(Jan.13-Feb.12) Claire Savoie ‘Evenements D’Horizon’ (Montreal) + Janie Magri ‘Date Time Place Act’ (Windsor): multi-media installations



(Feb.17-Mar.19) Lee Rabideau ‘Lelvis’ (Windsor): mixed media installation.

Image from Lee Rabideau’s “Lelvis”
This work deals with popular imagery and ideology in a post-industrial North American society. Their histories revealed by means of social satire are thought provoking. With the use of a video camera connected to a computer, the artist creates, manipulates and combines pop images to establish a new archeological and historical order, ultimately calling the viewer to question his/her beliefs. Lee Rabideau’s work most often addresses issues of personal identity as it is informed by popular culture, religion and technology. For the most part, Lee assumes a persona to explore these themes an to raise questions about our sense of personal collective history, both recent and ancient. At Artcite, Lee presents himself as a hybrid of himself and Elvis. His bungalow home becomes the estate of “Greatland” and the essence of his being (incarnate in key chains, coffee mugs, etc.) can be purchased at the gallery / souvenir shop.


(Mar.17-Mar.19) ‘Media Jam Session One’
The first of an occasional series of weekend-long workshops with Windsor’s ‘HOT’ Film/Video Collective. Session One offered participants the opportunity to create film loops and video installations.

The two facilitators for this workshop were Detroit filmmaker Bob Anderson and London artist Wyn Geleynse.

(Mar.25-Apr.23) B-312 Exchange ‘Diversite et Rappochements’
This is an exchange show with Galerie B-312, an Artist-run centre in Montreal  Featured Artists: Michel Boulanger, Marthe Carrier, Kevin Deforest, Christiane Desjardins, Johanne Gagnon, Francois Lacasse (Curated by Joséé Bernard)

Image from “Diversite et Rapprochements” by Christiane Desjardins


(Apr.30-May.28) Colleen Schindler ‘Waiting & Seeing’ (Windsor): photography, printmaking and sculpture


‘Waiting and Seeing’ is a mixed media exhibition combining hybrids of sculpture, printmaking and photography. This body of work is a self portrait, examining a three year span of time spent abroad. The exhibition deals with going home. It is not just returning to a house or structure but rather, a move back to Canada: moving back to the hyper-familiar from the misplaced. ‘Waiting and Seeing’ involves the security of making the leap back to the familiar and it encompasses the fear in doing so as well. Through the use of personal metaphor, the work examines the complexity of communication, severed relationships and stifling family.


(Jun.02-Jul.02) ‘Velvet Fever & Other Kitsch Inclinations’

detail from ‘Velvet Fever’ by Francesca Maniaci

a mixed media exhibition juried by Allen Bukoff and Suzanne Konyha.  Featured Artists: Alex Skakoon (Windsor), Michael Buckland (Toronto), John Latour (Montreal), Francesca Maniaci (Montréal), Germaine Koh (Ottawa), Sadko Hadzihasonovic (Etobicoke), Karl Apple (Toronto), and Christine Saruk Reid (Edmonton)

Kitsch is the process by which the original meaning has been bled from a popular object or a combination of objects. The object generally originates from the past and a new meaning… is overlaid. The new meaning occurs when the original object has manipulate din some way or put into a new context. Kitsch depends upon the innate ability of the viewer to recognize the original object, despite whatever displacement may have been superimposed upon it. –A. Skakoon


(Jul.07-Aug.06) ‘Between Machine And Story’ A juried, group exhibition that was a response to Pierre Fournier’s (Montreal) proposal for a kinetic sculpture exhibition; a profile of artists who work in kinetic sculpture and to explore the way narrative informs art making.

Two locations for this special exhibition: 109 University West and at our annex site in the upper level of the Palace Theatre Complex.

Two locations for this special exhibition: 109 University West and at our annex site in the upper level of the Palace Theatre Complex.


Image from “Between Machine and Story” by Holly Coulis

Featured Artists: Mark Cyr, Holly Coulis, Pierre Fournier, Bernard Helling, Kristan Horton, Rachelle Viader, Knowles, Steven A. Ross, Martin Stevens, Myron Turner


(Sep.08-Oct.08) Karen Spencer ‘Evolutio'(Montreal) & Julie Sando ‘Uniform’ (Windsor): film & photography installation


Karen Spencer’s installation EVOLUTIO examines the artist’s use of the recorded image to create personal journals. Using the media as recording tools, the artist explores the demarcation of time and the inherent narrative of her own pregnancy. While her photographs almost clinically chronicle her nine months, a film loop of the artist speaking to the camera, talks about her relationship with the father of the child and the tone is altogether more intimate– more personal.

Julie Sando also deals with pregnancy in her new series entitled UNIFORM. In her work, however, the artist examines the cultural and sociological politics of non-traditional maternity. Self portraits are combined with a number of charts and figures which are intended to plot the trends in pregnancy among single women.


(Oct.13-Nov.12) Laura Vickerson ‘Skindeep’ (Calgary)

Skin Deep

Skin Deep represents an ongoing series of garment pieces dealing with the body, gender & history. The Armour/ Amour series allude to historical garments, the first to femininity, delicacy and decoration, and the latter to strength and protection. Tin this earlier work, my intention was to create a gradual transition from one garment (lace collars) to another
(armour). Within these transitions, the role of the flowers also changes from surface decoration / scientific specimen to elements integral to the garment, and finally to more spikey threatening protection. There seems to be a continuous shifting of gender within the two garment forms in which the masculine is feminized and at time, the reverse. Subtle sexual innuendoes are implied by the materials of wax and flowers with their connection to bees and pollination. Some new works in this garment series reveal a subtle shift in focus from the Armour / Amour series… These pieces represent fragments of garments from different periods in history (including present day). The fragile, transparent wax surface is like skin. The internal workings of the body begin to take form on the outside of the garments inviting a visceral response and addressing the restrictions fashion has imposed (both physically and psychologically). Lights hanging close overhead illuminate these delicate garments of wax and flowers providing another layer of transparency or X-ray vision, and acknowledging that they neither conceal nor protect…..”


(Nov.17-Nov.25) ‘MEDIA CITY II’ in association with ‘House of Toast’, our second annual Video and Film festival

Media City 2

Profiling media artists from Windsor & Detroit as well as a selection of works from other regions in Canada. This event also included a symposium and panel discussion which addresses issues surrounding the politics and practical aspects of media art-making


(Nov.17-Nov.25) ‘Intimate Installations’: group show of mini-installation works

(Nov.17-Dec.21) 14th DOIN’ THE LOUVRE

Artcite’s annual, unjuried Christmas fundraising exhibition