache whale from “Whale Disco Ocean Party”, to Artcite this June.

The show will continue on through “VISUAL FRINGE 2011”, July 15 through August 6


“I am concerned with confronting the shadows of the unconscious, having a dialogue with the grotesque and, therein, discovering beauty. The tenor of my work is macabre and emotional as I deal with extreme axioms to dramatize the dualities of our nature; these polar aspects reside within us and include vulnerability and strength, the light and the dark, the human and the inhuman.” — Roxanne Jackson

Roxanne Jackson currently teaches ceramics at SUNY Oswego New York more at


(Jul.15 – 30): (some exhibits continue through August 6) “VISUAL FRINGE 2011 ” presented in partnership with the “Windsor International Fringe Festival”

Located in sites throughout downtown Windsor!

VF 2011

Artcite Inc., Windsor’s only non-profit, artist-run centre for the Contemporary Arts, presents its 4th annual VISUAL FRINGE in partnership with the 2011 Windsor International Fringe Festival featuring the works of over 80 Windsor-Essex, Detroit area and U.S. artists in various downtown galleries businesses and storefronts from July 15 – 30, 2011.

Artcite’s VISUAL FRINGE is an open, unjuried and curated series of off-site exhibitions, mixed media site installations, interventions and performances… Exciting and cutting edge contemporary art by local and international artists coming to a downtown storefront near YOU!

Area artists participating in Visual Fringe 2011 include: Nasseme Albonaimi; Kacie Auffret; Josh Babcock; Marcy Boles; Collette Broeders & Samantha Therrien; Allen Bukoff; Christine Burchnall; Michael Califano; Sandra Caradonna; Dean Carson; Denial & Dave Houle; Rebecca Draisey & Maria Parella Ilaria; Yara El Safi; Murad Erzinclioglu & selected FAM Fest artists (Denial, Steve Gibb, Chad Howson, Dave Kant, Alina Petrichn, Maryam Youssef); Joan Farago; Flock of Marys (aka Korinne Robertson & Mark Zelmer); Cole Fortier; Clare Fox; Clare Fox; Jodi Green & Peter Zimmerman; Jon Hanlan; Bernard Helling; Dave Houle; Dennis Hunkler; Ed Janzen; Kenneth Labutte; Blaine Lavigne; Brandon Lemire; Christopher Mangin; Veronica Murawksi; Marat Paransky; Alina Petrichyn; Walter Petrichyn; Jon Pickell; Esther Rabinovitch; Paul-David Rearich; Erin Rhea; Lee Rodney w/ Mark Marok; Donita Simpson; Natalie Sinn; Graeme Skelton; Martin Stevens; Stephen Surlin; Maicee Swift; Nicolette Westfall & Gulnaz Turdalieva; Sean Westlake; Sandi Wheaton; Lindsay Whalen; Carol Anne Winters; Richard Wood; and Marilyn Zimmerman

Visual Fringe is located in sites throughout downtown Windsor!

location map draft

Visual Fringe 2011


Artcite Gallery, 109 University Ave. W. features the mixed-media installation “MONSTER”,
by Minneapolis artist Roxanne Jackson. “MONSTER” continues at Artcite through August 6, 2011.

Visual Fringe 24 hour store window displays:

537 Ouellette Ave. (formerly The Bookmark)
328 Pelissier St. – Windsor Workers Action Centre
101 University Ave West (formerly Perfect Print)
484 Pelissier (The Studio)
510 Pelissier St. – The Printhouse (519) 551-3825

Visual Fringe off-site exhibitions & viewing hours:
@ 110 & 116 Park and
406, 410, 424 & 430 Pelissier

Sat July 16    1-5 PM
Sun July 17    1-6 PM
Thurs July 21   3-7 PM
Fri July 22    3-7 PM
Sat July 23    1-5 PM
Thurs July 28   3-7 PM
Fri July 29    3-7 PM
Sat July 30     1-5 PM

Visual Fringe 2011 Take-Down and Pick-up begins Aug 3 1:00 PM
Visual Fringe Partners – drop in during business hours:

266 Ouellette Ave. (The Coffee Exchange)
361 Ouellette Ave. (Frenchy’s Poutine)
440 Ouellette Ave. (Fringe Festival Office)
250 Pelissier (Villains Bistro)
318 Pelissier (Terra Cotta Gourmet Pizzeria)
510 Pelissier (The Printhouse)
90 Park Street West (The Gallery at Visions of Canada Eyewear)
68 University Avenue West (Milk Coffee Bar)
157 University W. (Phog Lounge)

Participating Associated Galleries (open during their regular hours)


Special Visual Fringe EVENTS:

The Bookmobile Project, presented by Windsor professor Lee Rodney will be “spreading the (written) word” in front
(and inside)
of Artcite on Fri, July 22 and Sat July 23, (other days TBA). FREE.

FREE Visual Fringe Public Walking Tours
Saturday July 23, start at 1:30 pm and 4:00 PM; meet at Artcite 109 University Ave. W
PLUS!! Mama Draw Workshops
Sat July 23, 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, in the 406 Pelissier off-site gallery space.

SB Contemporary Art ARTourist Bike Tour
Saturday July 23 (contact SB for info -possibly rescheduled due to HEAT)

Saturday, July 23, 12:00 – 5:00 pm
New events every hour! Artcite will be offering free drop-in children’s art classes on the Buskers street mall,

NEW LOCATION: The Buskers Mall has been moved to the OLD WINDSOR ARMOURIES
, we will be
in front, outside,
under the Artcite event tent, near (east of) the corner of Ouellette and University.

These free classes are intended for children ages 6-12, and are scheduled to begin every half hour
between 12:00 and 5:00 pm. Each class will be taught four times throughout two hour periods.

12:00 – 2:00 — Katie Romain and Nik Steel will teach children how to make a unique, festive,
and fully playable Kalimba, a type of musical instrument that is played using a person’s thumbs.

1:00 – 3:00 — Mathew Romain will teach children how to make a dancing marionette,
a type of puppet that hangs from and is controlled by strings.

2:00 – 4:00 — Suzanne Konyha will teach children how to make one of several types of books,
such as a pop-up book, an accordion-style book, or an adorably cute pocket-sized book.

3:00 – 5:00 — Margaret Romain, with the assistance of her helpers Nik and Katie,
will teach children how to make a small, colourful, and fully-flyable kite.

Materials will also be available all afternoon for children to sketch,
colour, paint, or collage their very own artist trading cards.

Kid’s Face-painting by Melissa Piva (associated artist – fee may apply)
Sat July 23, 12:00 – 5:00 pm, on the Busker’s Street Mall, Ouellette Ave and University.

FREE Mama Draw Workshops
1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, in the 406 Pelissier off-site gallery space.

Stitch’n’Bitch / Artist Trading Cards VISUAL FRINGE Session
Thursday July 28, 6:30 PM AT PHOG LOUNGE 157 University Ave West

Click here to see the art installation for Visual Fringe by our crew.

ADMISSION is FREE to attend all Visual Fringe Project off-site and Artcite gallery exhibitions. Visual Fringe presents a perfect opportunity for the whole family to take a leisurely walk through the downtown core and see exciting new art by emerging and established Windsor-Essex County, Detroit area and U.S. artists.

Our Children’s Workshops, Walking Tours and The Border Bookmobile pictures!A full Saturday afternoon: July 23, 2011.

Click here to see the Flickr set.

424 pel
Art in store window spaces during visual Fringe 2010

What is this thing called “FRINGE” ?!?

Fringe Performance Festivals have been entertaining audiences for over 50 years, beginning with the original festival in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1947. Over the past 20 years, the Fringe movement in Canada has grown to 18 festivals, and Canada now enjoys more Fringe Fests than any other country in the world!

For the last 3 years, with the generous project support of downtown Windsor landlords, business owners and the City of Windsor, Artcite has partnered with the Windsor International Fringe Festival to bring VISUAL ARTS to the Fringe experience!



(Sept.09 – Oct.21): “BORDERS” José Luis Torres (Quebec, QC)

BORDERS detail .
Torres borders web 2
Detail: BORDERS, 2011, photo Artcite/Helling

WEB INTERVIEW: Andréanne Baribeau nous présente une entrevue avec l’artiste José Luis Torres, présente sa première exposition à la Galerie Artcite au centre-ville de Windsor.
Radio-Canada, Matins Sans Frontireres September 15, 2011 (en Francais)

For Artcite’s September-October show, Quebec artist J.L.Torres takes over the gallery and builds one of his installations using found wood, building materials and the cast-offs of everyday life, to create a powerful metaphor for displacement and identity in the 21st century. Part gallery-sized still life, part construction site; the found wood installation at Artcite continues J.L.Torres’ record of bringing the radical experience of being IN the work to the Windsor art viewer.

Flickr slide show of J.L.Torres setup and opening night; Flickr set at:
See the Flickr slide show of J.L.Torres setup and opening night here 

“My pieces, accumulative, viral and invasive, are often assembled or constructed in situ, using methods that are both aesthetic and functional according to the installation site’s architecture. The dialogue between the location and the art directly influences the configuration of my pieces, the choice of materials and their proportion. My work invites visitors and passersby to experience and experiment with the space and the way it is filled in a completely new way.” -José Luis Torres

José Luis Torres was born in Argentina and has a Bachelor’s Degree in visual arts, a Master’s Degree in sculpture and training
in architecture and integrating art with architecture. He has been living and working in Quebec since 2003.

(Sat., Sept.24 from 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM at the LaSalle Vollmer Culture and Recreation Center):  “EIGHTH ANNUAL FAHRENHEIT FESTIVAL OF FIRE SCULPTURE”

Fah 2011 bk card

Artcite Inc., Windsor’s artist-run centre for the contemporary Arts held the EIGHTH ANNUAL FAHRENHEIT FESTIVAL OF FIRE SCULPTURE”; in partnership with the Control.Burn Collective, the Town of LaSalle and the Vollmer Culture & Recreation Complex, on SATURDAY, September 24, 2011 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM at the LaSalle Vollmer Culture and Recreation Center,

The festival featured:

Big ART BURN of 10+ original Fire Sculptures, made on site by Canadian artists!
Fiery Feats of Daring by Detroit’s acclaimed Bacchanal Promotions Circus and Fire Juggling troupe!
Live Music by Lonesome Lefty (and special guests)!
Event music by CJAM 99.1 FM‘s DJ “Velvet” Vernon Smith
TheScarECrOw Learning Project (see next entry) Food and Beverage concessions on site!
Face painting for the kids, and much, much more!

fah2011 Yanni Lu
Photo Artcite/ Yanni Lu

Fire Sculpture Artists for Fahrenheit 2011 were:

Denis Bolohan, Cookstown ON
Steve Daigle, Windsor ON
Wayne Tousignant, Amherstburg ON
Martin Utrosa, Windsor ON
Rod Strickland’s class U of Windsor, Visual Arts Program
Mike Marcon, Windsor ON
Pat Conrad, Kingsville ON
Bryan Lane, Belleville ON
Ruth Janzen, Kingsville ON
Ed Janzen, Kingsville ON
Mathew Romain, Windsor ON

Click here to see our Flickr set of Fahrenheit 2011.
Photos by Tory James and Mike Ngo

The Fahrenheit Festival is a family-friendly, truly “spectacular” spectacle in the great outdoors
— And still is Canada’s only Fire Sculpting festival.

Fire sculpture harnesses the beauty of fire as a creative, performative act: the beauty of “Fire Sculpture” is not limited to the creation of a beautiful object, but is rather focused on how each unique sculpture burns.

Skilled fire artists are able to use a minimum of means to control and shape the fire, to choke oxygen in order to control tempo and pace, and to manipulate the burning pattern so that the fire sculpture doesn’t resemble, or burn, like a bonfire. The big art “burn” is fleeting, kinetic and encompasses a singular moment that can never be precisely restaged.

The lasting value of the unique art form of “Fire Sculpture” is literally created before the spectator’s eyes: the final “art work” is only completed when the sculptures are set alight and witnessed by the crowd.

fah 2011 card frnt

Watch our 2011 promo video, featuring footage from our 2009 Festival:

Or watch it on Youtube

Today’s Windsor.ca had a great interview video with the artists:

see website
Youtube page

CTV News Windsor’s Christie Bezaire interviews Denis Bolohan and Steve Daigle as they build their giant burnable sculptures for FAHREHEIT (aired 6:00 PM Sept 20, 2011)

See the clip on youtube here.

OurWindsor.ca has great coverage before and after the show:

Fire sculptures will come to life in LaSalle this fall by Victoria Rose • Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Artists prepare for Festival of Fire this weekend by Allison Brown • Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Chilly night warmed by hot art by Sanja Frkovic • Monday, September 26th, 2011

Gallery: Fahrenheit Fire Sculpture by Sanja Frkovic • Sunday, September 25th, 2011 which include a nice Flickr gallery

Click here to see ourwindsor.ca slide show on Flickr

and this great youtube Video:

Or watch it fullscreen here 
Click here to see Dalson Chen’s photo gallery of the burn in the Windsor Star, September 25, 2011. 

and posted this youtube video:

Watch it fullscreen here

Owen Wolter’s photo section in Windsorite.ca here.

User UWINDSOR posted ashort clip of works be the SOVA Rod Strickland’s class fire sculptures:

Watch on Youtube

User CHASEMEDIA has a nice clip up on Youtube — Embedding is disabled on this one, so watch it on Youtube

User URBYTE has a a series of 3 clips up on Youtube
Fahrenheit Festival 2011 – Part 1 see here

Fahrenheit Festival 2011 – Part 2 see here

Fahrenheit Festival 2011 – Part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BD2t4fN-CZU

In 2002 Artcite hosted the inaugural “Fahrenheit”. Our 2009 festival was attended by over 2,000 guests. Since 2006, Artcite Inc. and the Control.Burn Collective have held the Fahrenheit Festival of Fire Sculpture in partnership with the Town of LaSalle at the the Vollmer Culture & Recreation Complex.

For 2011, Fahrenheit planned to return after a one-year hiatus to a significantly improved outdoor venue at the Vollmer Complex’s Pond Park. Unfortunately a week of rain forced us to move to a smaller, dryer venue on a gravel lot, South of the Vollmer Center. Despite this move, the fire sculptures were all lit and enthusiastically watched by an enthusiastic crowd.

The FAHRENHEIT FESTIVAL OF FIRE SCULPTURE is presented in co-operation with the Control.Burn Collective, a group of artists interested in employing fire in the creation of ephemeral works of art, and is co-sponsored by the Town of LaSalle Culture & Recreation Department and CJAM 99.1 FM.

Artcite also acknowledges the additional support of its members and volunteers and the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Windsor.


“ScarECrOw Learning at FAHRENHEIT” Sat., Sept.24, 2011 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM at the LaSalle Vollmer Culture and Recreation Center

fahrenheit scarecrows
The start of a new tradition for Fahrenheit – Scarecrows!

A new addition to the Fahrenheit Festival of Fire Sculpture, this pilot project tested the feasibility of grade school student participation in a series of workshops that focused on the role of scarecrows and the environment. Developed by the University of Windsor Faculty of Education’s Preservice Teachers Program, and with the help of two preservice teachers, two grade six classes (43 students) at Sandwich Elementary School (LaSalle Ontario) created and installed scarecrows at the Fahrenheit Festival. Also created and presented were information panels to inform the public of the ecological aspects of scarecrows.

“ScarECrOw Learning” – Ecology and Environmental Sustainability: A Cross-Curricular Approach, was developed and implemented by Dr Wayne Tousignant with Michelle Murphy, Helen Avdoulos and Cindy Compeau, and the two grade six class members at Sandwich Elementary School..


(Sat., Oct.08): A Performance and Fundraiser for Artcite featuring YUKON BLONDE (Vancouver BC) w/ Great Bloomers (Toronto ON) and The Unquiet Dead (Windsor)

@ 8:00PM, Capitol Theatre, 121 University Ave. West

Followed by FAM Fest fun at Phog


Tom Lucier brought this fine lineup to the Capitol theatre, for a fun evening of live music, in support of Artcite.


(Oct.28 – Nov.26): “BY ITS COVER – Artists’ work books and book works”

Opening reception Friday October 28, 2011, 7:30 PM

Image: Misrepresentation of Life, 2009, Sara French

Image detail from: The Peasant Woman (Shedding), 2011, Nadia Ionta

An exhibition of artists’ workbooks & book works

Daniel Dingler (Windsor, ON)
Sara French (Vancouver, BC)
Stephen Gibb (Windsor, ON)
Nadia Ionta (Montréal, QC)
Heather Passmore (Vancouver, BC)

Our Flick set of By Its Cover’s opening reception at:
See our Flick set of By Its Cover’s opening reception here. 

BY ITS COVER explores the creative process that sees the artwork develop out of preliminary sketches in a variety of workbooks, sketchbooks and found books and other ephemera. Featuring the sketchbooks, workbooks, book-work and works of five artists from across Canada.

BY ITS COVER is presented as part of BookFest Windsor

The 10th annual BOOKFEST WINDSOR will take place at the Art Gallery of Windsor, 401 Riverside Drive West from Thurs., Nov.03 – Sat., Nov.05, 2011.
Authors, poets, panel discussions, graphic novels, Q & A, book signings, workshops. Meet the authors. For full information on tickets, authors, and schedule, call the AGW at 519-977-1400




December 1 is World AIDS Day and International Day Without Art

A Declaration of loss:

Today we stand together. Today we stand in silence. Today we mourn the loss of painters, photographers, dancers, printers, actors, film makers, singers, choreographers, poets, sculptors, musicians, designers… all the artists who have died of AIDS.

Today we collectively grieve the loss of future work from recognized artists, as well as the absence of countless artists yet to be.

Today we declare our loss.

December 1 is a Day without Art, an international day of observance which focuses attention on the profound impact AIDS has had on artists and the world arts community.

Since 1990, each year an increasing number of galleries, theatres, artist groups and individuals have participated in a vast array of commemorative events.

Day without Art celebrates the lives of colleagues and friends while mourning their loss in our creative communities.

Dec 1, 2011 DWA activities/commemorations include: gallery closings; shroudings of art; special art exhibitions; distribution of commemorative pins and handbills; announcements on CJAM 99.1 fm; information campaigns; charitable contributions and. . .

A joint World AIDS Day / Day Without Art Public Candlelight Vigil at 7:00 pm at the Art Gallery of Windsor.

(Dec.02 – Dec.23): “DOIN’ THE LOUVRE”

Artcite’s annual Christmas FUN(d)raising(TM) exhibition and sale takes place every December!

Artcite Gallery Windsor’s Artist-Run Centre for the Contemporary Arts Announces its annual
“DOIN’ THE LOUVRE” FUN(d)raising exhibition and sale of ORIGINAL Art!

Show & sale runs from December 2 – December 23, 2011

Special Christmas shopping hours:
TUESDAYS through SATURDAYS 12:00 Noon – 6:00 PM

dtl 2011

dtl2011 back


This year’s DTL entriesbroke all previous records, with over 1000 works of Art and Gifts by 140+area artists!

This annual event is not only important to Artcite as a fundraiser but is also an opportunity for many artists (some of whom have never previously shown their work) to exhibit and sell their works. It features an immense amount of artworks (!) by area artists, and-as always, many pieces are created specifically for this special exhibit by old and new Artcite members (and many non-members). As a rule, all work is priced under $99.99!

See our Flickr slide show of the setup and Opening night Gala here! 

Throngs of shoppers at our gala opening night!
– Art hung floor to ceiling; Just like the Louvre!

CBC WIndsor News clip on DTL Dec2, late night edition.
Full version here. 

Artcite’s Christine Burchnall makes art in the radio booth and talks about Doin’ the Louvre 2011
with Bob Steel on CBC Radio One’s The Bridge, – December 14, 2011 (edited highlights, 5:17):

How to hang a show with 140 Artists and 1000 works:

. . .with a little help from our friends! Thanks to the mighty DTL volunteer crew!
Or click here to visit the youtube page. 

Artcite Inc., Windsor’s non-profit, Artist-RunnCentre for the Contemporary Arts, was pleased to present:

“Doin’ the Louvre”: Artcite’s 30th annual
Christmas FUN(d)raising exhibition and sale.

For the gift they will enjoy for years to come:
give the gift of ART!
(Or-at our crazy
prices–add to your OWN fine art collection!)

ORIGINAL ART–paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, mixed media, sculpture– and artist-made gift items (xmas ornaments, books, toys, cards, ‘art wear’, jewellery, etc.) created by established and emerging Windsor and Detroit area artists will all be exhibited “salon style” (floor to 15′ ceiling, ala “The Louvre”), with all work priced for Christmas giving!

BIG sale prices for these one-of-a-kind art pieces start at 99cents! — and NOTHING is priced over $99.99!
Shopping for unique X-mas items has never been so easy!

2011 was our biggest-ever DTL, with more than 1000 artworks (!) by 140 Windsor & Detroit area artists,

Lupita Amaya; Kyle Archibald; Mary Atkinson; Joshua Babcock; Jeff Bassett; Jamie Baxter; Justin Black; Dan Bombardier; Steve Boni; Leesa Bringas; Collette Broeders; Karla Brouillette; Mark Buckner; Jean Bull; Denise Calzavara; Sherry Campeau; Michael Carlyle; Elaine Carr; Michelle Chappus; Judy Chappus; Elaine & Steve Chauvin ; Rashmi Dadwal; Josephine Durante; Chad Riley + Danielle Shaw; Joe De Angelis; Mackenzie Darrach; Judy Depassio; Chloe Deroy; Michelle Dobrin; Erica Douglas; Nicole Drouillard; Michelle Emery; Michael Estabalaya; Fatima Fakih; Deb Dunlop; Arfa Fardoqi; Shane Fawler; Karen Ferencik; Nicola Ferguson; Marge Ferraro;; Nora Franko; Denise Franzoi; Maggie Fong; Kewy Gammie; Anton Gold; Susan Gold; Laura Gould; Scott Gregory; John Hanlan; David Hanna; Kristyn Hartford; Bernard Helling; Rene Helling-Laur; Arturo Herrera; Julie Homenuik; Jessica M. Howick; Dennis Hunkler; Susan Iatonna; Bruce Jamieson; Ed & Ruth Janzen; Gerry& Melissa Kaiser; Meghan Krauss; Albin Kristy; Kenneth Labute; Tim Lachance; Sarah Lachrnce; Neda Laketic; Dongni Li; Hanaka Lindsey; Jaron Loban; Lori Lorimer; Yanni Lu; Elizabeth Gaye MacDonald; Suzanne Marentette; Jeanette N. Marshall; Elizabeth Matlack; Tommy Mayberry; Sergio Mazzotta; Sharron McGlashan; Evelyn McLean; Mary McNamara; Riaz Mehmood; Lori Moore; Denis Tetreault Monica Radulescu; Tony Mosna; Jim Mroczkowski; Sue Evoy Ozeer ; Walter Petrichyn; Valerie Pearson; Jon Pickell; Samuel Pollock; William Post; Reannon Price; Thomas Provost; Linda Renaud Fisher; Erin Rhea; Gina Lori Riley; Sarah M. Robbins; Pearl Roberts; Piera Rock; Victor Romao; Lynda Ruddock-Rousseau; Alice Sacharoff; Irene Sekersley; Taylor Sheppard; Donita Simpson; Natalie Sinn; Michael Sklenka; A.G. Smith; Laurie Smith; Adele Steinburg; Stephen Surlin; Jessica Terpstra; Edmund Teves; Samantha Therrien; Phoenix Thomas; Theresa Tremblay; Gulnaz Turdalieva; Maryanne Van Wattegham; Jodi Vanderbeke; Nicolette Westfall; Terrence Whalen; Sandi Wheaton; Rachel Willie; Jennifer Willet; Rachel Willie; Holly Wolter; Elaine Woods; WCCA students; and others! (let us know if we missed you!)


Couldn’t decide what to purchase for your loved ones–or for yourself ?????
As in past years, we offered our gallery visitors the chance to win original artworks by distinguished Windsor artists!

A $2 ticket (3 for $5) could win an artwork valued at $500-$2000!

DTL 2011 featured raffle artists (who have donated paintings, prints and photographs)n were:

Douglas Bedard
Leesa Bringas
Stephen Gibb
Matthew Hawtin
Barbara Murawski

But wait, there was more!

Our always amazing (and crazy) vintage toy
and assorted objets d’xmas display
in Artcite’s gallery windows!
(Sorry – these are from members collections and are not for sale)

SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR VOLUNTEERS without whom we could not staged such a massive event:

Lupita Amaya, Jeff Bassett, Mark Buckner, Leesa Bringas, Christine Burchnall, Steve Daigle, Chloe DeRoy, Margie Ferraro, Susan Gold, Laura Gould, Dave Hanna, Matthew Hawtin, Bernard Helling, Dennis Hunkler, Suzanne Konyha, Martin McNamara Lobzun, Yanni Lu, Christopher Mangin, Esther Rabinovitch, Piera Rock, Natalie and Jasmine Sinn, AG Smith, Adele Steinberg, Samantha Therrien and Nicolette Westfall for their invaluable assistance with art intake, hanging and DTL sales!

Special mentions to Esther Rabinovitch, Susan Gold, Christine Burchnall, Terrence and Nick Whalen for lending us their fabulous vintage toys, castles and objets des Hannukah and Xmas, and to Chris Mangin, Kewy Gammie, Steve Daigle and Bernard Helling for their painstaking detail work on assembling our ever-popular Artcite holiday window displays.

Tip o’ the hat to Sam Therrien, Leesa Bringas, Steve Daigle, Sue Ellen Evoy Ozeer, Esther Rabinovitch, Natalie Sinn, Tena Campbell, Amelia Daigle, Bernard Helling, Christine Burchnall and rest of the Artcite DTL sales staff for the opening night sales, red-dotting and raffle tix sales marathon! Thanks, too, to Suzanne Konyha for preparing the always-outstanding reception edibles (and to Steve Daigle for food delivery) and Joe DeAngelis for his always-great pizza; thanks, also, to very hard-working reception “Barkeeps” Stephen Pender and Natalie Sinn.

Lastly, but most importantly, thanks to the many post-Christmas elves who helped with this year’s exceptionally speedy “UNdoin’ the Louvre” exhibition take-down: Dennis Hunkler, Christopher Mangin, Nicolette Westfall, Samantha Therrien, Natalie Sinn, Yanni Lu, Mark Buckner, Shameer Saif, and as always, Bernard Helling and Christine Burchnall.

A BIG THANKS, too, to Kewy Gammie for assisting us with getting our January mailing out in a timely manner!

If we forgot anyone, our profuse apologies, but yay! to all!

DTL proceeds will help support our ongoing Programming and Operating costs, Artcite’s member services and resource centre.

Many, many thanks to renowned Windsor artists Douglas Bedard, Leesa Bringas, Stephen Gibb, Matthew Hawtin and Barbara Murawski, who generously donated some really great original artworks for our 16th DTL art-raffle.

Thanks again for your participation in another great Doin’ the Louvre!

Doin’ the Louvre sales proceeds benefit the participating artists and Artcite Programming and Operations.

Artcite is supported by the fundraising efforts of its members and volunteers, and by the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Windsor.

2011 was our 30th annual “DOIN’ THE LOUVRE”.

Watch for our 31 annual Doin’ the Louvre in December 2012—the entry deadline is approaching fast! (November 2012).


(Thurs.,Dec.08) @ 7:00PM, 2011 Tom Lucier, Phog Lounge and Artcite present:

The Sadies, Sunparlour Players, Locusts Have No King, and Field Assembly at The Capitol Theatre

sadies ticket

$15 Advanced $20 at the Door

A benefit for Artcite – Tom Lucier, Phog Lounge and Artcite present: The Sadies, Sunparlour Players, The Locusts Have No King, and Field Assembly on Thursday, December 8 at The Capitol Theatre! An “early Xmas gift for the music lover in your life”, and a great event to benefit Windsor’s Artist-run Centre for the Contemporary Arts.