(Jan.05-­Feb.02) George Rizok & Sean Barry “WE TALKED ON THE PHONE” (Windsor) (Painting and media installation)

Windsor artists George Rizok and Sean Barry collaborate to present this site-specific “graphic novel-cum movie-storyboard” (read: giant comic) which covered almost every surface of the gallery walls. The content of the work is an experimental narrative which explores the technological impediments to real human communication. Though long active in the Windsor publishing and indie music scenes, “We Talked…” is Rizok and Barry’s first major exhibition.


(Feb.09 – Mar.10) EIJA-LIISA AHTILA “ME/WE; OKAY; GRAY” WITH “ASSISTANT SERIES” (HELSINKI) (Video & photography installation); “CONSOLATION SERVICE” (video installation, co-presented at the Art Gallery of Windsor)

Internationally acclaimed Finnish artist and filmmaker Eija-Liisa Ahtila creates evocative, emotionally charged dramatic productions that function both as films and as multi-channel video installation pieces for galleries. This multi-media installation is part of a series of activities with Ahtila who will be visiting Windsor for the week during our annual festival of film and video, “Media City”. Originally conceived for broadcast on Finnish television, the installation version of “ME/WE; OKAY; GRAY” (accompanied by the “ASSISTANT SERIES” photographs) is a three-channel monitor installation that relates an absurd episode in a nuclear family, examining the balance of individual identity and the question of control. First presented at the 1999 Venice Biennale, the installation version of “CONSOLATION SERVICE” (to be presented at the Art Gallery of Windsor in conjunction with Artcite’s concurrent gallery exhibit, and with the “Media City 7” festival) is a two-channel video projection dealing with the theme of endings, death and time from the point of view of a young woman embroiled in a divorce. The cinematic versions of these two works will also be screened in a special retrospective program at “Media City 7” along with two of Ahtila’s other films. Eija-Liisa Ahtila’s visit to Windsor, and the installations and screenings presented as part of her visit, are one stop on a larger Canadian tour co-sponsored by Artcite Inc. in early 2001. Similar retrospective screenings, installations and lectures with the artist will be presented by the Charles H. Scott Gallery and Pacific Cinematheque in Vancouver, and by the “Images” Festival and OCAD in Toronto. Ahtila’s tour, and the travel funding contributed by FRAME Finnish Fund for Art Exchange, were realized through the initiative of Artcite Inc. /HOT and the “Media City Festival”. Ahtila also presented a guest lecture during her Windsor visit, as part of the collaborative “Visitors in the Arts” (VITA) 2000-2001 visiting artist series.


(Feb.14 – ­17) MEDIA CITY 7

Other “MEDIA CITY 7” Installations Presented (off-site) as part of Artcite Inc. & H.O.T.’s “MEDIA
CITY 7 International Film & Video Festival”) a
t Common Ground Gallery and the Capitol Theatre Lobby

“PAIRS”: featuring video installations on the theme of ‘twinning’ by: KRISTINE MARX (NYC); LENA MATTSSON (Malmø); EVA MARIA OVIN (Falsterboro); RUSTAM KHALFIN/YULIA TIKHONOVA (Almaty, Kazakhstan); LESLIE RAYMOND/JASON JAY STEVENS (Ann Arbor, MI) ROBIN DUPUIS (Montréal); GUSTAV DEUTSCH/HANNA SCHIMEK (Vienna).


(Apr.20 – May.19)  “With Art” JOHANNES ZITS (Vancouver) and DAVID ROBERTS (Hamtramck, MI)

(Mixed media installation)

Both artists use an irreverent approach to the representation of sexuality and all of its attendant politics. For Zits, his recent large scale paintings use slick interior design magazines to provide the settings for his homoerotic depictions. In Roberts’ approach, the sexuality of his subjects is more ambiguous and it is this very cloudiness which challenges
the viewer in a confusion of identity.


(May.25 – Jun.23) DANIEL DUGAS “FOUNDWEALTH” (Shemogue, NB/Calgary, AB)

(Mixed media sculpture and installation; performance)

Daniel Dugas’ latest installation project, “Foundwealth”, is a critical comment on the collision-relationship of the rich and poor. It questions issues related to the economic world. Built around a few historical moments like the introduction of the “invisible” hand of Adam Smith and the fabulous destiny of John August Sander, Dugas launches an investigation into the nature and politics of opportunity and wealth.

In Dugas’ words this installation is “a poetic reflectiona bridge made of burning rags and thrown over the abyss where the river called Economy runs furiously. I want the carpet cleaning trainee to talk to the capital risk investor. I want to know if parents are telling the story of how the good RRSP bear grew so big in their own forest preserve”

> Silent Auction throughout the month!
Everything must be sold!

Also! Tramp Trail : Downtown Street Actions

( Friday May 25, 12-6pm )

a ) Walking Under
b ) Walking on Red Carpets
c ) Being Dragged Away

Daniel Dugas’ latest installation project, “Foundwealth”, is a critical comment on the collision-relationship of the rich and poor. It questions issues related to the economic world. Built around a few historical moments like the introduction of the “invisible” hand of Adam Smith and the fabulous destiny of John August Sander, Dugas launches an investigation into the nature and politics of opportunity and wealth. The artist has taken a unique approach to liquidating this body of work… a “Silent Auction” will take place at Artcite throughout the month, and everything must be sold! There are no minimum bids!!

“Tramp Trail” is a series of downtown Street Actions… these performances will occur Friday May 25,
12-6pm, and are divded into three parts: a ) Walking Under; b) Walking on Red Carpets; and c ) Being Dragged Away. Contact the gallery for more details.

Click here to see more of this exhibition.


 (Jul.13 -­ Aug.10) “Thoughts on Ray Vibrations” DENNIS SUMMERS (Detroit, MI) and “Folk” JASON JONES (Halifax, NS / brooklyn, NY)

Detroit-based artist Dennis Summers and Halifax’s Jason Jones (currently residing in Brooklyn, NY) both use a contemporary (and sometimes ironic) approach to traditional folk iconography and its attendant materials. For Jones, it is the consumerist construction of the folk artist (chainsaw carving and all) which provides the artist with a starting point for his treatment of Canadian identity and cultural production.

Summers employs different and perhaps more typically ‘American’ strategies for his treatment of folk traditions. Drawing from influences as diverse as Native American shamanism and experimental scientists Michael Faraday, Neils Bohrs, et al., Summers combines folk-inspired assemblages with high-tech devices. In making these ‘recombinant’ combinations, Summers offers up a new awareness of how science and technology have pervaded our contemporary cultural and spiritual existence.


( Sept.07 -­ Oct.06) “moose as metaphor: the harvest” GUNHILDE HOTTE (Cochrane, ON) and “limp” MIKE AMBEDIAN (Guelph, ON)

Gunhilde Hotte’s paintings are a personal take on the northern hunting culture of her region. Her work involves a combination of painting and a “museum display” of Ministry of Natural resources charts and figures. Through this presentation, the artist presents a personal/factual/historical investigation of a vanishing/threatened natural world.

Michael Ambedian’s work also addresses concerns centred around the environment. In his sculptural assemblages, the arists re-constitutes, from plywood and sawdust, ersatz trees which are at once violent and celebratory.


(Oct.12 -­ Nov.10)  “untitled (but thoughtfully known as the sexual divide” MATTHEW HAWTIN (WINDSOR, ON)

Matthew Hawtin’s newest exhibit will explore the idea of “total space” within a gallery setting. For Hawtin, the notion of “total space” has developed out of a growing interest in architecture and design and the technical and aesthetic considerations involved. Thus all the elements within the particular space are of equal importance to each other; the paintings, the lighting and the resulting light all create an atmosphere of totality.


The gallery will be split into two zones with the use of coloured fluorescent lighting. Each zone contains the divided sections of a large singular painting, hung alternately on opposite walls. This installation is an exploration into the basics of design where balance, rhythm, repetition, colour, line and form create an overall emotional and aesthetic perceptual effect within differing zones of colour.


 (Nov.09 – ­ 25)   ARTSEEN 9


(Nov.29 – ­Dec.23) “DOIN’ THE LOUVRE” (Local) (Group exhibition; unjuried; various media)

Artcite’s 20th annual Christmas FUN(d)raising exhibition and sale.

This annual event is not only important to Artcite as a fundraiser but is also an opportunity for many artists (some of whom have never previously shown their work) to exhibit and sell their works. DTL 2001 featured 378 artworks (!) by over 70 artists, and-as always, many pieces were created specifically for this special exhibit by old and new Artcite members (and many non-members); all work priced under $99.99!