(Jan.07-Feb.06): Tamar Granovsky ‘Cage Of Rib, Feet Of Clay’ (Montréal): installation



(Feb.11-Mar.13): Kerry Thompson ‘Testament’ (London,ON): new paintings



(Mar.18-Apr.17): Wanda Ellerbeck ‘It Comes As No Surprise’ (Canmore, Alberta): sculptural installation

Focusing on a poetically rich awareness of the body as a site for research, remaking and renewal, Ellerbeck makes subtle references to both psychoanalysis and feminist literature. Such references elicit self- recognition.


(Apr.22-May.22): Daniel Roy ‘Synapses’ (Montréal): photo-based installation



(May.27-Jun.26): Elaine Frigon ‘Dans Tous Les Sens’ (Montréal) + Pauline Phipps ‘Restless Places’ (Windsor): installations

(May.27) opening night performance by Elaine Frigon ‘Auto-Destruction’

Detail of Elaine Frigon’s work from the “Dans Tous Les Sens” exhibition.

Windsor’s Pauline Phipps and Montreal’s Elain Frigon split the gallery to present their video installation work. Both artists used video as a primary component and both share a concern for space (both real and psychological). For Phipps this concern with space is a way of “reclaiming mental and physical places by revealing female sexuality and consciousness beyond conventional ideology.” She also states that her “work questions the validity of mild taboos which exist in relationships such as those between women and parent and child.”
For Elain Frignon, the space in the gallery is used to “explore the notions of moving…both physically and metaphysically.” She further states that the works “are about instances of transitions and distance (parcours). They try to play without time and space conventions, to let the public discover and rediscover imaginary and everyday worlds.”


(Jul.02-Jul.31): Jennifer Walton ‘Fathers and Sons/ the Hunters’ (Montreal): new paintings

Detail of one of Jennifer Walton’s paintings from the exhibition “Fathers and Sons/The Hunters”

Jennifer Walton’s paintings examine institutions of male dominance. The hunter, portrayed as a white, North American male, is used as a multilayered metaphor for the depiction of a predominantly male activity, one that speaks to the patriarchal history of painting and image making in general. Each painting alludes to the existential “look” or “the gaze”, the fact that images have traditionally been constructed from a male viewpoint to serve a male viewpoint.


(Aug.11-Aug.27): Gallery closed

Artcite’s gallery was closed but several artists collaborated in the installation of two site-installations by visiting artists Dominique Pelletey and Krijn De Koning.


(Sep.09­-Oct.09) Dominique Pelletey + Krijn De Koning (Amsterdam)

Pelletey and Koning

Dominique Pelletey designed and installed large-scale photographs for the gallery while Krijn de Koning created a site-specific environment in the gallery. An informal discussion (with Krijn) about installation and the gallery took place on the Saturday following the opening.


(Sep.23-Sep.25): MEDIA CITY I

Media City 1

Windsor’s 1st Annual Film and Video Festival. A weekend-long screening festival and symposium. Featured panelists and presenters included: Hank Bull (Western Front, Vancouver); Cat Kayuga and Joseph Lazore (of Guelph’s Aboriginal Film and Video Collective); Kim Truchan (Windsor) and Daniela Sneppova (Prague, Czechoslovakia); Dermot Wilson and Christopher McNamara of Machyderm (Windsor). (Sponsored jointly by Windsor’s ‘House of Toast’ Film & Video Collective)

(Sep.16-Sep.30) ‘ARTSEEN III’

Artseen 3
Artcite’s local, unjuried off-site exhibition, featuring new works in a variety of media by emerging artists. Exhibition presented cooperatively with the Common Ground Gallery, an independent, unjuried community arts space founded with the assistance of Artcite, the AGW and the U of W’s School of Visual Arts in 1987.
What began as a studio tour event has evolved into this off-site festival. New works and works in progress by a large number of local artists are installed in a warehouse in the downtown core. An opening at the site and ongoing screenings and performances at various venues allow Artcite and its members to “hit the streets” and infiltrate our community.


(Oct.14­-Nov.13): Donna Ferrato ‘Living With the Enemy’ (New York): photography
This show was accompanied by a panel discussion on the night of the opening and a series of off-site events throughout the month of the exhibition. The activities within and beyond the walls of Artcite were intended to encourage dialogue around art-making and its relationship to an important social issue. Other organizations (Hiatus House; the Well Come Centre; Windsor Women Working With Immigrant Women) participated in this month long project and activities included a symposium (with the artist); Love Taps, a theatrical production by the Windsor Feminist Theatre; a community resource day at the YMCA and screenings of pertinent films and videos, curated by ‘The House of Toast’, Windsor’s Film & Video collective (free admission)

Ferrato “Twelve years ago, while working on a story about a couple in love, I saw a man hist his wife. Until then I’d thought the greatest threat of danger to women came from strangers, those nameless men prowling for prey in darkened alleys. Suddenly my eyes were opened to the dark of family life. No longer was I protected by the dream that the home was a refuge.” — Donna Ferrato, New York 1993.


(Nov.05) ‘Tuna-Brain’
A multi-media musical presentation by local group, ZYN. This event, at Masonic Temple is an exploration of new musical and video production. The artists involved in this collective bring extremely diverse influences and disciplines together to form a cohesive audio/visual performance.

(Nov.12) ‘ARTISTS+MODELS VI– ‘Neuroskin’

Artcite’s annual fashion and performance event held at Windsor’s Masonic Temple. While this is one of Artcite’s principal fundraisers this event is also a showcase for artists, clothing designers, musicians and performance artists to present new work to the Windsor community. Artcite’s annual evening of performance and artist-made clothing (off-site showcase and fundraiser). This annual event has also come to be known as a venue for new performance in the Windsor/Detroit area.


(Dec.01­-Dec.23) DOIN’ THE LOUVRE

Artcite’s 13th annual, unjuried, Christmas fundraising exhibition