(Jan.04-Jan.27) Robbert Fortin ‘Interventions’ (Windsor): mixed media

Robert Fortin producing work for “Interventions”
Robbert Fortin’s last show in Windsor and Canada before leaving for France consists of recent works of mixed-media: paintings, collages, prints and dry-point collage. Robbert’s creative approach is driven by primitive instinct where he proceeds through difficulties when they happen, while being very much alert during the process.

“In the very first stage of each of my paintings, I multiply in a very rapid flow the collages of images, objects and materials which precisely find themselves in a position of “material de base”.What interests me in these works are the processes of redoubling and intervention of images, materials and objects and their manifestation as signs in the paintings. These images, objects and materials reveal collages of information and intervention concerning my life, our cultures and current or previous environments that once assembled give the viewer the sense of dynamic creative action– of moments extracted by the artist from the mundane world. Everything has to take its own place. My work consists in staying alert to each step of the immediate “doing” in developing a personal language” — Robert Fortin


(Feb.01-Mar.03) Michael Fernandes ‘Personal History’ (Halifax): installation/ mixed media

Detail from the show “Personal History” by Michael Fernandes.
An exhibition of new works, presented a series of installations which continued the concerns and use of varied material explored in the artist’s earlier works. Wall text and actual objects are combined to gently challenge our usual habits of thinking.


(Apr.05-Apr.26) Valerie Gill ‘Reflections On The Horizon Line’ (Montreal): sculptural installation


A complex sculptural installation proposition investigating time and space, using the notion of collage as a way of associating segments of work to create a space for the viewer. The show consisted of a group of sculptural elements and two dimensional works incorporated to provide a “mental pathway” connecting body to landscape and environment.

(May.03-May.26) Jaclyn Shoub ‘Takeoff’ installation Canvas-tile Installation.


Artist statement: “I see hospitals and airports as institutions necessary for the proper functioning of society, while on an individual level one’s autonomy and choice is removed. These institutions become settings for both broken and dramatic narratives, based on the relationships and roles of medical/ flight staff to patients/ passengers and their relationship to their work place. It is the implications that evolve from these narratives that are of interest to me.”
–Jaclyn Schoub


(May 31) Artcite Inc. presents Recession Wear – Stanley’s Tavern

Recession Wear
A model walking the runway for the show “Recession Wear”
A fashion and performance extravaganza!
Participating Artists and Models:

Noeline Burk, RAMZ, Maria Notte, Doris Albano, Jennifer Delben, Theano Kokinasis, Amy Shane, Jeff, Chris, Yvonne, Wendy Foster, Hemal Patel, Leanne Foster, Kim Lefebvre, Remus Villaverer, Lillian Davies, Avery Hutnyk, Lyndsay Davies, Lori van Watteghem, Eva & Alex Pardinas, Amy Lofaso, Yvonne Evers, Rebecca Smith, Lori Jane, Michael Petee, Michelle Adams, Linda Martini, Diane Bircakovic, Britta Poisson, Dermot Wilson, Anne Clendenning, Carol Koynha, Christine Koynha, Shane Ford, Rose Veltri, Chris Mangin, Chris Marentette, Evana Kristin, Lori van Buskirk, Jeff Land, David Newman, Carolyn MacDonald, Laurie Bergman, Jennifer Hilms, Liana Loduc, Linda Marina,Catherine Mastin, Diana Teske, Lisa Canzi, Patricia Warren, Barb Bondy, Tom McKinnon, Allen Bukoff, Linda Zagaglioni, Eleni Bastousis, Julie Harper, Wade Nelligan, Dan Bechard, Melissa Centofani, Tracy Phillips,General Memetics Institute, Lee Rabideau, Wayne Handley


(Jun.15-Aug.04) ‘IN CONTROL’ (A Billboard Project At Selected Windsor Locations)

In Control
A Christopher McNamara piece from the exhibition “In Control”


(Aug.09-Sep.08) Brigitte Radecki ‘disconnection’

Exploring the divisions between the real and the illusion, between form and function, illumination and “burnout, ” in their various levels of interpretation, BRIGITTE RADECKI creates an installation which incorporates ready made light-emitting and light-absorbing objects and materials. She “short-circuits” the objects original meanings by creating replicas and juxtaposing them with the “real” objects.


 (Sep.13-Oct.06) Ginette Legare ‘Mythodologies’ (Toronto): mixed media sculpture

Detail of a work from Ginette Legare’s exhibition “Methodologies”
Ginette Legare will create a sculptural installation to be shown in the gallery for three weeks. She will also offer a lecture Wednesday, October 2 and visit students studios on Thursday, October 3 and Friday, October 4.
“My work continues to investigate the act of representation, its structures and iconicities. The materials I use – slate tiles, roll of tar paper, wood and aluminum – participate as extensions of the body, projecting boundaries into zones of exchange and sedimentation. The flatness of some of the materials, their sign value – as well as the surface inscriptions embedded in them – recover organic layers implicit within the industrial and mechanical.
My current research focuses on the cutting and pasting of slate figures and other small constructs. It explores the organic-instrumentalist possibilities of a recovered-materials base – reinvesting the signs that tools are int a recursive reading of the body and its situation(s) in space. This new project is heuristic, both in procedure and intent. It introduces the use of found manufactures made of steel and other alloys in my work.”


(Oct.04-Oct.05) Mark Prent / Butoh Performers: Bodhi Sattva and Tetsuro Fukuhara (International – Vermont / Tokyo)

Vermont-based Canadian artist MARK PRENT will collaborate with TETSURO FUKUHARA and his dance troupe BODHI SATTVA. Mark Prent will be creating a sculptural installation of four or five life-size figures which form a kind of evolutionary chain. The Japanese dancers will incorporate this sculpture into their performance. The Butoh dance technique concentrates on the body’s inner senses. Tetsuro and Bodhi Sattva believe that this form of body expression is a timely response to industrial society’s “loss of touch with the body”. The troupe will also offer a workshop in connection with the annual “Visitors in the Arts” programme series.

(Oct.11-Nov.10) George Bures Miller ‘Conversation/Interrogation + Nightwatch’ (Calgary)

Detail of Geroge Bures Miller’s work from the exhibition “Conversation/Interrogation & Night Watch”
Lethbridge artist GEORGE BURES MILLER is interested in technology’s impact upon and control over society as well as our dominating influence over and distancing from the natural environment. In two projects, Bures Miller examines these and other related issues.


(Nov.29-Dec.22) Guy Giard ‘The Family Show II: Family Fil(L)Ings’

Mixed media installation. Recently returned from a study period in Amsterdam, GUY GIARD will be actively involved with each community which engages him as participating artist and through this interaction he hopes to regain a sense of his Canadian identity. The results of these interactions will be represented in the installation contained in the gallery.

“The Family Show” series was presented in different Canadian cities in 91-92: Regina, Windsor, Peterborough, and Montreal. The subject of this series was the family as a place of socialisation, inseparable from our identity. The installations were like mirrors, reflections where each person could identify, rediscover himself in relation to his or her own family. For this, Giard recreated different central points of family life such as supper, tv, the bedroom… that he transformed while activating one of their specific elements. These installations were created in situ, combining the subject of the family with the specificities of each city / exhibition point. For “Family Fil(L)ings”, Giard lived in this community for two months, created this work, & also presented lectures to the gallery and the local university.


10th Annual DOIN’ THE LOUVRE

…Artcite’s annual, unjuried Christmas fundraising exhibition