(Jan.07-Feb.01) Dennis Bolohan ‘Light’

Detail image from Denis Bolahan’s show “Light”

Continuing with his explorations in the integration of modern industrial technologies and contemporary art practices, this latest installation work by Kingston artist Bolohan, incorporating varied industrial materials and plastics and computer technology in the form of synthesized music generation and system control, effectively exploits the possibilities of modern technologies for the artist.



(Feb.04-Mar.05) Shelagh Alexander (Toronto)

Alexander’s work combines fragments of film stills and found photographs, cartoon images and textual messages; through her use of the compilation photographic process these diverse images share the same surface, the discursive space, wherein the works meaning is structured.


(Mar.04-Mar.29) Dan E. Hudson: paintings


A Toronto based artist Hudson has shown his work in group and solo exhibitions across Canada

Spring Performance Art Festival

(Mar.15) Istvan Cantor/Monty Cantsin ‘Bagdata’ (Montreal): performance

The subject of Bagdata is the artist who demystifies art by mystifying everyday reality by transforming actual events into images and narratives.  Cantor creates a new situation by adopting Monty Cantsin’s “open pop star persona” into his own life and letting his life events mix with fiction. Reality becomes fantasy, fiction becomes history.

“When reality becomes imaginary and fiction turns to history anything can happen to anybody.” — Istvan Cantor

(Mar.22) Geoffery Shea ‘Truth and the New American Religion’ (Toronto): performance

Shea’s performances actively engage the viewer in a questioning of truth in narrative and documentary formats. Part of Shea’s premise is that when performance acts as a spectacle it assumes the role of the art object. It is in this way that truth can be achieved –with its limited value. Shea has presented his works in galleries across Canada and Europe, most recently in the 1986 Videotex show at the Venice Biennale.

(Apr.23) Micheal Olito: performance

Winnipeg artist Micheal Olito defines himself as something of an apostate within what he sees, as the “trendy” neo-expressionist and smart high tech art (of the day). Olito’s remarkable performance sculptures are unapologetically low-tech, composed of found materials such as plastic, goose feathers, twine and wood. These he incorporates into concentrated performances of short duration and almost unbearable intensity. –Robert Enright, Canadian Art



(Apr.01-Apr.26) ‘South of the Border, North Of Here’

South of the Border, North of Here

An Artcite/Michigan Gallery Exchange curated by Clarke Ellis and Dan Graschuk

Detroit artists exhibiting in Windsor, Ontario artists exhibiting in Detroit. A collaboration between Artcite Inc. and Michigan Gallery Detroit.

Participating Artists, Carol L. Taylor, Ralph Baginski, Martin Barstow, Julie Belanger, Carl Bernhardt, Dianne Bigelow, Michael Boss, Dan Boles, Brian E. Brown, Christine Burchnall, Mason Byers, Brian Ciupka, Robert Coyle, Susan P Daugherty, Joe DeAngelis, Dan Dingler, Antonio Doctor, Adele Duck, Bob Ferraro, Thomas Frank, Susan Gelinas, Sue Ellen Gerritssen, Roger Gilman, Susan Gold-Smith, Joseph Hol???? , Robert Q. Hyde, Barrie Jones, Alvaro Jurado, Linda Kennedy, Suzanne Koynha, Beth Klaase, Dennis Knight, Bill Law, Christa Leonard, Rick Lieder, Gabriel Maggio, Janette Marshall, Ian McDougall, Chris McNamara, Judith Morsinik, Dennis Nahabetian, Lisa Norton, Susan O’NeilDaniel Robert Page, John K. Pufhal, Jac Purdon, G.Francis Rizzo, Lee Rabideau, Carol Redmond, Russel A. Rock, Stephen Romano, ??? Sievert, Mark Sikich, Alex Skakoon, Paul David, Clyde Stewart, Ken Steinbeck, Rod Strickland, Tatiana,Bruce R. Thompson, SW Torrens, Julius Vary-Varga, Cindy Weeks, Rolf Wojciechowski, Sandy Zenisek, John Cynar.

(Apr.29-May.24) Roland Sandor ‘If I Should Die Before I Wake…’

Detail image from the exhibition “If I Should Die Before I Wake…”

At once recalling various childhood images and memories this latest installation by Toronto-based artist Ron Sandor, is informed by the artist’s interest in Platonic philosophy. Sandor’s piece humorously explores the dichotomy between reality and dreams.



(May.22) ‘ARTISTS+MODELS 2– Fantasies For the Future’: performance/ fashion show

Artists and Models

Artists and Models is a fundraising fashion event involving collaborations between local artists, designers, musicians and retailers.

Jane Bonell, Margaret Lawrence, Merry Ellen Scully- Mosna, Alan & Laura Bukoff,Cathy Manias, Grace Manias, Claudia Slama, Christine Burchnall, Clyde Stewart,Susan Daugherty, Tina Mouritzen, Tatiana, Joe DeAngelis, Mary Meserve, Christopher Mcnamara, Wayne Tousignant, Robert Fortin, Paul Vanderborne, Pat Warren, Angie Foster, Patricia Aligard, Margot Roi, Dave Roberts, Susan Gold-Smith, John Guilt, Diana Roy, Merton Mietzke, Tom Rondot, Suzanne Koynha, Michael Aston, Nicole Bernard, Donna Beth, Tracy Cooper,Sue-Ellen Gerittsen, Mona Gauthier, Noel Houtmann, Judy, Jim Kondas, Nandor Ladi, Andrea MacPhee, Jennifer Manias, Alex McKay, Dan Moriarty, Oona Mosna, Patty Orozco, Thomas Moznicki, Berna Ozunal, Tracy patterson, Terry Perry,Winona Rondot, Dolores Schweitzer, Darina Sleziak, Dave Takacz, John Warren

(May.27-Jun.21) Merton Neitzke and John McCartney ‘Recent Works’

Recent Works

A Toronto artist, John McCartney has shown his work in group and solo exhibitions across Canada.

Troy, Michigan artist merton Nietzke has shown his drawings and paintings of socially relevant, politically pertinent ideology in galleries around the state of Michigan.



(Jun.24-Jul.19) ‘Freedom 87: Artists Interpret Freedom’

Freedom 87
Detail image from the “Freedom” Performance by S. Marsden

Arts Council Windsor and Region + Chrysler Canada

“Freedom” brings to mind everything from notions of independence, civil and political liberties, personal right and privilege to ease of movement and exemption from obligation or discomfort. Whatever this concept conjures you can be sure to find some novel and noble interpretations in Freedom ’87, and international, juried exhibition featuring works by Canadian and American artists.

Freedom ’87 is a presentation of Artcite Inc. The Arts Council Windsor and Regionand The International Freedom Festival

Gallery Closed August


(Sep.09-Sep.27) Giulio Tamburrini (Italy) (painting + sculpture) curated by Gabriel Maggio

Tamburrini’s “Infinitesimale – Art of 2000” has been described as an art of pure geometry and “rational expression” that belongs to the new spatial era. An internationally recognized artist, Tamburrini has won numerous awards to his sculpture and “polychrome graffiti”, which has been included in group and solo exhibits in Italy, Germany, France, Romania, Argentina, Brazil, and Canada.



(Oct.03-Nov.01) ‘Feminists Understanding Carnal Knowledge’ (group exhibition) curated by Kathy Constantinides

This show consisted of the work of five feminist artists from Michigan. The work, some controversial, expressed views of how women are percieved in our society. The show included : Pi Benio, Kathy Constantinides, Connie Samaras, Marilyn Zimmerman. Feminists Understanding Carnal Knowledge examines the issue of desire and women’s sexuality from a perspective that critiques the cultural construction of gender, and addresses the issues of sexual and reproductive rights, language as a sexual determinant, pornography (desire and censorship); sexual harassment; sexual deviancy.

“One is not born a woman; one becomes a woman.” – Simone de Beauvoir, as cited in the accompanying text.



(Nov.04-Nov.29) Bix Burkhart (Calgary) and Mark Florian (Calgary): photography

Detail image by Bix Burkhart

Detail image by Mark Florian



(Dec.04-Dec.20) 6th DOIN’ THE LOUVRE


Artcite’s annual, unjuried Christmas fundraising exhibition