(Jan.07 – Feb. 05) JEFF WINCH “SLEEPWALK” (Toronto) (Photography)

Jeff Winch’s colour photographs would best be described as “exteriors” as opposed to “landscapes”.   This is so due to the human clues that populate the urban fringes of his images. In the artist’s words, “the places photographed would not be considered particularly interesting or attractive by the light of day. All of them are noticeably aging and abandoned, if only temporarily. In various states decay and repair, these places have biography, potential narratives, a scent of ghosts.”  What separates these images from the often over-traveled terrain of the urban document is Winch’s theatrical approach to his material and his almost narcoleptic responses to his own environment.


 (Jan.30 – Feb.03) “LABOUR ART AND FILM FESTIVAL ” (Windsor) (Open media)

A thematic exhibition on the effects of and the resistance to globalisation, organised by the schools of Visual Arts and Labour Studies at the University of Windsor. There are a series of films, panel discussions, performance art, poetry, music, and a discussion on “art as work” and “work as art”. The closing reception is hosted by Artcite.


(Feb.09 – Feb.12) “MEDIA CITY 6” (International) Festival of Experimental Film and Video

Media City is an independent film and video festival staged in galleries, cafes, and theatres. Featuring film, video and computer installations, guest artist lectuers an screenings, a juried program with an international panel of judge, and a live sight/sound performance with local music accompaniment.

Artcite will be featuring Ar Detroy’s “Un Acto De Intensidad” (An Act of Intensity), a South American media arts collective who have been working together since 1986. “Un Acto De Intensidad” is a 5 channel video and sound installation illustrating an open air salt flat in a remote Argentine province.
In an attempt at provoking a metaphysical perception of suspended time, every movement and sound becomes so intensely sluggish that each instant seems to be eternal, threatening the finite and provisional nature of the human figures it envelopes.


 (Feb.10, 7:30pm)  MARTIN ARNOLD (Vienna) Visitors in the Arts guest Lecture/Screening

Vienna artist Martin Arnold dedicated himself to independant film making in 1988.
Arnold’s visit and lecture is hosted by Windsor’s House of Toast Film and Video Collective, ad corresponds with a retrospective screening of his films during Artcite/HOT’s Media City 6 International Festival of Independant Film and Video.


 (Feb.18 – Mar.18)LISA NEIGHBOUR “TWISTY” (Toronto) (Mixed media installation)

2000 lisa neighbour

Lisa Neighbour’s recent work involves an investigation of electricity and its literal power to imbue meaning into machines and lights. For Neighbour, electricity serves as both metaphor and as an aesthetic language.  An installation of Electric signs and an enormous collection of kitsch lamps begin to resemble a city in miniature.


(Mar.16, 7:30pm) MERRY ALPERN (New York) Visitors in the Arts guest Lecture

Merry Alpern gained notoriety when the NEA refuesd a peer panel’s fellowship award for her work, and her work has since been shown in numerous galleries including MoMA, NY, and the San Fransico Museum of Modern Art.



2000 david2diviso

Artcite, with Common Ground and the Windsor Feminist Theatre, present “Figurally Devicing”.  A poetry mediation of body and text, evidencing the dialectic education model of communication. Hosted at Windsor Feminist Theatre.


(Mar.24 – Apr.22) LEE GOREAS “TIME MACHINE PART 2” (Toronto) (Painting, mixed media & interactive installation)

Lee Goreas’ multi-media installations investigate the artist’s relationship to the authority of both low and high culture. Frequently humourous installations give equal weight to images from Saturday morning cartoons as to images of French cultural critic Jean Baudrillard.


(Mar. 30, 7:30pm) JOHN DUNCAN (Italy) Visitors in the Arts guest Lecture

2000 john duncan

Now based in Italy, John Duncan (b. Kansas) is an internationally known multi-media and audio artist.  His recent activities include installation, video, and performance.


(Apr.28 – May 27)  DONNA NIELD “KIOSK” (Ottawa/NYC); “IKEA LIVING PROJECT SERIES”, SHINOBU AKIMOTO (Toronto/Tokyo) (2-person; photography and interactive installation)

In “Kiosks”, Donna Nield presents us with slick digitally manipulated photographs of shopping mall cosmetics counters. The images were originally taken from a historical shopping mall then isolated, stripped of their logos and brand names and placed on a stark white background.

Stripped of any traces of recognition, the work emerges as a critique of the slick and impersonal world of consumer culture.

Her work frequently addresses issues surrounding commercial, retail presentation and how it commodifies the individual.

Shinobu Akimoto’s work is also concerned with the individual in a public, commercial realm but her approach is more obsessive and fetishistic. Beginning from an investigation into the Swedish home-furnishing culture, Akimoto creates her own alternate spaces replete with the attendant impossibly organized and minimalist accoutrements.


(May 25, 7:30pm) EUGENE McNAMARA reading from “WATERFALLS” (Windsor) (Book reading and signing)

2000 eugene mcnamara

Artcite presents, with the Bookroom, local author Eugene McNamara reading from “Waterfalls”.  McNamara is an internationally recognised author, professor in the University of Windsor English department, a longstanding member of Artcite, and an active booster of the local writing community.


(Jun.02 – Jun.06) “THE OAS EXHIBIT: ARTISTS’ RESPONSES” (International) (Open media; unjuried)

Following a number of community inquiries, Artcite and “Windsor Artists for Social Justice” members A.G. Smith, Susan Gold, Margaret Lawrence and Josie Hazen organized an impromptu exhibition in response to issues surrounding the OAS assembly in Windsor. Artcite’s gallery space housed protest art including selections from the Nobel Peace Project (an international mail/fax art show), a mock military tank, larger-than-life soldier cutouts and protest placards which were also used in the anti-OAS rally organized by the Canadian Labour Congress and The Windsor Labour Council on Sunday, June 4, 2000. A selection of films and videos were shown throughout the duration of this exhibition from Latin America organized by the “Media City” Programme Director, Jeremy Rigsby. These works included Ursula Biemann (Mexico/Switzerland) “Performing the Border”; Ximena Cuevas (Mexico) “Dormimundo (Sleepworld Vol. 1: Discomfort)” and Philip Hoffman (Canada) “Somewhere Between Jalostitlan and Encarnacion”. Over 550 people from around the continent came through Artcite and viewed this exhibition (including OAS youth and labour activists, several Police units, assorted dignitaries and noted cultural critic and linguist Noam Chomsky, who was interviewed in Artcite’s gallery by CBC Newsworld!).


“A GAMETIC ONTOLOGY OF CROWS” (ANN ARBOR, MI): Collaborative; interactive installation and performance

2000 raymond&stevens

Ann Arbor­based artists, Leslie Raymond and Jason Jay Stevens teamed together to form an ersatz research laboratory.
Under the moniker of “Potter­Belmar Labs”, the artists (researchers) undertook a study of the “behavioural patterns of crows”; the results of their “research” was then translated into a series of instructional ­informational stations located throughout the gallery. As in a hands­on museum, the gallery visitor was invited to interact directly with the witty museological displays. “A Gametic Ontology of Crows” included a multi-media installation which combined the mediums of video, sound and found artifact through nine various shaped and sized boxes containing mechanisms for listening, viewing and/or interacting.



Our September exhibition (formerly “drawing room” by Toronto artist David Grenier) had to be re-scheduled to March 2001 when our landlords, the Capitol Theatre and Arts Centre decided to give Artcite’s lovely storefront a complete facade-lift (the entire theatre block was also restored to its 1920s “movie palace” glory).


(Oct.20, 9:00pm) BARBARA STERNBERG “LIKE A DREAM THAT VANISHES ” (Toronto) (film screening and discussion)

2000 barbara sternberg

A retrospective screening and discussion with eminent Canadian experimental filmmaker Barbara Sternberg.
Co-presentation of the House of Toast Film & Video Collective (Windsor) and the Pleasure Dome (Toronto).


 (Oct.26 – Dec.15) “ALTERNATE ROUTES” (International) (Group, curated; off-site exhibition of video art on public transit)

2000 alternate routes


Featuring 14 artists who participated in previous editions of Artcite/ H.O.T.’s annual “Media City Festival of Experimental Film and Video”, “Alternate Routes” was an off-site, travelling (literally) exhibition of very short, recent (1999­2000) works of video art by Canadian and International artists, presented in a very public sphere: from September 18 to December 15, artists’ tapes were narrowcast on IT-TV, a “news and entertainment” television system recently installed as a pilot project on Transit Windsor buses.

The videos were shown singly, at irregular intervals throughout the day, and during commercial breaks in “regular” programming. A selection of tapes was also available for view at Artcite during the ‘bus’ exhibition.

“ALTERNATE ROUTES” is Artcite/ H.O.T.’s contribution to the larger, collaborative project, “VideoCulture: Three Decades of Video Art”.

This first-of-a-kind effort joined the forces of eleven museums, galleries, and arts and education organizations in metro Detroit and Windsor to examine video art and its impact on contemporary culture. VideoCulture project co-presenters: Art Gallery of Windsor; Artcite Inc./H.O.T. ; Art Pro Tem (Ann Arbor, MI); (Center for Creative Studies, Center Galleries (Detroit); Cranbrook Art Museum (Bloomfield Hills, MI); Detroit Institute of Arts; University of Michigan Museum of Art  U of M Michigan Media Union and U of M School of Art & Design Jean Paul Slusser Gallery (Ann Arbor, MI); Wayne State University Dept. of Art & Art History Elaine L. Jacob Gallery (Detroit).


(Oct.26, 27 & 28) “FANTASTIC!” (International) (Benefit)

A “Fantastic!” indie pop music fest, featuring 36 bands from across North America playing in 3 Windsor venues. Windsor’s first internatioanl benefit for Artcite, CJAM 91.5, and the Lance.


 (Oct.27 – Nov.25)  “THE DOCUMENTING EYE” (International, group; curated) (Photography) MERRY ALPERN (NYC); TONI HAFKENSCHEID (Amsterdam); ISABELLE HAYEUR (Québec); GREG STAATS (Toronto) & JEFF WINCH (Toronto)

2000 documenting eye

For over a year, Artcite Inc. worked in concert with a number of artist-run organizations and public galleries in Detroit, Michigan to present the multi-gallery project “Detroit/Windsor Focus 2000.” For the Artcite contribution to the project, Windsor artists and Artcite members Christopher McNamara and Christine Burchnall (in concert with the Artcite programming committee) selected Canadian and international photographers who had previously had solo exhibits at Artcite (emerging artist Isabelle Hayeur and NEA cause celébre NYC artist Merry Alpern excepted), and who all explored notions of photographic veracity or “the document”. The resulting Artcite exhibit, “The Documenting Eye” examined the way that contemporary photography can simultaneously occupy the realms of the documentary and the personal.

The larger “Focus 2000” project (of which “The Documenting Eye” was a part) showcased the diversity of photographic practices and approaches currently being practiced. The Windsor/Detroit area has a large photographic community and the cooperative Focus 2000 project encouraged a dialogue both across our national borders and between the participating public and non-profit galleries, institutions and artists’ collectives. In addition to over 100 different photographic exhibitions in as many galleries and public spaces, a series of workshops, seminars and lectures brought leading speakers and renowned photographers to the Windsor-Detroit region. A major exhibition guide was produced detailing the participating galleries and artists and assured that a large number of visitors “made the rounds”.

Artcite participated with the following selected galleries and institutions to present works by over 250 photographers: Ann Arbor Art Center; Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center; Book Beat Gallery; Center Galleries (Center For Creative Studies, Detroit); Community Arts Gallery (Wayne State University); Detroit Contemporary; Detroit Institute of Arts; Downriver Council For the Arts; Greater Flint Arts Council Gallery; Institute of African American Art (Detroit); Metropolitan Center For the Creative Arts (Detroit); Swords into Plowshares (Detroit); Zeitgeist Gallery and at least 60 more organizations. Artcite Inc. has the distinction of being the only Canadian centre invited to participate in the organization and presentation of this major project. For more information visit: www.detroitfocus.org.


(Nov.17- Nov.25) “ARTSEEN 8: OFF-SITE SHOWCASE OF NEW AND EXPERIMENTAL ART” (Windsor/Detroit area) (Open; unjuried off-site exhibition. Mixed media site installation, interventions and performance)

2000 artseen8


 (Nov.20, 21 & 22) MARTHA COLBURN (Baltimore) (film animation)

The House of Toast Film & Video Collective are pleased to present a 3-day hand-made film animation workshop with experimental filmmaker Martha Colburn.  All supplies, film, and processing fee are included. Watch for retrospective screening of Colburn’s work November 23.


(Dec.02- Dec. 23) “DOIN’ THE LOUVRE” (Local) (Group exhibition; unjuried; various media)

Artcite’s 19 annual Christmas FUN(d)raising exhibition and sale.

This annual event is not only important to Artcite as a fundraiser but is also an opportunity for many artists (some of whom have never previously shown their work) to exhibit and sell their works. DTL 2000 featured 378 artworks (!) by over 70 artists, and-as always, many pieces were created specifically for this special exhibit by old and new Artcite members (and many non-members); all work priced under $99.99!