(Jan.10 – Feb.02) Richard Sewell ‘Universe/ Neighbourhood/ Block’: printed works

Detail from Richard Sewell’s exhibition “Universe/Neighbourhood/Block”

Printmaker RICHARD SEWELL explores and extends the boundaries of traditional printmaking processes and definitions. This “prinstallation” will present a selection of some of his most recent works and will be combined with an audio component.


(Feb.07 – Mar.05) Mireille Plamondon

Employing transparencies, straw, steel, copper and wood, MIREILLE PLAMONDON constructs a sculptural installation which questions our place in a technologically driven, spiritually weakened contemporary world. “In Quebec, church steeples and transmission towers are our landmarks: one marks our spiritual path, the other our material development.” By positioning these two symbols together, Plamondon encourages the viewer to make unusual but intriguing associations.


(Mar.06 – Mar.29) Cecily Moon ‘Endless Sea’

Detail view from Cecily Moon’s show “Endless Sea”

Canadian born Cecily Moon creates pencil drawings which speak of recollection and cycles. Installed on four large accordion panels these 48 works are an attempt tot recover a method of drawing the artist employed around age 12. Working from memory alone this process will be a reconciliation with the past without being directly autobiographical. Accompanying the installation will be a recording of the sounds of the ocean.


(Apr.03 – Apr.26) David Bobier ‘Flowers of Wind / Fires of Time’ (Windsor/London): installation


David Bobier’s installations include everyday objects like fans, vacuum cleaners, and electric fireplaces — a playful approach to exploring our manipulations and attempts to control the forces of nature through technology.

“Bobier places the commonplace within the unexpected contexts thereby rendering it visible , we can see that our inventions and creations are not only extensions of the basic elements of nature but are also extensions of ourselves in much the same way the work of an artist resembles its creator.” — Janet Hammock


(May.01 – Jun.07) Michelle Normoyle ‘Double Bind’


Micheel Normoyle is a photographer who employs the calotype, or paper negative process, in her work. She records images from the technologically complex media with this comparatively simple medium in order to allow: ” the details to fall away, to uncover the dynamics within… My photographs, writes Normoyle, whether originating from television or print media or film, use the directors tools along with technologically primitive process of the calotype to reveal the unconscious elements operating within the photograph, an antidote to the materialist, technological legacy of the daguerrotype.”

(May.15 – Jun.26) Andrew Carlisle ‘You Are Reading’: billboard/ public art project

“You Are Reading” by Andrew Carlisle.


(Jun.12 – Jul.19) ‘Artcite Invite’ Founding Members invitational exhibition

Each artist was selected by one of the Founding Members to exhibit in this show

Catherine Heard
Catherine Heard’s “Untitled” from the exhibition “A Founding Members Invitational Exhibition”

Featured Artists: Robert Coyle, Drew Ellwood, Catherine Heard, Nancy Johns, Johnassie Kittosuk, Suzanne Konyha, Grahame Lynch, Murray Knopf, Sandra Lewis, Grace Manias, Tony Mosna, Susan O’neil, Alan Packer.


(Jul.24-Aug.30) Lisa Kokin ‘Unearthing+Tales Of A Nice Jewish Girl’: 2 installations

Detail from Lisa Kokin’s “Unearthing, Tales of a Nice Jewish Girl” exhibition.

“Throughout Kokin’s work are the themes of human suffering and intolerance towards groups of other people because those groups are somehow different from a mainstream. UNEARTHING challenges the viewer to consider the multifarious histories of racism through a collision of languages, the visual, the written, the implied. The work’s strength is not located entirely in the particular and the personal but also in its abilities to evoke the universal.” — M. MacKenzie, from the accompanying pamphlet


(Sep.11-Oct.11) Grace Manais ‘ Hell Screen’ (Windsor)


An exhibition of new work; this two part exhibition includes a series of drawings and photographs and installation entitled “The Temple”.  This multi-media installation centres around an architectural element, mimicking a temple in appearance, and setting up an investigation into our often problematic relationship to mass-media.


(Oct.02 ) ‘ARTSEEN’ Performance Night

Performers at “Artsen”

(Oct.23-Nov.22) Daniela Sneppova ‘Domestic Angels in the Motor City’ (Windsor): painting/ installation


In this work the artist covered the walls and front windows of Artcite with with imagery applied using stencils and carved rubber rollers.  ” The formal investigation of images and patterns are physically layered to suggest a sense of history: the chronicle of the past is overlaid with what we consider to be significant in the present”–from the artist’s statement.


11th annual DOIN’ THE LOUVRE/ Windsor Souvenirs


Artcite’s annual, unjuried Christmas fundraising exhibition