(Jan.07 -­ Jan.31) “Making Time” : Various Participants, labouring at project mechanisms devised by Jeff Bezaire | Susan Gold | Josie Hazen | Suzanne Konyha | Margaret Lawrence | Oona Mosna | Tony Mosna | Jason Raven | Andrea Slavik | A.G. Smith

Closing Reception: Friday, Jan. 31 @ 7:30pm!


Organized in cooperation with the University of Windsor, Labour Studies Program, as part of the Fourth Annual Windsor Labour Arts Festival

Labour and Time has been chosen as the theme of the 2003 Fourth Annual Windsor Labour Arts Festival, sponsored by the University Labour Studies Programme and the Labour Community. We invited artists, students, and workers from the community to come into Artcite and make art addressing the issues of Time and Labour. This open studio project, “Making Time” began on January 07, 2003 and will conclude with an opening reception for the Labour Arts Festival on Friday, January 31.

Visual artists, writers, and performance artists along with others were invited to participate in the projects listed below! Fees will be paid to all artists participating based on time “clocked- in.

Please note that workers are required to wear “a special limited edition ‘Uniform’ t-shirt”  while on site!


TIME LINE (Susan Gold) – A roll of paper was pinned to the wall with a pre-drawn line; people were invited to contribute with events from the history of labour and art in Windsor with text and images.

SIMULATED AUTO ASSEMBLY LINE (Jeff Bezaire) – An assembly line situation was set up to create toy cars.

PRINTING PRESS PROJECT (Josie Hazen) – a labour print was created; Hazen was available to help people to create their own version of the print with the modules available. The completed prints covered the wall behind the press.

HANDWORK PRODUCTION WITH INDIGENOUS MATERIALS (Margaret Lawrence) – Margaret made several sleeping mats in the gallery with material gathered from backyards in Windsor. People were invited to join her in this work.

FOOD ASSEMBLY PROJECT (Suzanne Konyha) Assembly line food making was organized each Saturday.

PERFORMANCE POETS WRITING TABLE – A table was opened up to Windsor’s literary community, with a new ‘writer-in-residence- each day; what was written will be read at the closing reception.

CHESS GAME MARATHON (Oona Mosna) – Oona Mosna and Jackie Fitzgerald completed a 24 hour Chess Marathon in the gallery space.

COLLAGE PROJECT (jason raven)- A labour intensive collage project was set up on one wall of the gallery. A table and materials was made available for those who wished to collaborate. The artist was in the gallery to work on the collage on several occasions.

DIEGO RIVERA MURAL PROJECT (Susan Gold) – A section of the Rivera Mural at the DIA was divided into small squares. People were invited to reproduce their square and contribute to the re-creation of the Mural.

ART TECH PROJECT (Tony Mosna) – Tony set up a situation where local art techs and art tech whanna-bees could come in and help construct some items that are needed by Artcite.




(Feb. 11 – Mar. 08) MEDIA CITY 09 Installations:

Robert Hamilton : Demolition Derby
Paulette Phillips : Floating House
Tanya Read : Mr. Nobody Vignettes
Mika Taanila : A Physical Ring

Opening Reception ( Wednesday  Feb 12, 6:00 ­- 7:45pm )

> Mika Taanila appears through the sponsorship of AV-Arkki, Helsinki.


(Mar. 14 -­ Apr. 12): “DWELL UPON” by EDWARD PRATT FOLEY (Hamtramck, MI/USA)

“HEART-LAND” by Claire Falkenberg (Claremont, ON, currently Brooklyn, NY/USA)

Opening Reception: Friday, Mar. 14 @ 7:30pm!

 Two-person exhibition. Photography + audio.

Edward Pratt Foley and Claire Falkenberg generate bodies of artwork that respond to the landscape and social structures which exist in their distinct geographical regions.

For Foley, growing up in and around the Great Lakes region has creatively connected him to these bodies of water. Using photography, video and sound sampling, he reinvents and examines this specific landscape by documenting time-based events that occur in nature i.e., the movement of stars, wind and the tide. Falkenberg presents a series of altered landscape photographs whose surfaces have been complicated by being defaced, painted, scratched, and collaged onto. Falkenberg’s source photographs are, at first viewing, seemingly non-descript landscapes, but actually depict literally and conceptually “hot” areas immediately surrounding the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. Falkenberg generates photographs of “in-between places, neglected suburban pockets that are rarely more than a blur through the windshield.”


 (Apr. 17 -­ May. 17): “THINKING BALLOON” by MiyukI Shinkai (Vancouver, BC)



“PARKSIDE BOUNCE” by Jan Noestheden (Cambridge, ON)

 Two-person exhibition. Mixed media.

Humorous and colourful works bridge the gap between the work of Miyuki Shinkai and Jan Noestheden.

Featuring exactly one hundred balloon-shaped glassworks filled with thoughts from very different people, as well as one hundred cartoon portraits of people and animals drawn on rice paper, Shinkai’s work presents an imaginative treatise on the activity of “thinking”. Noestheden’s vector-based digital collages are an emblematic display of fragments filled with symbolic and iconic meaning, created from images culled from society’s communal image bank; for his Windsor showing, Noestheden will display 18 playful & surreal works printed on PVC.


 (May. 23 -­ Jun. 21) “DE-VICED” by Steven Haigh (Windsor, ON / formerly San Jose, CA)

 Solo exhibition. Painting + interactive technology.

Steven Haigh will create an interactive environment that envelops the audience within a series of life-sized, figurative oil paintings. Embedding electronic devices that are controlled via the internet (and function in relation to a website) into his otherwise static figure paintings, Haigh challenges one of the key facets of the “painterly tradition”: the artist makes use of the “expressionistically sincere” practice of painting with its static, unchanging qualities and forcefully amalgamates it with the more dynamic and impersonal structures of tech media.


 (Jun. 27 ­- Jul. 26) “Everything Begins and Ends at the Perfect Time” by BRIAN JOSEPH DAVIS (Toronto, ON)

 Solo exhibition. Photography + video installation.

Many things go wrong in Brian Joseph Davis’ photos and short films: group encounter sessions take a turn towards the primitive; high school proms become sites of sectarian violence, a suburban house falls to pieces around its occupants. “Everything Begins and Ends at the Perfect Time” looks to the structures and clichés of suspense and horror to study how a story can go “wrong” and point to corrupt pedagogical narratives lurking in all aspects of society. This conflation of sublime horror with familiar, popular forms exposes the suppressed tensions ­ sexual, class and cultural ­ that are foundations of our collective social code.


Gallery closed in August: renovations, etc


 (Sep. 05 ­- Oct 04) “Reflections”by YEQIANG WANG (Windsor, ON / formerly Peoples’ Republic of China)

Solo exhibition. Painting.

Originally from Beijing, where he was trained in the state-approved, academic school of painting, Yeqiang made the long trek to Canada (both physically and psychically) to attend the Graduate Program of the University of Windsor’s School of Visual Arts. In the short time since Yeqiang Wang has lived here, he has developed a unique pictorial style that combines an exquisite, traditional painting technique with an outsider’s view of an often incomprehensible new world. As a diaspora (as he names himself), Wang depicts a fragmented impression of the new culture he was suddenly immersed in, and “slams it against the closed cultural circle” of his traditional Chinese background. With a particular fascination with reflective surfaces-windows, doors, mirrors, blinds and glass (which the artist wishes to function as “portals of perception”) Yeqiang creates site-specific, hyper-realistic paintings that merge with and mimic the physical spaces they occupy, deviating only slightly from reality by being given an “Oriental flare”.


(Oct.10 -­ Nov. 08) “Shadow Play” by Sharon Switzer (Toronto, ON)








Solo exhibition. Multi-media installation.

Sharon Switzer examines new media from within a historical context, revisiting old photographs and artifacts and forcing them through a deceptively naive “technological funnel”. Creating toy-like motion-picture devices (modeled on quaint, 19th century optical gizmos), Switzer projects ghostly images and animates the quirky gestures of paper dolls. Her nostalgic approach to these “sculptural moving image devices” creates a cunning display: almost everything in “Shadow Play” revolves and spins, clicks and whirs, so that the gallery comes alive with quiet, whispery movement.


(Nov.14 – 29) “ARTSEEN 11” An Annual Showcase of New and Experimental Art



















An open, unjuried off-site exhibition.

“Artseeen” is Artcite’s annual, unjuried off-site exhibition of new and experimental art for Windsor/Detroit area artists. Since its inception, “Artseen” has provided a variety of different sites to artists who are interested in installing their work in non-traditional settings. Past “Artseen” locations have included a disused warehouse and box factory; a vacant post office and government building; a 1930s-era office building, a former turn-of-the century dairy, and the former Windsor police headquarters. Many of the works in “Artseen” are site-specific, process works and develop over the duraction of the shows. “Artseen” is open to the public for extended hours throughout the exhivition run. Media coverage and public attendance for this event, as always, promises to be extensive, providing an opportunity for the arts community to interact with a large, general public in the context of an unusual setting.

“Artseen’s” 11th edition was staged at Windsor’s new Canada South Science City, a renovated elementary school in downtown Windsor with interactive science exhibits, workshops and tours for children. The combination of finished spaces–including Science City displays, and unchanged hallways, classrooms and cubbyholes–lent itself well to the diversity of site-specific installation works featured in this show and provided many artists with the inspiration to create projects based on the interaction of the arts and sciences.

Over 50 Windsor/Detroit area artists participated in “Artseen 11”: Jason Amlin, Andrew Awad, Sohail Azad, Alana Bartol, Leesa Bringas, Christine Burchnall, Michael Califano, Teena Campbell, Dean Carson, Carl Clark, Rebecca Curran, John Deck, Jonathan Dy, the E.I.E.I.O. Institute (Christine Burchnall, Christopher McNamara & Jeremy Rigsby), Farrah Fontaine, Evann Frisque, Adrian Fuerth, Kristen Gallerneaux, Susan Gold, Steven Haigh, Jeffrey Hasulo, Richard Hogan, Renee Hunter, Ed Janzen, Marianne Jeney, Melanie Jones, Kero, Laszlo Klausnitz, Suzanne Konyha & Steve Daigle, Amy Martin, Samantha Linn, Devon Mordell, Gus Morin, Stephen Mueller, Jan Noestheden (aka rev punky), Victor North, Potter-Bellmar Labs (Leslie Raymond and Jason Jay Stevens), June Pak, Kelly
Reyes, Nadia Schwartzentruber, Gligor Stefanov, Wayne Tousignant, Yeqiang Wang, Terrence Whalen, and others Also featured opening night: Satan McNuggit Recycled Cinema Film & Video Road Show (co-sponsored by Windsor’s House of Toast Film & Video Collective; see also “Past Events”).


 (Dec.05 ­- Dec.23): “DOIN’ THE LOUVRE” XMAS Fundraising Exhibition


 Unjuried group exhibition, annual member show and sale; multimedia.

Artcite’s 22nd annual members’ Christmas fundraising show and sale. “Doin’ the Louvre” 2003 featured 360 works by 60 area artists in this popular, community-based event. This annual event is not only important to Artcite as a fund-raiser but is also an opportunity for many new artists (some of whom have never previously shown) to exhibit and sell their works. Since its inception in 1982, “Doin’ the Louvre” has featured thousands of artworks by many of the area’s most prolific and popular artists, with all work priced under $99.99. A fun, community-based event for the gallery, participating artists and the general public.