featuring works by: Jennii Booth (Windsor,ON);Christopher Durocher (Windsor, ON);
Toni Latour (Vancouver,BC); Shelly Low (Montreal, QC); Zeke Moores (Toronto/Windsor,ON);
Emily Muir (Toronto, ON); Troy Ouellette (London/Windsor,ON); and Kristen R. Poisson (Windsor, ON)

Group show, various media

image: Toni Latour “The Race” (Office Work), video still, 2005

Closing Reception / Opening Ceremonies for the 7th Annual Windsor Labour Arts Festival on Friday, January 27, 7:00 pm; guest readings by Eugene McNamara, Brian McNamara, and Nicolette Westfall and musical performance by Kenneth MacLeod.

“Make Visible / Invisible Work”, is a group exhibition dedicated to all of those who toil unseen. It examines unseen tedious tasks of the worker and the artist. “Make Visible / Invisible Work” features “The Race”, a new three-channel video installation by Vancouver artist Toni Latour. In this work, Latour responds to Pierre Beaudoin’s remark that as artists “We mark time, tread water, run on the spot”. In each of the three videos, Latour: runs on the spot as ‘officially’ dressed runners pass her on the sea wall in Vancouver; treads water amongst swimmers doing laps in a pool; and performs the ‘unglamorous’ tasks involved with being an artist: filling out grant applications and exhibition proposals (all while seated amongst ‘productive’ office workers).

“Make Visible / Invisible Work” is presented by Artcite Inc. in conjunction with the 2006 Windsor Labour Arts Festival.

Visit here for more festival info and list of events.

(Jan.14): “ART’S 1,000,043 rd BIRTHDAY”

Multi-media performance/music/action/celebration/ fund-raiser/binge










“Art’s Birthday” has become an annual celebration/event for the Windsor arts community, presented with a nod to French fluxus artist Robert Filliou (who first commemorated art’s 1,000,000 birthday on January 17, 1963). In 2006, “Art’s 1,000, 043 Birthday” will be marked by a gala celebration at Phog Lounge, 157 University Ave. W. (a neighbourhood, super art-friendly bar). Organized annually by Artcite Inc, “Art’s Birthday” is truly a community-based celebration of the arts, and is presented in cooperation with other organizations in the community such as the Arts Council Windsor & Region, CJAM 91.5 fm, and Common Ground Gallery. In 2006, performances will included a number of live musical performances and DJ sets (details TBA). Previous Arts Birthday performances have included local contortionist Evann Frisque and music by Six Guys Named Joe, who performed a tribute to the late Joe Strummer and the Clash, Teach Yourself Piano, members of Windsor’s Sexecutives goofball DJ collective, among many others. Event proceeds benefited the Windsor arts community.


  (Mar.11 – Apr.08): “THE MOON IN MY MOUTH” by Diane Borsato (Toronto, ON) 

Opening reception on Saturday, Mar.11, 7:30 pm; artist in attendance Monday, March 13, noon: artist lecture at the School of Visual Arts (see below)

Solo exhibition, photography and text works

image: Diane Borsato “Artifacts in my Mouth” (detail), archival inkjet print, 2003

“THE MOON IN MY MOUTH” is a series of twenty-two photograph and text works documenting five years of Borsato’s private performances, eccentric experiments, and discreet public interventions. Borsato’s projects are part of the growing contemporary pratice which deny the entertainment factor of performance and instead is manifested in various mediated
forms such as publications, photography, writing, and performative artist lectures. Borsato’s previous performative works include “Sleeping with Cake” and “Artifacts in my Mouth”.

The public is invited to meet and speak with the artist during the exhibition opening reception on Saturday, March 11, 7:30 pm.

Monday, March 13, noon: Diane Borsato will present a slide lecture at the School of Visual Arts, University of Windsor, Room 115 (southwest corner of Huron Church Rd. & College Ave.)
Hosted by the School of Visual Arts, University of Windsor in collaboration with Artcite Inc.

Both events are free and open to the public.


Wed., Apr.05, 7 pm at the Art Gallery of Windsor (AGW) CAROLEE SCHNEEMANN LECTURE

Artist lecture

image: Carolee Schneemann

Thirty years before the Vagina Monologues and Sex in the City, Carolee Schneemann’s performances shocked jaded New Yorkers with their embrace of women’s sexuality. The Art Gallery of Windsor and the University of Windsor’s School of Visual Arts are pleased to present a discussion with Carolee on Wednesday, April 5, 2006 at 7 pm, organized as part of the VITA Lecture series.

A pioneer of performance art in the 1960s, Schneemann’s performances, film, and writings on art have exerted international influence. Her taboo-breaking work of the 1960s and 1970s — most famously performances such as Meat Joy (1964), Fuses (1965) and Interior Scroll (1976) — were touchstones for the politically-charged feminist art of the 70s and 80s. “Carolee Schneemann is one of the most important performance artists of our time,” said James Patten, the AGW’s Curator of Contemporary Art. “Schneemann’s groundbreaking performances of the 1960s opened the door for women in the visual arts. She continues to challenge us on a range of issues dealing with gender and discrimination.”

Schneemann’s importance to the history of both performance and feminist art has been widely documented, both in print and in exhibition. In 1996, she was the subject of a retrospective exhibition at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York. Other recent solo exhibitions include shows at the Frauen Museum in Bonn, Germany, the P.S.1 Museum in New York City, and at Syracuse University, New York.

Women’s bodies are a recurring theme in Schneemann’s art practice. Blood is used as a feminine symbol of power and beauty instead of a symbol of violence. Her performances refer to bodily rhythms and desires, whether she writhes around naked with raw meat or pulls a scroll stained with menstrual blood from her vagina. Schneemann evocative works challenge the taboos associated with the female body.


The VITA Lecture Series is a collaborative project, organized annually and funded in part by the Art Gallery of Windsor, Artcite Inc., Common Ground Gallery, the House of Toast Film and Video Collective, the Windsor Feminist Theatre, the Windsor Printmakers Forum, and the University of Windsor’s School of Visual Arts, with additional funding support from the Canada Council’s Project Assistance to Visual Arts and Crafts Organizations program.

For additional information, contact James Patten, Curator of Contemporary Art at the AGW, (519) 977-0013 ext 125.


 (Apr.13 – May 13): “ARChives” coordinated by Craig Leonard (Kingston, ON)

 Opening reception: Thursday, Apr.13, 7:30 pm with Craig Leonard in attendance

 mixed media installation and performance

image credit: Craig Leonard

In celebration of Arcite Inc.’s 24th anniversary, Artcite’s programming committee has been invited to participate in the “ARChives” project, a curated exhibition focusing on “forgotten histories” within the archives of artist-run centres in Ontario. “ARChives” will be presented in Artcite’s gallery space as a multi-component exhibition and will re-visit Artcite’s rich history with a display of our archives and ephemera since our inception in 1982.

Additional components to the “ARChives” exhibition includes a presentation of a video montage from the anti-censorship action “Six Days of Resistance” in 1985 with video artist excerpts by Elizabeth Chitty, Jane Northey, Lisa Steele, Kim Tomczak, Dimitrije Martinovic & Christian Morrison, Geoffrey Shea, John Greyson, Marusay Bociurkiw & Ruth Bishop, Andrew Patterson, Gary Kibbins, John Watt, Randy & Berenicci, Vera Frenkel, Richard Fung, Clive Robertson, Ian Murray, Rodney Werden, and Jorge Lozano; a pseudo-book shop installation highlighting “INDEX”, a published bookwork
indexing ALL artists exhibited in artist-run centres in Ontario since 1971; and copies of Artcite Inc.’s previously published
catalogues, bookworks, artist multiples and ephemera will be on view and some available for sale to the public.

Supported by the Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre (Kingston, ON) and the OAC Touring & Collaborations Grant.


 (May.19 – Jun.17): “STILL” by Robyn Moody (Halifax, NS)

Opening reception: Friday, May 19, 7:30 pm with the artist in attendance

Solo exhibition. Mixed-media installation.

image credit: Robyn Moody

Artcite Inc., Windsor’s Artist-Run Centre for the Contemporary Arts, is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Halifax, Nova
Scotia artist Robyn Moody.

In an installation more reminiscent of a Rube Goldberg contraption or a mad scientist’s project, Moody uses an assortment of towering, water-filled columns, funnels, PVC tubing, catch-basins, tea kettles, live fish and audio to create a water regeneration ecosystem. In “Still”, Moody explores issues of supply and demand of limited resources to expose complacent
trust placed in technology to reverse environmental degradation.

“With a rising awareness of the delicate balance of the environment — but with a reluctance on the part of some governments and industry to respect this balance — “Still” becomes like a giant iron lung; a survival tool for the six goldfish
dependent on the clean water that this mechanized construction produces.” — Robyn Moody

The CEA initiated “Smogfest”, a month-long program of events intended to raise awareness of Windsor’s poor air quality (Environment Canada has designated Windsor as “the smog capital of Canada” countless times) and larger environmental issues. “Smogfest” events include film screenings, public forums, art exhibitions, artist lectures and workshops, parades and demonstrations.

Visit the CEA website for more info on the “Smogfest”.


(Jun.24 – Jul.22): “Discombobulation” by Kevin Friedrich (Winnipeg, MB) & “Somewhere on time 04” by Gabriel Jones (New York / Valleyfield, QC)

Two-person exhibition. Painting + Photography.

image credit: Kevin Friedrich

Kevin Friedrich explores folk art, classical painting, and “Canadian prairie identity” in his paintings which employ “personal metaphors” such as tractors, tilling machines and farm animals. Using fabricated folklore and mythology combined with elements of classical and pop art, Friedrich reinvents everyday prairie life.

The photographic series “Somewhere on time 04” by Gabriel Jones is a crossover of documentary and the surreal, depicting human and animal subjects in their environs in the deep American south.



    Sat., Sept.09, 9 am – 4 pm.
           Fundraising Event

* Join us for our MASSIVE indoor yard sale in Artcite’s gallery space on Saturday, September 9, 9 am – 4 pm. We’re emptying our basement, cupboards, nooks & crannies and offering up all the goodies for a ONE DAY ONLY SALE benefiting
Artcite’s programming and operations (and our upcoming “25th anniversary” events and exhibitions).

* To make this a truly successful fun(d)raiser, we NEED your STUFF! We’re looking for additional, good-quality, saleable items to be donated to Artcite Inc., i.e., easily transportable furniture (no sofa beds), household items, jewelry, inexpensive
art (your own or someone else’s), posters, books, vintage/designer clothing, picture frames and/or anything else that someone will give us cool cashola for. If you are unsure of the item’s eligibility, give us a call.

Donations may be dropped off to Artcite from Wed, Sept 6 to Fri., Sept.08, noon – 6 pm (if these times don’t work for you, we’ll try to accommodate another time). Donations valued over $25 will be provided a tax receipt.

Interested in helping out? We need lots of people to price, arrange, and sell items the day of the sale. Refreshments provided. Please drop us a line or call 519-977-6564 to confirm your assistance.

We’re looking forward to your participation — and many thanks for your assistance!


(Sept.15 – 29):”FALL IN: An exhibition of new and recent works by the University of Windsor School of Visual Arts MFA candidates and new graduates”

Reception on Friday, September 22, 7:30 pm with participating artists in attendance

Group show, various media

image credits (details) l – r: Susan Blight; Myles Ross Bartlett & Sarah Adele Thorpe; Ryan Clark

Each year, the “new crop” (and the newly graduated) of the University of Windsor’s School of Visual Arts MFA candidates hone their skills to produce intriguing, insightful and challenging art focusing on a multitude of contemporary issues and themes. “Fall In” showcases provocative new works (in a variety of media including drawing, painting, photography, film, video, sound, installation, printmaking, performance and mixed-media) exploring human consumption and waste production, memory, death, desire and obsession…

“Fall In” artists include: Myles Ross Bartlett & Sarah Adele Thorpe, Susan Blight, Ryan Clark, Amy Friend, Mahla
Ghasempour, Adam Glover, Troy Ouellette, Juliana Schewe, and Julie Tucker.


(Sat., Sept.30, 7:30pm – 11:00pm):”FAHRENHEIT FESTIVAL OF FIRE SCULPTURE”


ArtciteInc. / Control.Burn Collective / CJAM 91.5 fm
are pleased to present the 5th Annual FAHRENHEIT Festival of Fire!


Oct.11, 7:00 pm at the Art Gallery of Windsor:  “WHO IS BOZO TEXINO?” by Bill Daniel (USA)

Presented by Artcite Inc. / House of Toast Film & Video Collective / Art Gallery of Windsor

Screening at the Art Gallery of Windsor (Betty Wilkinson Room), 401 Riverside Dr. W., Windsor.
Suggested donation: $3

Screening, 55 min. black and white, experimental/documentary with the artist in attendance

image credit: Bill Daniel

“Who is Bozo Texino?” is a film on the 100-year-old tradition of hobo and rail worker graffiti. The project is the result of a 20-year study of “monikers” and is fabricated from hours of 16mm and super 8 film; most of it shot on freight trips across the western US. The film includes interviews with some of the railroad’s greatest graffiti legends: Colossus of Roads, The Rambler, Herby (RIP) and the granddaddy of them all, Bozo Texino. The film also catches some of the socioeconomic history of hobo subculture from its roots after the Civil War to the present day. Included are interviews with tramps that Daniel encountered in his travels. The range of the interviews and the film’s style address both the cliche and the harsh realities of tramp life. In researching hobo culture Daniel found the written histories fraught with myth, and was initially frustrated by the apparent lack of verifiable truth too much of the lore.


(Oct.13 – Nov.11): “HOUSE OF WONG: A DIVISION OF GOLD MOUNTAIN RESTAURANT” by Karen Tam (Montréal, QC)

Opening reception on Fri., Oct.13, 7:30 pm; artist in attendance

solo show, mixed media interactive installation

2006_artcite_karen_tam2 tam2
image: courtesy of Karen Tam

Karen Tam investigates perceptions of identity within Western and Chinese cultures using clichéd visual
signifiers of Chinese restaurants such as the types of food, names of dishes, cooking methods, business names, restaurant
décor and menus, etc. Tam, a first generation Chinese-Canadian, is interested in the history of the Chinese restaurant in Western culture and the immigrant experience that has shaped the lives of restaurateurs. Utilizing her research of local Chinese eateries in Windsor, Tam will work in collaboration with restaurant owners and workers to create an installation incorporating the history of the restaurants to address and answer poignant questions about race, history, cultural traditions, and assimilation.
Click here for more information.


Oct.14, 10:00 am – 4:30 pm at the Art Gallery of Windsor: “STAYING ALIVE! – A HEALTH & SAFETY WORKSHOP FOR VISUAL AND MEDIA ARTISTS”

Safety workshop for artists

CARFAC Ontario, in association with Artcite Inc and the Art Gallery of Windsor, is pleased to present “Staying Alive! – A Health & Safety Workshop for Visual and Media Artists”. The workshop will take place on October 14, 2006 at the Art Gallery of Windsor, 401 Riverside Drive W. (Board Rm), Windsor, Ontario. “Staying Alive!” will also be presented in several cities throughout Ontario between October 2006 and March 2007.

Many visual artists repeatedly expose themselves to toxic and potentially harmful chemicals and situations in order to produce their artwork and make a living. What are the consequences of repeated exposure to these toxic chemicals and
what can be done to create a healthier working environment? These issues will be addressed by Ted Rickard, MLS, MEd, CRSP, Manager of Health and Safety at the Ontario College of Art and Design; and Dr. Jean-Jacques Dugoua, BSc, ND., naturopathic doctor with the Artist’s Health Centre. These expert presenters will be able to provide information specifically targeted to the needs of visual artists.

The “Staying Alive!” workshops, made possible by a grant from The Ontario Trillium Foundation, are presented in partnership with the Artist’s Health Centre Foundation and Environmental Defence.

Please contact Greg Manuel, Health and Safety Project Coordinator at gm@carfacontario.ca or call (416) 340-8850 or 1 (877) 890 8850.

Click here to register online registration and for further information


Sat., Nov.04, 2:00 – 4:00 pm, Art Gallery of Windsor, Studio (second floor), 401 Riverside Dr. W.
Harvey Pekar & Joyce Brabner (Cleveland, OH)

Hosted by Artcite Inc. in partnership with Bookfest Windsor

FREE — Limited Seating — some seating will be reserved for Artcite Inc., VITA and BookFestWindsor members and participants.

*Phoebe Gloeckner was originally suppose to participate in “Picture Pages” but will unfortunately not be able due to a family illness.

Lectures, discussion and book signing

2006_pekar_splendor pekar








images (l – r): Best of American Splendor, published by Ballantine Books; photo of Harvey Pekar

Harvey Pekar is best known for his autobiographical slice-of-life comic book series American Splendor, a first-person account of Pekar’s downtrodden life. The series has been published on an approximately annual basis since 1976. Pekar self-published the series until the early 1990s, when Dark Horse took over publication. In 1987, Pekar was honored with the American Book Award for the series. Dark Horse celebrated the 25th anniversary of American Splendor in 2001 with a special issue. American Splendor is illustrated by high-profile artists such as Robert Crumb, Frank Stack and Joe Sacco. The comic strip’s international appeal was also made evident through Pekar’s collaboration with comic book illustrator Colin Warneford of Gateshead, England for the aptly-titled issue American Splendour: Transatlantic Comics. Pekar began his writing career as a prolific music and book critic. His reviews have been published in The Boston Herald, The Austin Chronicle, Jazz Times, Urban Dialect (a paper native to Cleveland), and Down Beat Magazine, among many other journals. His critiques are available on the Internet at numerous websites and dispersed amongst personal homepages from his devoted fans. Pekar also collaborated with his wife, Joyce Brabner, on a book-length autobio comic Our Cancer Year (Four Walls Eight Windows).

Joyce Brabner (born 1952) is a writer of political comics and sometimes collaborator with her husband Harvey Pekar.
As Pekar’s third wife, she has appeared as a character in many of his American Splendor stories. In addition to Pekar and American Splendor, Brabner has worked with many of independent comics’ highest-profile writers and artists. She edited Eclipse’s Real War Stories, which brought Mike W. Barr, Steve Bissette, Brian Bolland, Rebecca Huntington, Paul Mavrides, Dean Motter, Denny O’Neil and John Totleben (among others) together on behalf of the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors. Her work on Brought to Light with Alan Moore and Bill Sienkiewicz brought
critical praise from both the artistic and activist communities. In 1994, Pekar and Brabner collaborated with artist Frank Stack on the Harvey Award-winning graphic novel, Our Cancer Year. Our Cancer Year takes readers through Pekar’s struggles with lymphoma, as well as serving as a social commentary on events of that year.

Joyce Brabner and Harvey Pekar are presented by the VITA (Visitors in the Arts) Lecture Series, a collaborative project organized annually and funded in part by the AGW, Artcite Inc., Common Ground Gallery, the House of Toast Film & Video Collective, the Windsor Feminist Theatre, the Windsor Printmakers Forum, and the University of Windsor’s School of Visual Arts, with additional funding support from the Canada Council’s “Project Assistance to Visual Arts and Crafts Organizations” program.


(Dec.08 – 23): 25th Annual “DOIN’ THE LOUVRE ” Christmas FUN(d)raising exhibition

GALA RECEPTION on Friday, December 8, 7:30 pm

Artcite’s 25th annual holiday show and sale







This annual event is not only important to Artcite as a fundraiser but is also an opportunity for many artists (some of
whom have never previously shown their work) to exhibit and sell their works (paintings, drawings, prints, photographs (or a combination of these media), small scale 3-D works and artist made gift items (books, toys, cards, ‘art wear’, accessories, etc.). It features an immense amount of artworks (!) by over many artists from the area, and-as always, many pieces are created specifically for this special exhibit by old and new Artcite members (and many non-members); as a rule, all work is priced under $99.99!