(Jan.04 – Feb.02) “TUNNEL” by RHONDA WEPPLER (Vancouver, BC) and “I want to know who you’d be in the best of all possible worlds” by MICHAEL CAMPBELL (Lethbridge, AB)

Two-person exhibition. Sculpture and video.

Rhonda Weppler and Michael Campbell are both sculptors interested in dissecting the processes of making, focusing their attention away from the finalized perfected object and instead allowing what is hidden in the fabrication process to unravel itself before the viewer.

Weppler’s work focuses on the fragility of surfaces, working with veneered “skins” of furniture to create sculptures that twist, mutate and sag over time. These seemingly flimsy constructions are actually painstakingly constructed, and speak of tragedy and loss in relation to the domestic. Campbell, in turn, creates small theatrical domestic tableaus displayed in a state of stalled construction ( in this case, a half-scale model of a shabby 1950s furnished room). Incorporating video loops projected into these room fragments, his works generate a tension between utopian faith and fabricated absurdity.

click here to see more info on Rhonda Weppler’s work


 (Feb.04 – ­08)  “THE LABOURING BODY” featuring: Karl Beveridge (Toronto); Carole Conde (Toronto); Maria Huptfield (Parry Sound, ON); Claude Latour; Margaret Lawrence (Windsor); Don Monet (Ottawa); Julie Sando (Windsor); A.G. Smith (Windsor); Rod Strickland (Windsor); Yeqiang Wang (Windsor); Joseph Wolkosky (Windsor).

Group show, curated. Various media.

Collaborators: The University of Windsor’s Annual Labour Festival Committee, A.G. Smith & Susan Gold (Curators of Exhibition)

Following our very successful facilitation and presentation of the June 2000 “Artists Protest the OAS” exhibition at Artcite, the gallery was invited to work in collaboration with The University of Windsor’s Annual Labour Festival Committee to act as one of the hosting organizations for this festival centering on issues of labour and art production. Born of the notion that art and freedom of expression are two of the casualties of global economics, this project aims to examine the unique role of art and its potential as a tool of education and resistance.

The theme for this year’s festival is “The Labouring Body”. Festival activities will include film screenings, readings, performance and visual arts. The visual component to the festival will occur solely in Artcite’s exhibition space.

(Feb. 12 -­ Mar.09)  MEDIA CITY 8 INSTALLATIONS:

In Artcite Inc. (109 University Ave. West, next to the Capitol Theatre): Adriana Arenas Ilian (USA/ Colombia) presents “The Precious Stone and Gold Factory”, Siree van der Velde (Netherlands) presents a selection of recent works, and the Icelandic Love Corporation (Iceland) presents “Magic”. These multi-media installations fill the space with video projections, LCD monitors, karaoke songs, mirrors, drawings, disco lights, photgraphs, tiny plastic chairs, televisions and something that blinks. Opening reception at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, February 13th. Catered. Artists in attendance. Exhibtion continues until March 9. Adriana Arenas Ilian appears at Artcite and Media City through the sponsorship of the VITA program organized by the University of Windsor and lectures about her work at the Art Gallery of Windsor on Tuesday, February 12 at 7:30 p.m. Siree van der Velde appears in co-operation with the “Video Ground Zero” series organized by V Tape (Toronto) and through the sponsorship of the Consulate General of the Netherlands (Toronto). Members of the Iclelandic Love Corporation visit Media City through the sponsorship of The Icelandic Ministry of Culture, Science and Education.



Two-person exhibition. Painting and sculptural works.

The paintings of Kristina Kudryk and the non-traditionally handmade quilts of Joanna Rogers both address notions of traditional women’s crafts and the construction of female identity. While Kudryk does this in an subtle & abstract manner working with floral designs over painted modernist surfaces, Rogers uses the traditional craft of quilting but throws in the contemporary spin of unorthodox materials, such as bubble wrap and photo transfers.

The two artists will share Artcite’s divided gallery space during International Women’s Month, creating a dialogue between their works and allowing visitors the opportunity to make thematic connections between the exhibitions.


(Apr.19 ­- May 18) Opening Reception ( Friday Apr 19, 7:30pm )


Solo exhibition. Drawing.

Quebec artist Daniel Erban creates large drawings that in his own words, “scratch at the viewer’s retina and bleed into their conscience”. For the past thirty years, the artist has been obsessed with violence and violent gesture, repetitively exploring society’s dark impulses through the production
of hundreds of loosely figurative near-profane images. Unapologetically provocative, Erban sees the role of the artist as “disturbers of social and cultural peace”. For this exhibit, Erban will take advantage of Artcite’s spacious walls, displaying a large volume of works in the gallery space.

Click to see Erban’s Media Release

* EXTRAS! Erban will also present a collection of his drawings in the upcoming 2nd edition of “SCAN” (a local arts publication put out by Common Ground Editions) to accompany & enrich his exhibition at Artcite Inc.


(May.24 – ­Jun.22) “20 EXTERNAL v1.0”, featuring: Sylvie Bélanger (representing 1985, Toronto + Windsor)| Susan Detwiler (representing 1999, Moffatt, ON) | Sadko Hadzihasanovic (representing 1998, Etobicoke, ON) | David Hylnsky (representing 1982, Toronto) | Christopher McNamara(representing 1994, Windsor)| Ed Pien (representing 1997, Toronto + Germany)| Daniela Sneppova (representing 1992, London, ON + Prague) | Rod Strickland (representing 1984, Windsor) | Robert Wiens (representing 1986, Picton, ON)








Reception ( Friday May 31, 7:30pm )

Click here to view the Media Release

Group exhibition. 20th Anniversary Historical Retrospective, Part 1.. the first of a special two-part exhibition series to call attention to our 20th Anniversary year (as an organization, Artcite opened its doors in 1982!). Various Media.

A two-part group exhibit will be presented featuring the work of up to twenty past solo or two-person exhibition artists, revisiting (where possible) one artist per year from the past twenty years of programming! Presented in two consecutive parts, each will feature ten artists grouped within a non-chronological cluster according to the themes of their work!

images : (TL)
Susan Detwiler, “Black Plot” / (TR) Ed Pien, “Family of Cannibals” / (ML) Robert Wiens, “Hands” / (MR) Rod Strickland, “Disturbance” / (BL) David Hylnsky, “Baby Hippo at Wilderness Camp” / (BM) Christopher McNamara, “Specific and Immediate” / (BR) Sadko Hadzihasanovic, “American and Bosnian Folk Songs”

Each selected artist has been invited to submit a representative work from their output from any time after their exhibition at Artcite Inc., and every artist chosen has an impressive personal exhibition record, having aggressively pursued opportunities all across Canada in order to make careers for themselves on the national circuit.

This major exhibition will document important works from a national perspective, tied neatly into our timeline of historical choices, and is a way of revisiting our past in a truly abstracted way. It will also focus on the unique role Artcite Inc. has maintained as a gallery existing within a specific geographic locale yet with a strong national Canadian and often international focus. It will reaffirm Artcite’s presence within the community as a centre for creative research and development, presenting a diversity of artists working within the unique framework of the Canadian artist-run system.


(Jun. 28 – ­Jul.27)  20 EXTERNAL v2.0, featuring: David Acheson (representing1993,Toronto) | Robert Coyle (representing 1988,Windsor) | Andrew Forster (representing 1990, Montreal) | Lee Goreas (representing 2000, Toronto) | Noel Harding (representing 1983,Toronto) | Jason Jones (representing 2001, Halifax + New York) | Mark Laliberte (representing 1996,Windsor) | Ginette Legaré (representing 1991,Toronto) | Julie Sando (representing
1995,Windsor) | Carl Skelton (representing 1989,Windsor) | Marilyn Zimmerman (representing 1987,Detroit)
























Reception: ( Friday Jun 28, 7:30pm )

Group exhibition. 20th Anniversary Historical Retrospective, Part 2… the second of a special two-part exhibition series to call attention to our 20th Anniversary year (as an organization, Artcite opened its doors in 1982!). Various Media.


 (Closed August, 2002)
…Gallery closed for repairs & renovations


(Sept.06 ­- Oct.05) “Under My Skin” by PAMÉLA LANDRY (Montreal, QC)

Solo exhibition. Mixed media sculpture.

Excentriques (Off Centre) :  Constructed around notions of fetishism and the female body, Paméla Landry’s kinetic sculptures are a hybrid of low and high technology. Materials like hair, knifes and shieve all move about the gallery on randomly activated motors. In creating kinetic sculptures the artist plays upon the various extravagances produced at the expense of women’s bodies.

The Hugging Centre (Le Centre de la caresse):  Construct from assemblages of heterogeneous objects, the masculine-lookingof the three elements of the Hugging Centre lend their appearance to feminine voices, working towards a disturbing and unstable identity. The three interactive sculptures composing The Hugging Centre evoke different states of involvement, discovered and explored as one touches, embraces or simply listens. The ensemble is comprised of the Contentment Sector, The Needs Department and The Abandonment Wing.

Disheartened by the notion of a world where everything has its place and function, Paméla Landry proposes sculptures that divert and confound identitie, and offers them as alternative solutions. In her sculptures, the seeming coherence of a whole opens up to the derisive and absurd when manipulation and interaction occur. She has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions accross Québec and Canada. Her most recent shows include À tes yeux at the centre d’exposition du Vieux-Palais de St-Jérôme, Le ludique at the Musée du Québec, Machining in the Digital Age ; Bricoleur Urbane at Open Space. She also curated Machines festives presented at La Centrale in 1999 and showing again at L’il de poisson in 2002. Paméla Landry lives and works in Montréal. She taught visual art at the Cégep du Vieux Montréal.

Artcite Inc presented FAHRENHEIT… a Festival of Fire! ( Sept. 19 -­ 21) /

Main Event: ( Saturday,Sept.21, 4pm to midnight )









2002 Reading Series: Thursday, Oct 17 @7:30pm @ Artcite Inc!

– Peter Stevens, Author of ‘Bread From Stones’ (2002, poetry / Black Moss Press)
– Emily Schultz, Author of ‘Black Coffee Night’ (2002, short stories / InsomniacPress)
– Gustave Morin, Author of ‘A Penny Dreadful’ (2003, visual poetry/ InsomniacPress)

F r e e A d m i s s i o n ! ! ! Artcite Inc
presented poetry / prose readings by Windsor authors Peter Stephens, Emily Schultz (currently living in Toronto), and Gustave Morin. These three local authors read selections from their recent and upcoming works, and entertained the audience with a Q&A period following the reading.

· 20/20 Artcite anniversary commemorative plate exhibition & auction Exhibition: October 12­26, 2002
@ Lift Lounge, 157 university Ave. W., Windsor
Closing gala & auction: October 26, 7:30­ to 11:00 pm, Public Auction starts 9:00 pm!

Sneak Peeks:
(L) Josie Hazen / (R) Claire Kilpatrick

STATEMENT: Artcite Inc., Windsor’s

Artist-Run Centre for the Contemporary Arts, is pleased to present its newest offsite exhibition: “20/20” Commemorative plate exhibition & auction… featuring original, artist-designed plates (functional, decorative or conceptual) created to immortalize Artcite Inc’s 20th Anniversary year! The big closing event will feature lounge music, a celebratory gathering, and an auction of the works… opening minimum reserve bids between $5-$20! Auction proceeds benefit participating artists & Artcite Inc., Windsor’s non-profit, artist-run centre for the contemporary arts.

Participating artists include: Iain Baxter, Denis Bolohan, Leesa Bringas, Christine Burchnall, Daniel Dingler, Susan Dingler, Noah Dingler, Susan
Gold, Laura Gould, Josie Hazen, Ed Janzen, Claire Kilpatrick, Laszlo Klausnitz, Suzanne Konyha, Betty Kosokowsky, Mark Laliberte, Kristy LeBlanc, Mark Lefebvre, Chantale Michaud, Tony Mosna, Gisele Poisson, Karen & Jeremy Rigsby, Dave Roberts, A.G. Smith, Nadia Schwartzentruber, Terrence Whalen, Yeqiang Wang, Joseph Wolkosky… and others!

: Artcite founding member Joe DeAngelis will serve as the evening’s auctioneer!

Special Feature:
Rare ‘PLATE’ by Iain Baxter, one of Canada’s most (in)famous conceptual artists, has been donated to this event! Baxter has been a practicing artist since 1956, and from 1966-78 worked with Ingrid Baxter as the N.E. Thing Company…… the plate, dating back to 1975, is an artifact from Baxter’s legendary and short lived art-restaurant “Eye Scream” a large-scale artwork AND fully functional restaurant that he ran in Vancouver in the 70’s!

Like all the rest of the plates submitted, opening bid begins at a low, low price: bidding on this work begins at only $20!!!

( Auction proceeds benefit participating artists & Artcite Inc., Windsor’s non-profit, artist-run centre for the contemporary arts )


( Oct.11 – Nov.09) “Selected Works” by Sara Angelucci (Toronto, ON) Opening Reception: Friday, Oct. 11 @ 7:30pm!

Solo exhibition. Photography+ video.

For this exhibit of large-scale colour prints, Angelucci uses a plastic toy camera as a kind of collaborator, exploiting the inherent manufacturing defects of a cheaply made device to generate a base of images that, in a poetic sense, make visible the limitations of the memory process. Light leaks cause colourful flares on exposed landscape images; recordings of movement through the lens register as excited blurs; the camera’s inability to consistently advance from one frame to the next causes odd overlaps and juxtapositions: all of these factors detail a view of the past concerned with photographically revealing
gaps in memories of place.

Also included in this exhibit, the following video: SNOW (5 min, 2000) > Film segments randomly chosen from the last seconds of Super 8 family films. The strange juxtaposition of one narratives forces a closer re-examination of each scenario. The white dots which appear seem to obliterate the last clues of the story; each scene becoming a small gesture of loss. The sound composition sets a melancholic landscape, at times correlating directly with events in the films.

Sara Angelucci is a photo and video artist living in Toronto. She completed her B.A. in Fine Art at the University of Guelph and her M.F.A. at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. She has exhibited her photography across Canada including exhibitions at Le Mois de la Photo in Montreal, 1997 and solo shows at Ace Art in Winnipeg, the Toronto Photographer’s Workshop and the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre. Angelucci’s videos have been screened across Canada and included in festivals in Europe and Hong Kong. She is currently the Director of Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography in Toronto and is represented by the Wynick/Tuck Gallery. Sara Angelucci was born in Hamilton, Ontario.


· Rescheduled! This visit was held over from 2001 due
to 9-11 complications!
Hosted by Artcite Inc. >Thursday, Nov. 14, 2002 @ 7:30pm @ The Art Gallery of Windsor: lecture + Friday Nov. 15 @ 7:30pm @ Artcite Inc: live performance!
Only $5! Limited capacity of 75 guests!
…a rare  DAVID TOOP live performance (one of only 3 North American appearance on the tour | Mr. Toop will also preform in Toronto and Montreal following his Windsor appearance!)

ABOUT THE ARTIST: A multi media artist, independent curator, and writer based in London, England, who has worked extensively in performance, installation, and audio art. Recent activities include curating  ‘Sonic Boom’, an exhibition of audio art in London (UK), and ‘Dreaming of Inscription on Skin’, a sound Installation, performance, and lecture in Japan.

“Although British writer and composer David Toop’s recorded output has included everything from experimental rock and jazz to musique concrete, the bulk of his solo and recent collaborative works have been in the vein of experimental ambient. Better known perhaps as a journalist and music historiographer, Toop is the author of a pair of widely hailed books — Rap Attack and Ocean of Sound (both Serpents Tail) — as well as a contributing editor and columnist for U.K. experimental music magazine The Wire. Recording since the early ’70s, Toop’s list of musical collaborators include everyone from Derek Bailey and John Zorn to Brian Eno and Prince Far I. However, it’s his work as a solo composer and in combination with multi-instrumentalist
Max Eastley, that have earned him highest marks. Toop and Eastley’s 1994 collaboration, Buried Dreams, is a widely-hailed document of experimental environmental composition. A dizzying blend of found sounds, field recordings, electro-acoustics, and digital manipulation, its success (and critical popularity) also helped set the tone for Toop’s subsequent solo work, Screen Ceremonies, released in 1996 on the Wire Editions label, as well as one-off
tracks included on compilations released through Sound Effects and Time Recordings.” — Sean Cooper, All-Music Guide

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
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Nov.13 > InterAccess,
Toronto > lecture by David Toop & Sarah Peebles
Nov.16 > The Annex Theatre, Toronto > performance with
Sarah Peebles
Nov.19-20 > S.A.T.,
Montreal > ‘micro-residency’
Nov.21 > S.A.T., Montreal > performance with Sarah Peebles


(Nov. 16 ­- 30) “ARTSEEN 10”


(Dec.06 ­- 21) “21st Annual DOIN’ THE LOUVRE” (Local) (Group exhibition; unjuried; various media)

Artcite’s 21st annualChristmas FUN(d)raising exhibition and sale.