(Jan.05-Jan.25) Margie Kelk: paintings and constructions

Detail image from Margie Kelk’s exhibit “Paintings and Constructions”

Mixed media paintings and constructions. Kelk’s works present an ongoing narrative cycle exploring the “aesthetics of contemporary human concern with ideology, the environment, and the holocaust of nuclear war…”



(Feb.09-Mar.04) Andre Clement ‘Camerae Luminosae’: photo exhibit

Detail of Andre Clement’s work from the exhibtion “Camerae Luminosae”

In his use of actual scale photographs of wall fragments, Montreal artist Andre Clement creates a clever visual play on the physical process of photography and the objective nature of the art viewing experience. Camera Luminosae forces the viewer to question the reflexive nature of photography and its capacity to render images more visible than reality itself.



(Mar.08-Mar.31) ‘Studio Watch’ (artists in their studios)

(Mar.09-Apr.12) Barrie Jones — Looking For Paradise

“Mark, Windsor, 1988” by Barrie Jones from the exhibition “Looking for Paradise”

Looking for Paradise presents a synthesis of a documentary style and a “staged” or “directed” approach. The 40 cibachrome prints featured in the exhibition were chosen from among several hundred images of “Trans-Canada Bicyclists” documented by the artist during 1987 and 1988.



(Apr.20-May.20) Andrew Forster ‘Home’ (Montreal)

Detail of a piece from the show “Home” by Andrew Forster.

Assuming the forms of art to expose the forms of art, Montreal artist Andrew Forster works within the post-modernist strategy of appropriation to present a questioning of traditional notions of art history, modernism, the artist authenticity, the Museum and its epistemology and most recently the hidden systems of control operating in society.  The latest in Forster’s multimedia installation works, Home examines notions of “home” both s a basic human desire for security and as a potent tool used to instil xenophobia, racism and increased acceptance of authority.



(Jun.22-Jul.04): ‘Re:Store’ (an offsite exhibition)

(Jun.09) : Spring Hurlbut Vinculum (Toronto): in situ sculpture



(Jul.06-Jul.31): ‘Re:Store’ exhibition at Artcite

Gallery Closed August


(Sep.04-Sep.27): ‘Please Post’ (an exhibition of mail and fax art)

Please Post
Detail of a work from the exhibition “Please Post”

Invitational and open group exhibition of international mail, postcard, xerox, fax and cassette art.



(Oct.05-Oct.28) Alan Dunning (Calgary): installation

Detail of an Alan Dunning work from the exhibition “Untitled”

Mixed media site installation. through suggesting straight narrative reading, Dunning’s complex installation works present a concern with the breakdown of communication and issues of representation in contemporary life. the artist works to present a margin of intentional ambiguity both in his use of juxtaposed found and original images, text, and objects, and by the physical process of description, production, and reproduction obscure the meaning and context of the original source material.



(Nov.02-Dec.02) ‘Schrittwechsel’ Underground Art from East Germany

Detail of Volker ‘Via’ Lewandowsky’s work from the exhibtion “Schrittwechsel”

Exhibition curated by Christophe Tannert, East German art critic and historian. This group exhibition features mixed media works by members of the GDR’s art underground, produced through the 1980s. Although the artwork of this younger generation of artists does not necessarily make overt political statements, they communicated their opposition to the system by refusing to join the official (state-sanctioned) artists’ unions. As a result, they received no income, no identification number, and no work. In response to this precarious position, artists worked collaboratively, producing a tightly-knit sub-culture that created increasingly provocative work. The exhibit supports Tannert’s thesis that today a true alternative, underground culture is more likely to develop in the East, “muscled and regularly renewed by guerilla warfare with the Establishment.”



9th Annual DOIN’ THE LOUVRE… Artcite’s annual, unjuried Christmas fundraising exhibition

Patrons enjoying opening night for the “Doing the Louvre” annual exhibtion.