(Jan.04 – Feb.02):“APPLIED SCIENCE” by Susan Gold (Windsor, ON)

Public reception: Friday, January 11, 7:30 pm with the artist in attendance

Public lecture: “From Inside the Trophy Room”, an animation of the “Applied Science” exhibition on Wednesday, January 16, 8:00 pm.

Solo show; Inside the Trophy Room and No Place: two interweaving installations
images: Susan Gold; (top – bottom, left – right): outside installation photo of no place, 2007, mixed media; installation image of Inside the Trophy Room, 2007 , mixed media; no place, mixed media, 2007 (detail); no place, 2007, mixed media; dimensions

The Trophy Room project began with the legacy of 18th century Swedish Botanist, Carl von Linné, known for developing the binomial system of classification. His great project to name and systematize all of nature has formed the basis of modern science. Literaria, the last category of Linné’s great outline, Systema Naturae, the category holding the sum of all unquantifiable knowledge has dropped off the table.

Perhaps the lost Literaria can still be found in the displays of natural history museums – each diorama installation imbedded with its own history and view of the natural world. “No Place” inhabits the space of decoration, a porous space that surrounds us in the images and patterns of wall paper, as photographs, paintings, collectables, and the physical space of digital illusion – the space containing the flux of our knowledge, memories, desires, and treasures.

“Inside the Trophy Room” examines the working space of the artist/ scientist, creating a proscenium theatre for the laboratory. Reifying the lost subject. Following the subjects’ gesture and gaze. Simultaneously allowing the process control and asserting the artist’s presence. Entering and scrambling the systematic diagram examining inside and outside the perimeters.

image: Susan Gold lecture

(Sat., January 19, 8 pm): “ARTS 1, 000, 045 BIRTHDAY” at Phog Lounge, 157 University Ave. W. (in conjunction with the “FAMiversary” event at the Coach & Horses)

Musical performances by:
Vex and Furs

Also! Artist vs. Artist (facilitated by Dave Kant & friends) / art exhibition @ Phog (organized by Dave Kant/ Artist Trading Cards / Stitch’n’Bitch / birthday cake!/ door prizes

“Art’s Birthday” has become an annual celebration/event for the Windsor arts community, presented with a nod to French fluxus artist Robert Filliou (who first commemorated art’s 1,000,000 birthday on January 17, 1963).

Organized annually by Artcite Inc, “Art’s Birthday” is truly a community-based celebration of the arts, and is presented in cooperation with other organizations in the community such as the Arts Council – Windsor & Region, CJAM 91.5 fm, and Common Ground Gallery.

Past “Art’s Birthday” performances included: a number of live musical performances by City Wide Vacuum, Teach
Yourself Piano (Sarah Atkinson & Kevin Atkinson); Six Guys Named Joe, who performed a tribute to the late Joe Strummer and the Clash; Brad Blackton, DJ Michael O’Reilly, members of Windsor’s Sexecutives goofball DJ collective; burlesque performance by “The Rack Sisters” (Nadja Pelkey, Juliana Schewe, and Pricilla Miller); belly dancing performance by Juliana Schewe; contortionist performance by Evann Frisque, among many others. Event proceeds benefit the Windsor arts community.

Click here for more info about worldwide Art’s Birthday Celebration

(Jan.31 , 7 – 9 pm): ARTIST TRADING CARD “TRADING SESSIONS” on the LAST THURSDAY of every month! @ ARTCITE INC.

Create your ATC before or make one during the trading session! Bring you own materials — some ATC card stock may be available. Pick up your ATC package at Artcite Inc. (limited quantities).

Special thanks to Printworx and Rogues Gallery Comics for providing materials!

image: local artist Sara Jane French shows her recent artist trading card creation; photo courtesy of Artcite Inc.


Artist Trading Cards (ATC) are teeny works of art (2.5″ x 3.5″) that are made specifically to trade. There are no restrictions of medium or theme and materials can range from collage, drawing, painting, glass, ceramic, metal, fabric and melted wax to computer-generated imagery and photography, etc. ATC’s may also be 2D and 3D, unique works or a series or edition—the possibilities are endless! The creation intention behind the creations and trading of ATC’s is to present a non-commercial, non-hierarchal avenue for artistic exchange—but more importantly, ATC sessions are meant to be FUN! Cards traded one to one and people of all ages and artistic abilities are encouraged to participate.


1) Produce your own cards: any media, any theme!
2) Size: 2.5 x 3.5 inches (64 x 89mm). ATCs generally should easily fit in the plastic sheets designed for hockey/baseball cards.
3) Identify your ATC w/ your signature, date, edition number (if necessary) on back of the card.
4) TRADE at Artcite Inc. Trading Sessions held on the LAST THURSDAY of every month; upcoming sessions include:

February 28 (w/assistance from the University of Windsor School of Visual Arts) located on the SW corner of Huron Church Rd. & College Ave., enter at the north side of the building.

and onward!


Artcite Inc. is holding monthly “Trading Sessions” (LAST THURSDAY OF EVERY MONTH) in the gallery. Whatever your age or art background, you are invited to attend the Trading Sessions (observe for the first time if you like, but we guarantee you will be making your own cards soon after!) We may hold trading sessions in alternate locations from time to time—contact us for more info or stay tuned to our website for details!


(Feb.11, 8:00 – 9:30 pm): RITA WONG presents a “TRANSPARENCY MACHINE EVENT”

Monday 11 Feb, 4:30-5:30 pm, Katzman Lounge, Vanier Hall, University of Windsor.

Texts she has selected for her event were available for downloading from the link at the University of Windsor Department of English Language, Literature and Creative Writing News & Events. The title of her event is “resilience, impure, forms.”

On the same day, Monday 11 Feb, Rita Wong presented a poetry reading, 4:30-5:30 pm,
Katzman Lounge, Vanier Hall,
University of Windsor

Rita Wong is the author of “monkeypuzzle” (Press Gang, 1998) and forage (Nightwood, 2007).
Her poems have appeared in anthologies such as Ribsauce: a CD/Anthology of Words by Women (Vehicule, 2001), The Common Sky: Canadian Writers Against the War (Three Squares, 2003), Shift and Switch: New Canadian Poetry (Mercury Press, 2005), and Making a Difference: Canadian Multicultural Literatures in English (Oxford, 2007). The recipient of the Asian Canadian Writers Workshop Emerging Writer Award, she teaches in Critical + Cultural Studies at the Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design in Vancouver.

The Transparency Machine Event Series invites a poet to discuss his or her work in the context of other texts selected and made available in advance by the poet. The event provides a forum for discussing the practice and theory of writing and reading poetry — including practices and theories of prefixing poetry (“anti-“; “non-“), adjectivizing poetry (“poetic”), and capitalizing poetry (first letter; letters at random). Poetry prismatically refracts social, political, scientific, aesthetic
languages, transforming them into something exciting and strange. How does poetic form do that? This series
explores questions about the language of poetry, offering readers and writers a multi-dimensional
experience of the shapes and sounds of contemporary poetry by inviting leading and emerging innovative practitioners
of the art. Next event in the series: Carla Harryman, 24 March, 4-5:30 pm, Katzman Lounge.

Further info., lcabri@uwindsor.ca

Rita Wong’s events are funded by The Canada Council, Artcite Inc., University of Windsor Department of English Language, Literature and Creative Writing, and with support from Dr. Stephen Pender, Research Leadership Chair, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

(Feb.08 – Feb.23): “BOILING POINT” featuring the work of Alana Bartol and Justin A. Langlois

Opening reception : Friday, February 8, 7:30 pm with artists in attendance.

The public is invited to join Alana Bartol in her interactive performance “Wrapped Rocks” at 8:00 pm

Two-person show in conjunction with the annual Windsor Labour Arts Festival (Labour Studies Dept., University of Windsor)

images: Alana Bartol “Wrapped Rocks”, 2008, rocks & conforming stretch gauze, interactive performance installation;
Justin A. Langlois “Collapse/Relapse”, 2008, Max/MSP/Jitter, Google Blog Search RSS feed, PHP, Chrysler Town and Country promotional video, projector (detail).

Artcite Inc., presented “Boiling Point”, a two-person exhibit by emerging Windsor, ON artists Alana Bartol and Justin A. Langlois, as well as Artcite’s latest installment of labour-related visual art exhibitions (presented in conjunction with the annual Windsor Labour Arts Festival). As the title “Boiling Point” suggests, the specially-created work in the exhibit investigates “the point of crisis; the turning point”.

In “Boiling Point”, Bartol’s and Langlois’ different interactive approaches are intended to create a dialogue around issues of Windsor/Detroit’s rapidly changing economic landscape. With the area experiencing a continuing downturn in the automotive sector, we have seen an increasingly negative spin-off effect on our manufacturing industry and parts sectors and massive layoffs and job losses. The high paying manufacturing jobs of former years have been replaced by much lower-paying telemarketing and service jobs.

Bartol and Langlois each address different aspects of unemployment, insecurity, displacement and the physical and mental impact that “decommissioned” workers experience in an uncertain economic climate. The artists also attempt to offer creative solutions on how to address and emerge from this impending crisis.

In her 2008 viewer-interactive performance/installation “Wrapping Rocks”, Alana Bartol attempts to connect the participant/viewer with “issues of labour” by engaging them in a symbolic act of repetitive, physical work. For Bartol, the contemplative act of wrapping rocks with gauze bandages suggests “the ability of creative energy to transform (people), objects and actions, recognizing connections between art and healing”.

Bartol’s earlier, interactive, collaborative pieces such as “The Bud B________ Project”, “The Detroit Diamonds Project” and “The Detroit Windsor Journal Project” were all “community-building projects that illuminate the potential for transformation through altruistic activity, creativity and artistic production.”

Justin A. Langlois’ 2008 interactive media/video installation “Collapse/Relapse”, layers and interweaves happy promotional video footage for the ‘Town and Country’ minivan (produced in Chrysler’s newest Windsor Assembly Plant) with auto industry workers’ stories of job loss and union strife culled by the artist from various internet online discussion
groups, news sites, blogs, and forums.

“The video processing is a (literal) visualization of the engagement of affected workers and their families and communities
in the online political discussion of economic and social realities surrounding the manufacturing industry. “Collapse/Relapse” illustrates (the workers’) on-line activity in real-time, while also offering a collected view of the stories used in the installation as raw data in an accompanying website. “Collapse/Relapse” asks for immediate action by community members to enter the (workers’) discussion being shaped by mass media for an online world, in which it is increasingly vital for a two-way conversation to occur.” —Justin A. Langlois

Check out the Windsor Labour Arts Festival 2008 schedule of events.



(*please note exhibition is closing one day earlier than previously scheduled: April 12)

Media City 14 Gala Reception & Artist’s Talk: Wednesday, March 5, 6:00 pm with the artist in attendance

Multi-media installation presented in conjunction with the Media City 14 International Festival of Experimental Film & Video Art.


images: Zoë Beloff “The Somnambulists”, 2007; stereoscopic HD video in color with sound and new media, (details); Courtesy of the artist

The Somnambulists (World Premiere)
An installation comprising of five miniature wooden theaters/ dioramas into which moving images are projected. Two stereoscopic HD videos each 11 minutes, color, sound. Four archival films, each approximately 1 minute, black and white, sound. 2007

To officially kick off Media City, New York filmmaker Zoë Beloff makes her first appearance in Windsor with the world premiere of her new 3-D installation, “The Somnambulists”.

For the past twenty years, Zoë Beloff has been challenging cinematic and pre-cinematic history by re-imagining the technological evolution of moving image media through her work with 3-D films, stereoscopic projection performances, and interactive media.

“The Somnambulists” presents the audience with 5 miniature theatres, into which three-dimensional figures are projected
through the use of stereoscopic HD video technologies. Each theatre presents a different “hysterical drama”.

“In the 19th century, people thought of the screen as a window into another world. In keeping with the spirit of popular culture I staged the Somnambulists as musicals, in which the patients (of the Saltpètrie) express their delusions in song.
Because it was shot stereoscopically, the viewer perceives miniature three-dimensional figures that appear to perform on stage. The effect is closer to that of hallucination rather than projection”. —Zoë Beloff

In her work, Beloff deals not only with the beginnings of cinema, but the beginnings of psychoanalysis. The two fields are of course indelibly linked; the “phantom” quality of projected images often struck early film audiences as deeply supernatural, a kind of “conjuring of objects”. Cinematic illusionism has always been a perfect form for the representation of unconscious desire.

“I was inspired by several remarkable developments at the end of the 19th century. There was the discovery of the unconscious by psychotherapists (Freud in Vienna and Pierre Janet in Paris), and the fact that doctors started to film patients with motion picture cameras. At the same time a fascination with madness took hold of the public and ‘acting
hysterical’ became all the rage in Paris cabarets”—Zoë Beloff.

Cast: Shelley Hirsch, Steven Rattazzi, Jay Smith, Rachel Neuman, Aubyn Philabaum, Tea Alagic
Musical Director: Shelley Hirsch
Technical realization: Zoë Beloff and Eric Muzzy.

Zoë is represented by the BELLWETHER GALLERY (NYC): www.bellwethergallery.com
Zoë has collaborated with the legendary Wooster Group (NYC) www.thewoostergroup.org
Zoë appears in Windsor as part of with the Media City Film Festival: www.houseoftoast.ca/mediacity


Zoë Beloff’s artist talk is presented by Visitors in the Arts (VITA) Lecture Series, a collaborative project organized annually & funded in part by the Art Gallery of Windsor (AGW), Artcite Inc., Common Ground Art Gallery, House of Toast Film & Video Collective, Windsor Feminist Theatre, Windsor Printmaker’s Forum, and the University of Windsor’s School of Visual Arts, with additional funding support from the Canada Council for the Arts’ “Project Assistance to Visual Arts and Crafts Organizations” program.

(Mar.27, 7 – 9 pm): Artcite Inc. and the University of Windsor School of Visual Arts present “STITCH’N’BITCH”  at the LeBel Gallery — located at the corner of Huron Church Rd. & College Ave.

In celebration of “International Women’s Month” • Free admission & all welcome!

Bring your own materials & tools (knitting needles, crochet hooks, sewing machines, yarn, fabric, etc.)

“S ’n B” is a social event with the opportunity to share ideas, conversation and techniques with others.

design: Leesa Bringas

“Stitch’n’Bitch” is a name used by knitting groups that meet on a weekly or monthly basis at locations throughout the world.
This use of the tern originates as early as the Second World War.”—Wikipedia. Artcite Inc. is working on holding monthly or regular “S’nB” events at Artcite Inc. the U of Windsor School of Visual Arts (LeBel bldg.), and other locations
—please visit our website for updates. Interested in assisting? Call Artcite Inc. 519.977.6564 or email: info@artcite.ca.

Click here for more info. on “S’nB” events worldwide.

Check out some of the “S’nB” participants’ websites: Jodi Green.ca and Kelly Ridley’s blog “She Who Measures”

Read the article Stitch ‘n’ Bitch: Not Your Grandma’s Knitting by Kate Hargreaves in The Lance (University of


(Apr.18 – May 17): “FOLKLURE ” by David Diviney (Kamloops, BC)

Opening reception: Friday, April 18, 7:30 pm

Artist’s Lecture: Saturday, April 19, 4:00 pm at Artcite Inc.

Solo show; mixed media installation

image: courtesy of the artist

Born and raised in the foothills of Appalachia, folklore and “folk craft” experiences have long shaped and served as a thematic point of departure for artist David Diviney. “Folklure” explores Diviney’s intrigue with the provisional savvy and self-sufficient ways of the “Mountain People” of rural America-an interest mirrored in a methodology loosely based on the backwoods ingenuity and creative gesture of this culture. Though his ‘quirky’ materials, techniques and ideas vary from one sculptural object to the next, Diviney’s interest in the rural (and the stereotypical representation thereof in popular culture and academic discourse) provides a common ground. Diviney’s recent investigations employ a pastoral vernacular of folk art/lore, foundational myths and other backwoods constructs in drawing connections to his own autobiography and between the structures of our cultural allegories and the material language of sculpture.

The public is invited to meet and speak with artist during the exhibition reception on Friday, April 18, 7:30 pm and during a public lecture on Saturday, April 19, 4:00 pm at Artcite Inc.
Both events are free and open to the public!

David Diviney’s artist talk is presented by the V.I.T.A. (Visitors in the Arts) Lecture Series, a collaborative project organized annually & funded in part by the AGW, Artcite Inc., Common Ground Gallery, House of Toast Film & Video Collective, Windsor Feminist Theatre, Windsor Printmaker’s Forum, and the University of Windsor’s School of Visual Arts, with additional funding support from the Canada Council’s “Project Assistance to Visual and Crafts Organizations” program.


(May 23 – Jun.21): “CHECK OUT THIS SPRAWL ” presented in cooperation with the annual

Citizens Environment Alliance “SmogFest” events

Featuring colour photography by JOHN GANIS (Detroit, MI); installation by DAN BERNYK (LaSalle, ON); video installation by ADAM GLOVER (Windsor, ON) with photography by Windsor-Essex & Detroit area artists (current contributors include: Christine Burchnall, Andrew Foot, Anna Frenette, Suzanne Friemann, Susan Gold, Gerry Kaiser, Linda Renaud-Fisher, Ed Janzen and George Palmer, with additional contributors)

Opening reception: Friday, May 23, 7:30 pm. FREE admission.

“Impacts of Sprawl: Community Roundtable Discussion” with Scaledown.ca & local expert panelists: Wednesday, June 18, 7:00 pm. FREE admission. Presented in partnership with Scaledown.ca

Group show, mixed-media

image credit: John Ganis, Housing Development, Southern California; courtesy of the artist

image credit: Dan Bernyk, “Urban Landmines”, 2008; fabricated steel and found objects (installation detail); courtesy of the artist

image credit: Adam Glover, “Man-Made”,2008

Multiple-video channel installation using televisions and randomly looping content; courtesy of the artist

“Check Out This Sprawl” highlights and investigates the impacts of urban sprawl on the natural environment and on
communities. John Ganis, a Detroit-based photographer who has photographed the human impacts on the American Landscape for over twenty years, presents a selection of photographs on sprawl and human intervention on the environment. Ganis’ colour photograph “Housing Development, Southern California”, exemplifies a situation that is taking place across North America: a ‘cookie-cutter’ housing development seemingly plopped onto a tree-less, hilly expanse, away from any other sign of human life or neighbourhood infrastructure.

Dan Bernyk presents “Urban Landmines”, a large installation of fabricated steel sculptures and found objects and materials including concrete, asphalt and lawn fragments. Bernyk states: “Although visually convincing, the fabricated objects mimic the physical and aesthetic qualities of their surroundings while resonating a machine-like and synthetic presence–that of the landmine.”

Adam Glover presents “Man-made”, a video installation showcasing short video loops and video images based on a process of fragmentation that is achieved using discarded technologies.” Glover states: “Man-made” is an installation based on selectively choosing and displaying some of the video images from my ever-growing collection of urban subject matter across a series of out-dated televisions at random looping intervals. These images address the issue of urban sprawl but from the point of view of an individual trying to look for the soul within it. There is a terrible beauty within the face of mass-production.”

Also to be displayed on the gallery’s 37 foot long west Wall, is an unjuried photographic installation, “Check Out This Sprawl” (borrowing the same name as the exhibition) featuring works by Windsor-Essex and Detroit area artists and community members. This collaborative photo installation will investigate/highlight general issues of “sprawl” in the Windsor-Essex and Detroit areas, including but not limited to: community/economic/social impact of big box and suburban development, historic buildings lost to new development, under-utilized and ailing buildings and neighbourhoods, urban blight; other impact on the environment and/or community; positive changes and impacts that are taking place, such as: revitalized neighbourhoods, buildings, green spaces and more.

Current participants for this project include: Christine Burchnall, Andrew Foot, Anna Frenette, Suzanne Friemann, Susan Gold, Gerry Kaiser, Linda Renaud-Fisher, Ed Janzen and George Palmer, with additional contributors TBA. “Sprawl wall” photographic entries will be accepted through the exhibition run, until June 14, 2008.



during the discussion

Artcite and scaledown.ca partnered to host a Community Round Table Discussion to examine the impacts of urban sprawl in Windsor and area’s built environment.

The Discussion was open to the general public and was held on Wednesday, June 18 from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm at the Artcite Gallery located at 109 University Avenue West , Windsor, ON.

The Forum addressed what can and has been done to lessen the impact of the sprawling land-use priorities of the past,
and how area citizens can play a part in the restoration of our built environment.

Moderated by Chris Holt, the Round Table Forum is comprised of the following panelists:

Larry Silani, Director of Planning, Town of LaSalle
Shannon Porcellini, Trustee, Windsor Essex County District School Board
Veronika Mogyrody, Professor, University of Windsor
Adam Glover, Artist, Windsor
Mark Boscariol, scaledown.ca
Joe Rauti, President, Greater Windsor Home Builders Association

Taking place during Artcite’s “Check Out This Sprawl” exhibit, the Round Table Forum included a unique on-site installation of photographs that investigated and highlighted general issues of “sprawl” in the Windsor-Essex and Detroit areas.

The photographic exhibition addressed the community, economic, social impact of big box and suburban development; area revitalization of centered business districts; under-utilized and ailing buildings and neighbourhoods; and urban blight.

scaledown.ca, Windsor ’s most exciting blog, is comprised of a team of local environmentalists, engineering technologists, educators and entrepreneurs. The blog has established itself as an innovative contemporary medium and is gaining public interest with its activism for safe, attractive walkable neighbourhoods; dynamic public spaces; and local independent businesses and artists.

(Jun.27- Jul.26):  “Search Party!” by Kris Lindskoog (Calgary, AB) & “Burden of Truth ” by Nate Larson (Chicago, IL)

Opening reception : Friday, Jun.27, 7:30 pm with artists in attendance

Two-person show, mixed-media


image: Nate Larson “Television Spells”, 2005,

pigment print, 12″ x 26″, edition of 6; courtesy of the artist

“Epiphanies revealed through falling down flights of stairs. Healing spells transferred through television programming.
Fortune cookie numbers used to win lottery prizes. Dreams of wounds manifested in real life. Hidden messages in cigarette smoke.

Clad in a short sleeve white dress shirt and striped tie, I whisper these and other stories taken from my life and the lives of those around me. The clothes function elusively; I’m the every person – the salesperson at the store, the co-worker at the office, the religious zealot on the street corner. I’m a storyteller, weaving tales of ordinary days gone peculiar, of insignificant objects that suddenly take on extraordinary significance. The nature of the photographs assures you that this is a “document” – the objects in the photographs presented as “proof” of an experience, of a sign, of a realization.

Photographs exist as fragmented moments removed from context, but we want to believe, need to believe, that reality can be recorded. That the intangible can be made concrete and that absolute proof exists. The photographs reveal the narrative visually, leading the viewer from one image to the next. Some of the photographs are injected with a textual narrative – after all, what can we use to communicate if not language, if not the photographic image? If we cannot believe photographs, what can we believe? If a glistening product filled with promise in an advertisement will not fix us, what will?”—Nate Larson “Burden of Truth” exhibition statement

image: Kris Lindskoog “Tent”, 2003,

mixed media, courtesy of the artist

Kris Lindskoog’s “Search Party!” is a search party station gone awry—safety vests knotted up into soccer balls, defaced maps, search tools altered and rendered useless and safety beacons synched to bad techno music—all the while the “search” at hand is never explained. Lindskoog offers some clues in his amusing installation, however, that perhaps we are “looking for gold, a missing person, for “Shangri-la” or maybe just a good time”.


(Jul.18 – 27): “VISUAL FRINGE” presented in partnership with the “Windsor International Fringe Festival”

Located in sites throughout downtown Windsor! Featuring over 60 artists! See brochure (below) for details.

fringe flyer

Through a new partnership with Windsor’s first International Fringe Festival and Actors Theatre of Windsor, Artcite presented 16 “Visual Fringe” off-site exhibitions in participating businesses and vacant storefronts / buildings in and around downtown Windsor. Over 72 artists from Windsor and surrounding areas, including Detroit MI, exhibited their art works in non-traditional venues. Admission was free.

The Visual Fringe provided an excellent opportunity for visitors of the Fringe performance festival and the general public to view new works by numerous emerging and established artists in an accessible, fun (non-gallery) setting.

Visual Fringe featured over 60 local artists working in an array of mediums and disciplines:

Christian Aldo, AJ, Alina, Mary Atkinson, Peter Baille, Dan Bernyk, Daniel Bombardier, Leesa Bringas, Rob Brown, Christine Burchnall, Brendan Burke, Tena Campbell, Baron Chauvin, Steven Leyden Cochrane, David Creed, Steve Daigle, Joe DeAngelis, D3N!@L, Michelle Dobrin, Debbie Dunlop, Murad Erzinclioglu, Goizueta Fevrier, Andrew Foot, Vincent Franzoi, Sara Jane French, Suzanne Friemann, Margie Ferraro, The Fuse Group, Stephen Gibb, Jodi Green, Grey, Vincent
Halford, Dave Houle, Chad Howson, Dennis Hunkler, Chika Ito, Ed Janzen, Dave Kant, Kevin Kavanaugh, Suzanne Konyha, Bob LaBute, Nate Larson, Tim Laskey, Kris Lindskoog, Sergio Marzotta, Natalie Mayville, Luciano Ines Mihalji, Mauro,
Gustave Morin, Blake Musson, Sara Nickleson, Tracy Paterson, George Palmer, Plastic Puppet, Melissa Rae, Linda Renaud Fisher, Andrew Rigsby, George Rizok, Katie Romain, Marshall Sfalcin, Jay Soule, Dennis Spencer, Gord Taylor, Wayne
Tousignant, Mark Tortola, Two Hands w/Margaret Atkinson & Nicolette Westfall, Sandi Wheaton, Cary Wilksin, John Vacratsis, Susi Vilchez, Maryam Yousif.

Visual Fringe partners included:

Theatre of Windsor; Windsor Busker Festival, Chalk & Chocolate Festival; Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association; Pelissier St. Gallery; 76 Ink Tattoo & Gallery; Terra Cotta Pizzeria; Starbucks; The Coffee Exchange; Terrace 285; Blondie Cleaners; Sanctuary Tattoo; The Silk Road Express; Perfect Print Shop; Milk Coffee Bar; City of Windsor.

Events included:

Walking Tours, Performances (Two Hands an Interactive drawing performance by Margaret Atkinson and Nicolette Westfall), A special edition Stitch’n’Bitch with Jodi Green, and Children’s’ Artist trading Card Workshops with Tena Campbell, Rachel Loscher and Katie Romain.

Tena Campbell and Katie Romain at Visual Fringe ATC

Jul.26 at 1:00 pm: “VISUAL FRINGE” Walking Tour (w/ Tena Campbell, tour leader)

Start at Artcite Inc., 109 University Ave. W. Rain or Shine








image credits: Dan Bernyk: “Untitled”, limestone, 2008 and “Reticulum”, steel, 2008; Jodi Green: “Study of a Remnant Factory”

Performative mixed media installation 2008

Both artists exhibiting at 32 University Ave. E. (Fri.-Sat., Jul.18-20 & Fri.-Sat., Jul.25-27, 12-6 pm);

Special thanks to: Dick & Margaret Rivard of Blondie Cleaners and Somethin’ Special.

A guided tour of the “Visual Fringe” off-site exhibitions in Windsor’s downtown core.

Tena Campbell, Visual Fringe Outreach Coordinator lead the tour starting from Artcite Inc. at 1:00 pm and headed down Pelissier St. to visit various storefront installations and gallery spaces.

The tour continued to various locations on: Ouellette Ave., University Ave. E., University Ave. W. and so on.

The tour made short stops at each exhibit and featured a chance to see Jodi Green performing her “Study for a Remnant Factory” at 32 University Ave . E. and see/ join a “Stitch’n’Bitch” session taking place.

The tour was a great chance to experience art works by artists in the community at unconventional locations!

Read the article Local art on display via Visual fringe by Ted Shaw in the Windsor Star.


image credit (l-r): Suzanne Konyha “Diner Days”

Mixed media installation, 2008; Steven Leyden Cochrane, mixed media installation; 537 Ouellette Ave. (formerly The Bookmark);

Special thanks to Ken Yu & family at The Silk Road Express.


image credit (l-r): Wayne Tousignant “perspace”

Mixed media installation, 2008

Wide angle view of “Visual Fringe” exhibits at 410, 422, 424 Pelissier St. 

(l-r: Wayne Tousignant, group exhibition, Joe DeAngelis; under the City of Windsor parking garage)

Special thanks to: the City of Windsor.


image credits: (l-r): Joe DeAngelis “Screaming for Bucatini”

Mixed media installation at 424 Pelissier St.

Group exhibition featuring: Daniel Bombardier, Christine Burchnall, Steven Leyden Cochrane, Dave Houle, Chad Howson, Natalie Mayville, Gustave Morin, Mark Tortola, Maryam Yousif, and additional artists at 422 Pelissier St.

Special thanks to: the City of Windsor.

(Jul.26, 1:00 – 6:00 pm): Artcite Inc. presented “STITCH’N’BITCH” session in conjunction with the “Visual Fringe”

Location: @ 32 University Ave. E. in downtown Windsor (across from the Armories and in the current “Visual Fringe” exhibit space featuring Dan Bernyk and Jodi Green)

FREE admission & ALL welcome!

Jodi Green performed her “Study for a Remnant Factory” during this Stitch’n’Bitch session.

“S’n’B” is a social event with the opportunity to share ideas, conversation and techniques with others.

Jody Green at Visual Fringe “Stitch’n’Bitch” is a name used by knitting groups that meet on a weekly or monthly basis at locations throughout the world. This use of the tern originates as early as the Second World War.” Artcite Inc. holds monthly “S’nB” events (the LAST THURSDAY of every month) at Artcite Inc., the U of Windsor School of Visual Arts (LeBel bldg.), and other locations

Please visit our website, email or phone us for updates.

Interested in assisting? Call Artcite Inc. 519.977.6564 or email: info@artcite.ca.

For more info. on “S’nB” events worldwide, visit: www.stitchnbitch.org

Check out some of the “S’nB” participants’ websites: Jodi Green.ca and Kelly Ridley’s blog “She Who Measures”

Read the article “Stitch ‘n’ Bitch: Not Your Grandma’s Knitting by Kate Hargreaves in The Lance (University of Windsor).


(Aug.16; 8:00 am – 1:00 am): “COBRA SNAKE YARD SALE EVENT”

Terrace 285. 285 Ouellette Ave., Windsor ON

Local Windsor artists and designers Sara Nickleson and Robyn Bilodeau, along with many of their friends and volunteers raised $1,200 during the inaugural Cobrasnake Yard Sale, Saturday August 16 at Terrace 285 in downtown Windsor.

Proceeds from this extremely successful event to benefit Artcite – Windsor’s non-profit artist-run centre for the contemporary arts. Nickleson and Bilodeau acquired over 500 clothing and accessories (including a large donation of ‘runway worn’ designer clothing by Marc Jacobs from their friend and former Windsorite Chris Gelinas, currently residing in NYC), CDs, vinyl, household items and you-name-it, it-was-there!

Bilodeau also created a special sprawling snake cupcake creation, made up of over 100 brightly decorated cupcakes, each selling for $0.25 each.

Entertainment day and night was filled with beats by (all volunteers) DJs: Mach-X, J_Wild, Waseem, DJ Abdul, Vex, DJ Justin James and (wh)y.m.e(??).

(Aug.19): “PHOTOVOICE : Social Change through Photography”

Photographic exhibit

image: Windsor’s “A Channel” camera crew examines the work

The “Photovoice” exhibition at Artcite was the result of a nine week program, in which seven high school aged youth from the Kids Alliance Alumni program captured how they view their communities through a series of photographs.

“Photovoice” used photography to illustrate the strengths, challenges and calls to action of specific populations that are traditionally underrepresented (in this case, Windsor’s youth) in the decision-making processes of government, social services and community.

The three main goals of “Photovoice” were: to enable youth to record and reflect their community’s strengths and concerns; to promote dialogue about the important issues through group discussion and photographs; and to engage policy makers.

“Photovoice” is a methodology mostly used in the field of education, which combines photography with grassroots social action. Subjects are asked to represent their community or point of view by taking photographs. Photovoice is intended to give insight into how people conceptualize their circumstances. As a form of community consultation, “Photovoice” attempts to bring the perspectives of those “who lead lives that are different from those traditionally in control of the
means for imaging the world” into the policy-making process. It is also a response to issues raised over the authorship of representation of communities.

“Photovoice” was developed by Caroline C. Wang of the University of Michigan and Mary Ann Burris, research associate of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London.

In 1992, Wang and Burris created what is now known as “Photovoice” as a way to enable rural women of Yunnan Province, China, to influence the policies and programs that affected them. It has since been used among homeless adults in Ann Arbor, Michigan and among community health workers and teachers in rural South Africa and by Dr. Claudia Mitchell et al.
The concept owes a debt to the Paulo Freire’s pedagogy related to critical consciousness, feminist theory and empowerment.

In attendance was City of Windsor Councilor Caroline Postma and Windsor–West M.P. Brian Masse.

The project received extensive media coverage from the Windsor Star and “A Channel” local TV news.


(Sept.05 – Oct.04): “ALL YOU CAN EAT ” by Karine Giboulo (Montreal, QC)

Opening reception : Friday, Sept.05, 7:30 pm with artist in attendance

images: courtesy of the artist

Acting as a witness of this world in which she “steals bits of time by observing people’s daily actions.”
Karine Giboulo is influenced by ‘blunt’ subject matter and everyday life as depicted in the media. In her latest mixed-media installation consisting of multiple ink and watercolour drawings, paintings, and mixed-media sculpture that ‘house’ her (re)interpreted narratives, Giboulo presents an ironic and humorous reality underscoring the fragile state of the human condition.

“All You Can Eat” refers to our seemingly bottomless appetite for consumer goods of all sorts.

This is represented in the installation by the production and consumption of food.

The effect of over consumption can be seen on a pair of obese groundhogs gorging themselves on “all you can eat” ribs and wings in a sports bar. The finely sculpted scenes are colourful and contain humour but are also a serious commentary on our rampant consumerism, personified in the installation by the gluttonous groundhogs. -excerpt from the artist’s statement


Location: at the Town of LaSalle’s Vollmer Culture and Recreation Complex 2121 Laurier Parkway in the Town of LaSalle, Ontario (off Malden Rd.)

Presented by Artcite Inc., Windsor’s artist-run centre for the contemporary arts

The 2008 Fahrenheit Festival is a family-friendly, truly “spectacular” spectacle in the great outdoors–and Canada’s first Fire sculpting festival.

Featuring fiery opening performances and feats of daring by Detroit’s acclaimed Fire Fabulon Troupe, this year’s Fahrenheit Fest will feature over 12 fiery sculptures created by talented artists from Windsor and Essex county and from across Canada.

Doors opened at 6:45 pm. The show started at 8:00 pm with the always-fabulous Fire Fabulon. Admission was only $5 adults; children under 10 yrs FREE w/ paid adult admission (limit 3 children free per paid adult).

What IS Fire Sculpture?

“Fire sculpture” harnesses the beauty of fire as a creative, performative act:
the beauty of “Fire Sculpture” is not limited to the creation of a beautiful object (what is traditionally considered the “art”), but is rather focused on how each unique sculpture burns. Skilled fire artists are able to use a minimum of means to control and shape the fire, to choke oxygen in order to control tempo and pace, and to manipulate the burning pattern so that the fire sculpture doesn’t resemble, or burn, like a bonfire. 

The big art “burn” is fleeting, kinetic and encompasses a singular moment that can never be precisely restaged. The lasting value of the unique art form of “Fire Sculpture” is literally created before–and in–the spectator’s eyes: the final “art work” is only completed when the sculptures are finally torched and witnessed by the crowd.

Fire Fabulon performing at Fahrenheit 2008

The 2008 Fahrenheit Fest opened this year with fiery performances and feats of daring by members of Detroit’s acclaimed FIRE FABULON Troupe:

* TimTv – fire eating, fire breathing, fire poi, fire staff, fire rope, dart, hooping, stiltwalking
* Alexicon – fire staff, fire poi, hooping
* Hammy the Wondergirl – fire staff
* Shoebomb – fire poi, fire staff, unicycle, fire eating, fire breathing, 2-person acrobatics, stiltwalking
* Lexx – belly dancing with fire fans, fire fingers, 2-person acrobatics, stiltwalking
* Fleck – contact juggling, fire sticks, hooping
* Orange Whip – fire rope dart, fire sticks, stiltwalking
* Green Man – fire rope dart, stiltwalking
* Pynqi Mandala – hooping
* Jade – contact juggling, stiltwalking

images: Fahrenheit sculptures during installation on Friday, September 26: Gligor Stefanov’s fire sculpture “Cherubium” and A.G. Smith’s “Burning Bush”; Ed Janzen with assistance of Ruth Janzen wrapping straw around his work “Walk”.

The BIG ART BURN of 15+ Fire Sculptures featured works by talented artists from Windsor and Essex county and from across Canada:

*Denis Bolohan – Cookstown, ON
* Pat Conrad – Harrow, ON
* Tonya Hart – Toronto, ON
* Ed Janzen – Kingsville, ON
* Patricia Leguen – France / Saskatoon, SK
* Erma Roung – Harrow, ON
* Ken Roung – Harrow, ON
* Wayne Tousignant – Amherstburg, ON

Crowds at Fahrenheit 2008.

image: D. Bonnici and the following Windsor, ON artists:
* Steve Daigle
* Vin Halford
* Suzanne Konyha
* Matthew Romain
* A.G. Smith
* Gligor Stefanov
*Student teams under the guidance of artist Rod Strickland: Sandra Caradonna, Angela Desjardins, Jason Deary, Jenna Iaquinta, Hersh Lamba, Billie McLaughlin, Stephanie Mushinski, Kristie Nairn, Jonathon Ryan, Matthew Stepniak, and Kar Fung

Click here to see guest and  member photos posted on flickr

2008 Fahrenheit guest jurors were:
*Rebecca Mazzei, Arts Editor, Detroit Metro Times
* James Patten, Senior Curator, Art Gallery of Windsor
* Wayne Tousignant, Educator, Control.Burn Collective member and founding member of Artcite Inc.

Watch highlights of the 2008 Fahrenheit Festival on Youtube

The 6th annual “Fahrenheit Festival” is a special project of Artcite Inc., and is made possible with the generous assistance of the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Town of LaSalle’s Department of Recreation and Leisure Services.

Many thanks for their generous support!

Artcite also acknowledges the additional support of its members and volunteers and the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Windsor.

(Wed., Sept.24, 2:00 – 4:00 pm):FAHRENHEIT FESTIVAL WORKSHOP: FIRE ART Crucible of Community
Creativity Reconnecting Art and Life 
Sophia Isajiw (Los Angeles and Toronto , ON)

 Off-site workshop

Presented in co-operation with the Control.Burn Collective, and co-sponsored by the Town of LaSalle Culture & Recreation,
the LaSalle Fire Department and CJAM 91.FM.

An illustrated lecture by guest artist Sophia Isajiw on the history, ritual and unique collaborative communities and practices behind contemporary Fire Art Festivals; including the popular Burning Man Festival and Oakland’s Crucible Festival.

The 6th annual “Fahrenheit Festival” is a special project of Artcite Inc., and is made possible with the generous assistance of the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Town of LaSalle’s Department of Recreation and Leisure Services.

Many thanks for their generous support!

Artcite also acknowledges the additional support of its members and volunteers and the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Windsor.

(Thurs., Sept.25, 2:00 – 4:00 pm):FAHRENHEIT FESTIVAL WORKSHOP: EPHEMERAL ART” Patricia Leguen (Saskatoon SK.)

Off-site workshop

Presented in co-operation with the Control.Burn Collective, and co-sponsored by the Town of LaSalle Culture & Recreation,
the LaSalle Fire Department and CJAM 91.FM.

An illustrated lecture on Ephemeral Art and special construction techniques of fire, ice and sand sculpture.

The 6th annual “Fahrenheit Festival” is a special project of Artcite Inc., and is made possible with the generous assistance of the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Town of LaSalle’s Department of Recreation and Leisure Services.

Many thanks for their generous support!

Artcite also acknowledges the additional support of its members and volunteers and the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Windsor.

(Sat., Sept.27, 2:00 – 4:00 pm): FAHRENHEIT FESTIVAL WORKSHOP: FIRE ART: PROCESS AND SAFETY by Denis Bolohan (Cookstown On.)

Off-site workshop

Presented in co-operation with the Control.Burn Collective, and co-sponsored by the Town of LaSalle Culture & Recreation,
the LaSalle Fire Department and CJAM 91.FM.

Founding Fahrenheit organizer and visiting artist Denis Bolohan (Toronto, ON), lead an informal, on-site, process-oriented workshop explaining the process of “Fire Sculpting” from creation to immolation, with a focus on fire safety.

The 6th annual “Fahrenheit Festival” is a special project of Artcite Inc., and is made possible with the generous assistance of the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Town of LaSalle’s Department of Recreation and Leisure Services.
Many thanks for their generous support! Artcite also acknowledges the additional support of its members and volunteers
and the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Windsor.


(Wed, Oct.08, 7:00 pm): ARTIST’S LECTURE at the Art Gallery of Windsor, 401 Riverside Dr. W.
(Lecture Room, third floor)

$3 admission, AGW members free

(Oct.10 – Nov.08): “ABSTRACTIONS OF A PARADIGM ” by Scott Yoell (Honokaa, Hawaii/ formerly
Windsor, ON)

Opening reception : Friday, October 10, 7:30 pm with artist in attendance

solo show, mixed-media

image: Scott Yoell, Sometimes it came by road, other times it came by sea, Silicone, plexiglas, plastic, 2007; courtesy of the artist

image: Scott Yoell, “A Fiction of Paradise”, india ink, acrylic, 2007; courtesy of the artist

“Abstractions of a Paradigm” takes its form in fantastical responses to a conflicted world.

Common themes include the meaningful associations between man and his unnaturalworld, concerns with infringing ideologies; as well as the global manufacturing of paradise – an imaginary force of idealized culture that is nevertheless economically and corporately driven.

Scott Yoell is an artist engaging traditional and electronic media. His recent work has been realized in drawing, sculpture, and video/sound installation. Yoell holds BFA from the University of Windsor, Canada and MFA in Imaging and Digital Arts from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA. He is currently a co-owner of Ironwood Custom Framing and Design in Kamuela Hawaii.

Yoell has also served as a Coordinator and Faculty member in the Studio Arts Department at Concordia University, Montreal and as a Visiting Instructor at the University of Nebraska, Omaha. His work has recently been exhibited at the Katherine E. Nash Gallery in Minneapolis and at The Arts at Mark’s Garage in Honolulu. Scott has also exhibited at such venues as Galerie L’Oeuvre, Quebec, The Colburn Gallery, Vermont and the Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts, Nebraska.

(Oct.17 – 18): “ANALOGUE: Pioneering video from the UK, Canada and Poland (1968–88) ”

David Askevold, My Recall of an Imprint from a Hypothetical Jungle, 1973, video. Image courtesy of Vtape.

 Lecture and video presentation and panel discussion.

A two-day lecture and video presentation of pioneering video from the UK, Canada and Poland (1968–88), presented at the Art Gallery of Windsor.

“Analogue” investigated how the versatile and politically charged medium moved from the margins to the mainstream of contemporary art. Featuring works from more than 50 artists including General Idea, Tom Sherman, Vera Frenkel, Colin Campbell and Lisa Steele.


(Nov.11 – 14):“CJAM 25th ANNIVERSARY SHOW ”

Closing reception : Friday, November 14, 7:30 pm

CJAM crew live mix at Artcite

On Nov.14, CJAM 91.5 celebrated 25 years of FM broadcasting! This was a HUGE milestone for CJAM and we’re proud of their legacy of non-commercial, non-mainstream broadcasting produced by the community—FOR the community.

To celebrate, CJAM is delving into its archives to present a comprehensive exhibition 25 years in the making!

This once-in-a-lifetime anniversary show featured interactive listening stations showcasing the great programs, programmers and achievements of our volunteer-driven organization (station IDs, PSAs, interviews with illustrious CJAM alumni, local bands, listeners and supporters, etc.) along with a huge pile of assorted archival goodies: posters, program guides, CJAM mags, promotional items (T-shirts, mugs, sweaters, stickers), photo collages of CJAM personalities, vintage CJAM broadcasting gear, pre-recorded shows on reel-to-reel recorders, ETC.!

All, of course, with a little help from our friends in the community and Artcite Inc.

Visit CJAM’s website for more info on the station!



seminar with lectures and workshops in photography

The seminar was presented by the Windsor Photo Guild, in conjunction with the “Freeman Patterson: Odysseys & Beyond”
exhibition at Artcite below.

Three days of lectures, workshops and a photographic competition, held at the St. Clair College Centre of the Arts.

Artcite is pleased to be a co-sponsor of this international event.

(Nov.16, 1:00 -5:00 pm): “FREEMAN PATTERSON: ODYSSEYS & BEYOND”

(one day only—with the artist in attendance!)

 solo exhibition, photography

One of North America’s most acclaimed master photographers, Freeman Patterson has shown his works in numerous solo and group exhibitions across Canada, the US and Europe. A long-time educator, Patterson is also the author of a number of best-selling instructional manuals and monographs, including “Photography and the Art of Seeing” (published by the Sierra Club) and “Photographing the World Around You: A Visual Design Workshop”, which share with the reader the artist’s love of his craft, excitement of discovery and commitment to the preservation of our planet.

His books include: “Namaqualand: Garden of the Gods”; “Portraits of Earth”; “Shadowlight”; “The Garden”; “Canada: A Year of the Land” (major contributor); “Between Friends/ Entre Amis” (major contributor), and many instructional books on the subject of photography and visual design. He received a master’s degree in divinity from Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University. Through the years, Mr. Patterson has received numerous awards and honours, including Gold Medals for distinguished contribution to photography from Canada’s National Association for Photographic Art and The National Film Board of Canada.

In 1985, Freeman was awarded The Order of Canada, and in 1990, he received the Progress Medal, the highest award offered by the Photographic Society of America (other recipients include Ansel Adams, Eliot Porter, and Jacques Cousteau). In 1995 he received a Fellowship in the Photographic Society of South Africa and shortly thereafter, a Fellowship in the Nature Photographic Society of New Zealand and Lifetime Achievement Award from the North American Nature Photographic Association. He is a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts (RCA), and his photographic images have been accepted into the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Canada. Mr. Patterson regularly conducts photographic workshops from his home in Shamper’s Bluff, New Brunswick, and he travels the world to photograph and teach.

A large number of the images in Freeman’s upcoming Windsor International Photographic Seminar Exhibition to be held at the Artcite Inc. gallery were shot during Freeman’s many teaching trips to South Africa and can be seen in his book, “Odysseys: Meditations and Thoughts For A Life’s Journey”. Others are a little closer to home, from his own backyard, and include images from his most recent Key Porter publication, “The Garden”.

This special exhibition is presented in conjunction with the 2nd annual Windsor International Photographic Seminar and Commissart Inc. Fine Art




Art action/commemoration

Artcite Inc participates in a day of mourning each Dec 1; this annual art vigil is honoured by members of the art community and various social service agencies. Activities/strategies undertaken to acknowledge this international day of mourning and action in response to the AIDS crisis have involved symbolic exhibition closings and the shrouding of public artwork, as well as the “blacking out” of websites in more recent years…

Declaration of loss…

Today we stand together.
Today we stand in silence.
Today we mourn the loss of painters, photographers, dancers, printers, actors, filmmakers, singers, choreographers, poets, sculptors, musicians, designers…all the artists who have died of AIDS.
Today we collectively grieve the loss of future work from recognized artists, as well as the absence of countless artists yet to be.
Today we declare our loss.

December 1 is a Day Without Art; an international day of observance which focuses attention on the profound impact of AIDS has had on artists and the world arts community.

Since 1990, each year an increasing number of galleries, theatres, artist groups and individuals have participated in a vast array of commemorative events.

Day Without Art celebrates the lives of colleagues and friends while mourning their loss in our creative communities.

World AIDS Day / Day Without Art activities/commemorations include: gallery closings; shrouding of public art; special art exhibitions; distribution of commemorative pins and handbills; candle light vigils; announcements on CJAM 91.5 fm.

Windsor’s Day Without Collective 2008:
AIDS Committee Windsor
Artcite Inc.
Arts Council – Windsor & Region
BookFest Windsor
Citizens for the Capitol Theatre
CJAM 91.5 fm
Common Ground Gallery
House of Toast Film & Video Collective
Media City International Festival of Experimental Film & Video Art
Mackenzie Hall
MJM Entertainment Productions
Odette Sculpture Park – Cultural Affairs Office
University of Windsor – Out on Campus
U of W – School of Dramatic Arts
U of W – English Language & Creative Writing
U of W – School of Visual Arts
U of W – Visual Arts Society
University Players
Walkerville Collegiate High School
Windsor’s Community Museum
Windsor Feminist Theatre
Windsor International Film Festival
Windsor Public Library
Windsor Printmakers Forum

(Dec,07 – 22): 27th Annual “DOIN’ THE LOUVRE ” Christmas FUN(d)raising exhibition

GALA RECEPTION on Friday, December 6, 7:30 pm

Opening night at DTL 2008

This annual event is not only important to Artcite as a fundraiser but is also an opportunity for many artists (some of whom have never previously shown their work) to exhibit and sell their works (paintings, drawings, prints, photographs (or a combination of these media), small scale 3-D works and artist made gift items (books, toys, cards, ‘art wear’, accessories, etc.).

As always DTL featured an immense amount of artworks (!) by over many artists from the area, and ­‑ as always, many pieces are created specifically for this special exhibit by old and new Artcite members (and many non-members); As a rule, all work is priced under $99.99!

DTL 2008 participants included: (All artists Windsor, ON & Essex county unless otherwise noted):
Mary Atkinson, Julie Bell, Joe Berube, Joanne Blackton, Daniel Joseph Bombardier, Collette Broeders, Jean Bull, Christine Burchnall, Michael Califano, Tena Campbell, Elaine Carr, Jana Carrington, Dean Carson, Steven Leyden Cochane, Enola Cola, Steph Copeland, Parvati Dadwal, Rashmi Dadwal, Viva Dadwal, Joe DeAngelis, Jason Deary, Judy Depassio, Olga Dermendji, Michelle Dobrin, Rebecca Draisey, Deborah Dunlop, Susan Duxter, Sita Eitany, Jennifer Escott, Marge Ferraro, Amy Friend, Marika Gale, Gloria Gellner, Susan Gold, Laura Gould, Jodi Green, Scott Gregory, Carole Harris (Birmingham, MI), Kristin Hartford, Marty Hunt, Ed Janzen, Suzanne Konyha, Laszlo Klausnitz, Karen Anne Klein (Ferndale, MI), Helena Krolak, Renee Helling-Laur, Leeanna Laliberte, Debbie Noble-Leontowicz, Rachel Loscher, Cyndra Macdowell, Trevor Malcolm, Lori Market, Jeanette N. Marshall, Evelyn McLean, Mary Chris McNamara, Bob Monks, Glenn Moore, Tony Mosna, Napoleon, Helen Normandeau, Sasha Opeiko, Katie Pare, James Patten, Taylor Pilote, Vincent Romao, Chad Riley, Mayas Abdul Sattar, Julianna Schewe, A.G. Smith, Neda Laketic-Soc, Pat St. Louis, Patrick Stevens, Kathy Stanczak, Sofie Stoyshin, Samantha Therrien, Thick & Heavy Art Front (and Back), Sharon Wellington, Nicolette Westfall, Sandi Wheaton, and Holly Wolter .