(Jan.08-Jan.31) ‘Time As A Minute’ (group exhibit by students and faculty of visual arts U of W) curated by Sylvie Belanger

Time As a Minute
Time As A Minute explores differing concepts of time: time as “movement, moment, witness, measure…..”

(Jan.15-Jan.17) Industrial Impact: various points of view (symposium)
Some of the participants: Stephen Andrews, Anne-Marie Beneteau, Joan Borsa, Jim Brophey + Margaret Keith, Christine Burchnall, Carole Conde / Karl Beveridge, Rick Coronado, Joseph DeAngelis, Stan Denniston, Rosemary Donegan, Robbert Fortin, Michele Goulette, Suzanne Kohyha, Joyce McLean, Clayton Pearce, John Scott, Mary Ellen Scully Mosna, Wayne Tousignant.


(Feb.05-Feb.28) Deanna Sperka ‘4 Way Stop’ (Michigan, USA): installation

Deanna Sperka
Detail image from Deanna Sperka’s exhibition “4 Way Stop”

In her evocative site works and installation projects, Deanna Sperka pursues an understanding of the inter-related world of nature, ritual, myth, and mysticism. As with the mystical tradition of the Kabbalah– in its use of anthropomorphic images to intensify its ideas –Sperka seeks to employ those techniques that evoke real objects without replicating them; ‘4 Way Stop’ incorporates photographic sculpture, images, natural materials, and sound.


(Mar.03-Mar.29) Robbert Fortin ‘The Majesty of the Elephant as an Earthbound Cloud’

Detail work from Robbert Fortin’s exhibition “The Majesty of the Elephant as an Earthbound Cloud”

“When a man sought to know how he should live, he went into solitude and cried until in vision some animal brought wisdom to him”, said the Pawnee chief Letakots-Lesa. Mysteriously, naturally, images of the elephant came to me. Intuitively, instinctively, I depicted these mythologically charged repositories of wisdom and knowledge, at first with difficulty and fear. Where did they come from? In continuing, I am the elephant. The elephant is the medium. The painting is a medium. I am the elephant.
Thoughts voyaging freely in the universe as invisible energy, cells of thoughts. Not just blood, one human being to another, natural telecommunicators, understanding the invisible power of the source. Each human being is a receptor and a transformer.” — Robbert Fortin, from the artist statement.


(April.02) Founders Show ’16 From 82′ 345 presents ‘The Electric Kettle Works’ (performance)

Electric Kettle Works

Group exhibition of recent works by the sixteen original founding members of Artcite: Anne Marie Beneteau, Steve Daigle, Joseph DeAngelis, Terry Evans, Scott Gregory, George Keltika, Margaret Lawrence, Gene Lotz, Brian Malcolm, Halyna Mordowanec, David Renaud, John Simard, John Steel, Wayne Tousignant, Michael Wilk, and Milica Yaksich.


(May.05-May.29) Nomi Kaplan ‘Brooklyn Illuminations’ (Vancouver) photo-collage

“Torment of the Damned” from Nomi Kaplan’s exhibition “Brooklyn Illuminations”
Fascinated by the immediacy of graffiti writing as a form of communication, Nomi Kaplan began photographing graffiti during her visits to the Lower Park Slopes area of Brooklyn, NY, from 1984-87. Returning to her home in Vancouver, she was struck by connections between these photographs and her interest in Renaissance art, pre-Christian and early Christian art and iconography. Kaplan’s works are not “message” pieces; instead, they are pieces that “hold messages”. The reading depends on the viewer. The “messages” are about heaven, limbo and hell. They are about capitalism, consumerism, “the streets”, and the declining North American way of life. They are about exchanges, where time and place are shuffled, reshuffled, and dropped into new contexts… ‘Brooklyn Illuminations’ is intended to be gazed upon, scanned, decoded, interrupted and understood or questioned according to the viewer’s own imagination, experiences and needs.

(May.13) ‘ARTISTS+MODELS III– Fashion Maneuvers: Style Under Attack’

Artists and Models
Some models walking the runway.
Participating Artists + Models:
Michael Johnston, Merry Ellen Scully Mosna, Suzanne Koynha, MESM, Patty Warren, Ellie Csepregi, Peg Dorner, Veronique Mandal, Patricia Aligard, Bill Alli, T. Barnett, Cindy Bennet, Laura Blanchette, Frankeia Brent, Angela Brown, Allen Bukhoff, Nicole Castle, Tim Castle, Angie Citluski, Dawn Courtnay, Riva Demers, Colleen Dureno, Jackie Fedak, Robert Fortin, Alda Gagnier, Paola Galossi, Deborah Griffin, Renee Johnston, Clifford Krug, Nandor Ladi, Janis Lucas, Trevor Malcolm, Chris Mangin, Jen Manias, Jamie Marr, Rita Mastoghacomo, Jackie McVittie, Charlene Mitchell, Eric Novak, Wendy Paquette, Rhonda Patterson, Pat Petro, Lee Rabideau, Ivana Ristic, Anne Ruby, Dolores Schwietzer, Troy Simonato, Darina Sleziak, Michael Smith, Natalie Sutak, Elisa Van Aspert, Vesna Voynovic, Elaine Weeks, Sir Samuel Wellington III, Vincent R. Wellington, X. Wilcox, Eddie Murray, Steve Daigle, Susan Daugherty, Joe DeAngelis, Roly Martin, Wayne Tousignant, Bernie Helling, Ivana Costerna, Robbert Fortin, Howard Jean, Herb Colling, Cathy Manias, Grace Manias, Katte Charman, Brian McNamara, Nancy Drew, Theresa DeLuca, Stacey Dunn, Tim Renaud, Tracye Griffin, Jono Fidler, Jan Milito, Dan Moriarty, Dave Takis, Carol Koynha, Mary Koynha, Clark
Ellis, Sheldon Iden, Tony Mosna


(Jun.03-Jul.03) ‘Art in Transit: In the Neighborhoods:Points of Departure’ Guest Jurors: Grant Arnold, Curator, Art Gallery of Windsor & Mary Meserve, Artist and Co-director, 55 Peterboro Gallery, Detroit.

Art in Transit
Presented in co-operation with Transit Windsor and Trans Ad, this unique project featured selected works by Windsor and Detroit area artists exploring the theme “In the Neighbourhood: Points of Departure”. Art in Transit also had works that after a month-long exhibit in Artcite’s gallery space, “rode” different routes of the Transit Windsor Bus System (including the Windsor / Detroit Tunnel Bus) each day during the run of the summer’s International Freedom
Festival Celebrations.


(Jul.08-Jul.30) ‘Fill ‘Er Up’ (unjuried exhibition of THINGS)

Fill 'Er Up

Gallery Closed August


(Sep.03-Sep.25) Robert Coyle ‘In A State Of Nature’ (Windsor): mixed-media installation
The latest in Coyle’s evocative installation works, In a State of Nature, effectively deals with questions of culture, the past and the ramifications of the present and future.

(Sep.07-Sep.10) R.A.R.F. (Real Art Retail Fashion)



(Sep.30-Oct.23) The Nowhere Men ‘Nowhere Fast’: performance and site installation
The multi-layered sculpture / performance projects of the Nowhere Men deal with systems of art making, representation and context. Coming to performance art / actions initially as a means of informing their respective sculptural activities, the “men”– aka London artists Paul Vanderborn and Tom McKinnon –attempt to actively involve the spectator in their “performed drawings” through clever use of framing and cueing devices. “We collect bundles of images, sounds, actions and words… we attempt to give form and identity to the flux of a perceived mental situation, in a questioning of temporality, personal identity and space….nowhere fast…..”


(Nov.05-Dec.04) ‘Industrial Impact’ exhibition + publication launch

“Failsafe” by Christine Burchnall from the exhibition “Industrial Impact: Various Points of View”

“An eerie juxtaposition of form and content has stolen in and hulks over our modern scene. In one mere century
of history, human kind has experienced exponential evolution, a technological tempest which has rocked and scarred the cradle of its existence. ” — Mary Ellen Scully Mosna, from the introduction to Industrial Impact: Various Points of View
“What is the use of a house if you haven’t a tolerable planet to put it on?” — Henry David Thoreau, as cited in Industrial Impact.
Featured Artists : Stephen Andrews, Anne-Marie Beneteau, Karl Beveridge/Carole Conde, Christine Burchnall, Joseph DeAngelis, Stan Denniston, Robbert Fortin, Michele Goulette, Suzanne Konyha, John Scott, Wayne Tousignant.

(Nov.10) Grant Guy: ‘Herr Puntila: A Long Time Ago Brecht Once Had A Dream’ (Winnipeg): multimedia performance
In his latest one-man theatrical set piece, Guy presents a series of stories about youth “gone bad”: an enlightened and contemporary view of the criminal perspective.

(Nov.24) Werner Herterich: ‘Man in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction-True Love’ (USA): installation/performance

Detail image from Werner Herterich’s show “Man in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” the seventh in Herterich’s continuing series of “Man in the Age…” performances, True Love presents metaphors of interpersonal relationship| in a post-industrial world. Describing himself as a multi-media artist cultural worker, Herterich has performed his “living collages” widely an frequently at museums, theaters, nightclubs and galleries in the U.S. and Europe.


 (Dec.07): DOIN’ THE LOUVRE… Artcite’s annual, unjuried Christmas fundraising exhibition