(Jan.08-Feb.12) Barbara Claus (Quebec): photos+drawings


Barbara Claus works primarily in photography and drawing, using large pigment drawings directly on the wall, in conjunction with equally large photographic pieces. The photographs are enlargements of images taken in and around graveyards, addressing the artist’s concern with “human being and death through a poetic representation.”


(Feb.19-Mar.21) David Acheson (Burlington) + Bernard Helling (Windsor) ‘Embedded/Embodied’

Detail view of two pieces by David Acheson (top) and Bernard Helling’s (bottom) works.

These two artists both work with technological elements, most often created from the detritus of our consumer society. Their sculptures and installations are similar in their concerns with the technological advancement of the world.


(Mar.25-Apr.18) Colette Laliberté (Windsor/Toronto): new paintings


Laliberte’s pieces are often painted over previous works, creating a layering of imagery and process consistent with her concerns. Her recent works have included computer altered imagery, transferred onto the canvases and painted over with various glazes. ” I have become more interested in border-crossing ‘mise-en-scène’, that of an illusive space placed on the wall where the painting creates the wall and where the wall is part of the painting. This elaboration of ‘mise-en-scenes’ allows me to further investigate the specificity of urban and industrial monuments in relation with human.”


(Apr.23-Apr.28 ) ‘Prison Arts Foundation Exhibition’ of artwork by prison inmates and parolees
Artcite hosted this event as a fund-raiser for the Foundation; it was presented by Artcite as part of a commitment to broadening the scope of its community involvement.

(Apr.30-May.30) Susan Menzies ‘Crow Call’ (Alberta): paintings and sculpture

Detail from the exhibition “Crow Call” by Susan Menzies.

Alberta artist Susan Menzies most recent exhibition consists of a number of paintings and wood carvings in which fragmented images of nature combine with evocative symbols of vulnerability and contact. the images and objects echo each other and provide a transition between real and pictorial space, between concrete reality and emotion.


(Jun.04-Jul.04) ‘El Salvador In The Eye Of The Beholder’: photo series

Organized in conjunction with SalvAide: A Canadian aid organization, El Salvador in the Eye of the Beholder, documents events in el salvador from 1979 to the present. The photos are part of an archive collected by the Salvadoran people.

 (Jul.09-Aug.09) Red Tree/Rojo Nuevo Collective ‘The River of Blood Flows On’: interdisciplinary collaborative work

River of Blood

Featured Artists: Nery Espinoza, Shelley Niro, Damarys Sepulveda, Augusto Crespin, Nazeer Khan, Reinaldo Valverde, Jorge Lozano, Ingrid Mayrhofer, Penelope J. McCabe, Marcel Commanda, Lynn Hutchinson, Asselin Charles, Michael Doxtater, Mariana Valverde, Grupo Taller.

Gallery Closed


(Sep.10-Oct.10) Chris McNamara ‘Wed.spec.’ (Windsor): installation


A critical investigation of middle class ideals, values and preconceptions. The installation revolved around a pinball machine with the evocative title “Havana”, and included photographic and film elements.

 (Sep.24-Oct.10) ‘ARTSEEN II’ (offsite group show at the J.T.Wing building)

Artseen 2


(Oct.15-Nov.14) Vittorio Sbrocca ‘Cartoon’ (Windsor): sculptural installation


“This body of work consists of a series of 3-D wall ‘drawings’. These drawings (or combines) incorporate 2-D and 3-D ‘units’ to create visual phrases. Many of the aesthetic and thematic considerations are based upon fractal geometry and chaos theory; two mathematically representational disciplines which explore, among other things, the interrelationship between single units and the collective whole. Elements from these systems are applied to a variety of topics through a pluralistic method of artmaking to reveal links between a diverse range of ideas, experiences, images and objects in our lives” –from the artists’ statement

(Oct.16) ‘ARTISTS+MODELS V– Second Skin/ Fashionable Defense Mechanisms’: performance/ fashion show

Second Skin

Participants: Sandy Batten, Bev McNaughton, Daniela Snepova, Karen Libby, Jennifer Bartolin, Cheryl Chudyk, Jennifer Elliot, Veronica Desjardins, Tamara Marchinko, Sean Gammon, Sarah Maloney, Greg George, Michael Proracki, Eddie Abbey, David newman, Sheri Nelson, Erica, Josie Borgen, Grace Lutsch, laura Pinto, Dorina Slesiak, Steve Daigle, James A. Howsen, Barb Bondy, Christine Burchnall, Tamara Skerrat, Donna Swanson, Kristen Poisson, Chris McNamara, Drew Ellwood, Mary Stonehouse, Joe DeAngelis, Mark Lefebvre, Robert Coyle, Merry Ellen Scully Mosna, Lee Rabideau, Tammy Moffat, Dermot Wilson, Greg Saunders, Jack Studzienny, Mark Buckner, Cassandra Getty, Chantal Houtteman, Nathalie Houtteman,Melissa Centofani, Wayne Tousignant, Lianne Payne, Britta Poisson, Deidre Logue, Renee Angers, Allen Burkhoff, Shannon Bogucki, Suzanne KonyhaCathy Coletta, Linda Zagaglioni, Chris Lawson, Erica Hysterica, John Deck, Kim Truchan, Kari Davidson, Mark Gelinas, Danielle Bowers, Tom Savage,Sam Kim, Scott Hughes, Alex Skakoon, Marc Atkins, Lois Ward,Justine Black, Pauline Phipps, Gustave Morin, Sergio Forest, Cindy Kavanaugh, Mark Laliberte


(Nov.19-Dec.19) Ben Walmsley + John Armstrong ‘August and Oval Point’ (Toronto): painting exibition curated by Colette Laliberte

August and Oval Point


(Dec.10-Dec.23) 12th DOIN’ THE LOUVRE
Artcite’s annual, unjuried Christmas fundraising exhibition