(Jan.06-Jan.29) Jan Milito ‘Isolated Eternities’ (Windsor/ Toronto)


A Windsor native, Jan Milito studied at the School of Visual Arts, University of Windsor, before pursuing graduate studies at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. She has shown extensively in Windsor and Detroit.



(Feb.03-Feb.26) Carl Skelton ‘Graven’ (Toronto)

Interactive Installation. Grave n. is a group of objects which were left behind.Whoever made them seems to have experiencedhuman flesh and its parts as a precious body of interacting symbols, a mythology.

A Toronto based printmaker and installation artist, Skelton is currently silkscreen area director at Open Studio in Toronto



(Mar.03-Mar.26) ‘Raw Power: Photographs From Garageland and Beyond’ Curated by Christopher McNamara

Raw Power

Featured Artists: Tim Bies, James Crump, Anna Johnson, Kevin Mitchell, James Ransweiler, Steve Shaw

“So what’s a visually enticing show like Raw Power except a straightforward and usually deromanticized local coda to the malaise explored in The Decline of Western Civilization, and therefore a homage to the superfluous historicity of one’s lost youth? What are these images lit by if not the entropic afterflow of an aesthetic, that was once, loosely speaking, an “ethic” with socio-political aspirations: anti-nukes, anti-apartheid, animal rights, vegetarianism, etc.

How could punk with its paradoxes, its austerities or expressionist excesses, survive the serial infinitude of commodity consciousness (the media in general), commodity conscience (Live Aid and the rest), or commodity crises (a dime a dozen)?”– Lorenzo Buj, from the accompanying text “Raw Power”


(Mar.15) Nan Hoover (multi-media performance)

Continuing in her series of evocative light and movement studies, this premiere Windsor performance will be the culminating work of a two weeks artist residency sponsored by the School of Visual Arts, University of Windsor.

A performance artist based in Amsterdam and New York, Nan Hoover has been active in video and performance for the past 15 years. her work has been included in major exhibitions and video/performance festivals around the world.



(Mar.30-Apr.30) Marc De Guerre ‘Recent Works’

De Guerre
Detail piece from Marc De Guerre’s show “Recent Works”

Continuing in his interest in the imagery of the extreme psychological states, Marc De Guerre’s recent works address an intersecting concern with the problematic traditional representations of women as artistic sex objects and of stereotyped modern maleness itself.



(May.05-May.28) Marie-France Giraudon ‘De L’Enveloppe a L’Ecran’

In her experimental photographic installations, Giraudon attempts to envelop the viewer in a mystical (if disquieting) environment created through changing photographic projections of the human figure in metamorphosis and ambient sound. De L’Envelope A L’Ecran deals with the transmutation of the human body. Constriction, release, birth, death — changes as dictated by social and natural dillemas.

(May.26) ‘ARTISTS+MODELS 4– Global Garb’

Global Garb

Participating Artists + Models:

Kritsyn Hughes, Pat Warren, Robbert Fortin, Sheldon Iden, Tony Mosna,Tony Particelli-Couture, Lee Rabideau, Eugene Sasso, Vittorio Sbrocca,Christine Burchnall, Suzanne Koynha, MESM, Josie Brgan, Allen Bukoff,Sherra Craig, David Domitrovic, Jean Du, Tina Gall, Suzann Hodges, Melanie Janisse, Kathy Klinck, Nathalie Landry, Kristie LeRiviere, Kevin LeVasseur, Michael Lopez, Heather Majaury, Jen Manias, Jackie McVittie,Oona Mosna, Marnie Noestheden, Troy Palcitt, Linda Palazzi, Michelle Prince,Heather Rosie, Angie Raskovic, Tricia Segui, Thano Souchlas, Brian Spooner,Lori Van Buskirk, Guy Dowdell, Grace Manias, Jan Milito, Wes Blewett, Steve Daigle, Bernie Helling, Mark Sikich, John Simard, Wayne Tousignant,Trevor Malcolm, Mary Popovich, Mary Atkinson, Eleni Bastounis,Susan Daugherty, Lillian Davies, Peg Dorner, Angie Foster, Veronique Mandal,Ki Ok Park, Danica West, Stephanie De Bono, Nancy Drew, Theresa DeLuca, Cathy Manias-Fiddler, Lisa Kisch, Damian Chappus, Siobahn Barker, Becky Blewett, Ivana Costenara, Diana Fleming, Dominic & Robert, Howard Jean


(Jun.03-Jun.25) ‘Urbanology’ Artists View Urban Experience

Detail image by Jesse Goode and Donna Service from the exhibition “Urbanology”

An international, interdisciplinary, multi-site, collaborative curated project, Urbanology, includes visual art exhibitions, street performance, film and videa and site specific installations and artist led walking tours in both Windsor and Detroit.

Participating Organizations

Artcite, Common Ground Gallery, Mackenzie Hall, Detroit Artists Market, Front room Gallery, Detroit Arts Council, David Whitney Building, Marygrove College, Michigan Gallery, Center for Creative Studies Wayne State Gallery, and the Willis Gallery, Detroit.

On view at Artcite: DELRAY a group exhibition organized by members of the Urban Centre for Photography, Detroit. Featured artists are: John Dempsey, Kathryn Bender, Kathe Kowalski, Christopher McNamara, Jesse Goode and Jason Tannen



(Jul.08-Jul.29) ‘ABC NO RIO’ (dual exhibition with the Michigan Gallery)

ABC No Rio
Detail piece by Anton Van Dalew from the exhibition “ABC No Rio”

 Gallery Closed August


(Sep.08-Oct.01) Andrea Champlin + Bradley Rubenstein (collaborative installation)

Champlin and Rubenstein
Detail view of a piece by Andrea Champlin and Bradley Rubenstein from their Collaboration Installation.

In contrast to the art-as commodity or art-as-self-aggrandizement which has been said to preoccupy many of todays artists, Champlin and Rubenstein see the significance of their work as lying in the investigation and communication of ideas in a collaborative process. Their collective imagery is freely borrowed from a variety of popular sources: the anonymous ‘family’ snapshot religious devotional imagery, comic books and historical and contemporary art icons.


(Oct.06-Oct.29) Real Patry ‘Jeux D’Autos’: kinetic installation

Real Patry
Detail image from the “Real Patry” exhibition.

In the creation of his multi-media installations of “sculptural gadgetry” Patry has been called a kind of “high tech art brut presence” in Montreal. Jeux D’Autos is a witty sensory extravaganza based on the theme of an auto accident.


(Nov.03-Nov.30): Philippe Boissonnet ‘Doublets et Reflets’ (Montreal): holography + painting

Detail image from the exhibition “Doublets et Reflets” by Phillipe Boissonnet.

Mixed media installation featuring holograms and paintings. Boissonette’s works explore the tension between the real and the imaginary, the present and absent, the original and the reproduction and between the integrity of the human image and our uncertainty of being which is the result of technological mutations of our society and the future.

(Nov.07-Nov.08): ‘L.I.F.T Off’: film retrospective

A Collaborative presentation between Liason of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto and Artcite Inc.


Priimiti Too Taa – Ed Ackerman & Colin Morton
A Trip Around Lake Ontario – Colin Brunton
Evelyn, Be My Valentine – Virginia Rankin
Las Arradas – Janis Lundman
Under The Table – Luis Garcia
Ninon in the Kabaret de la Vita – Jeremy Podeswa
The Civil Servant – John Detwiler & Renee Duncan
Forgotten Mother – Adrienne Amato
Uniways – Paul McGowan
Elephant Dreams – Martha Davis
Northbound Cairo – Annette Mangard
Inside/Out – Lori Spring
O Zoo – Phillip Hoffman
Lac La Croix – Judith Doyle

(Nov.23) X: Art & Pop Culture: Miekal And & Liz Was

Art n Pop Culture

A performance and lecture by Madison, Wisconsin cassete/mail art gurus, And & Was.   
Two of the most active members of the 1980s underground art networks. And & Was are also curators and custodians of Madisons, Avant-Garde Museum of Temporary Art.



(Dec.01-Dec.23) 8th DOIN’ THE LOUVRE… Artcite’s annual, unjuried Christmas fundraising exhibition