(Jan.08-Feb.02) ‘Six Incredibly Groovy Artists’ (Bernadi, Boss, D’Anna, Murphy, Thompson, Trefeldt)

Six Groovy Artists

(Jan.10) The Nowhere Men ‘OH BOY!’: tom son of innon, paul from borne (Tom McKinnon and Paule Vanderborne)

Nowhere Men
Detail image from the show “The Nowhere Men ‘OH BOY!'”



(Feb.05-Mar.02) Brad Brace ‘XIV Evanescent’: installation



(Mar.05-Mar.30) Robert Wiens ‘All The Work That’s To Be Done’ (Toronto)

Detail image from the exhibition “All the Work That’s To Be Done” by Robert Weins

Incorporating various materials and media– sculpture, texts, photographs, and drawings –Wiens’ monumental works raise issuesthat strike critically at the core of assumptions about the practice of art and the reading of its subjects.

“The work of Wiens…deals with systems–systems of art making, systems of representation, systems of dominance… (Wiens) explicitally deals with fragments, with objects that appear like residues of past systems but sill imposed on us.” — David Burnett



(Apr.04-Apr.27) ‘Perfect Vision’ (juried group exhibition) Works selected by guest juror Alf Bogusky

Perfect Vision

Featured Artists: Anne Marie Beneteau, Christine Burchnall, Mark Elliot, Mary Barnard Ellis, Robbert Fortin, John Guilt, Dan Graschuk, Mary Hunt, Margaret Lawrence, Helena Sadowski – Kaupill, Kennedy, Terry Lobzun, Dawn Markovic, Christopher McNamara, Eugene McNamara, Donald Mendelson, Halyna Mordowanec, Tony Mosna, Frank Petric, Eugene Sasso, Tallulah Taliaferro, Tatiana, Cheryl Teron, Wayne Tousignant.

(Apr.30-May.25) Stephen Shortt ‘…On Britain’s Doorstep’


“…any country would continue the fight until it got some satisfaction and that’s the simple thing with the Irish problem….”
– from the artist’s invitation



(May.23) ‘ARTISTS+MODELS 1’: Fashion Show

Artists and Models


 (Jun.14-Jul.03) ’24 Canadians in New York’ (Exhibition at Amos Enos Gallery in New York City)

24 Canadians
Brochure detail from the exhibition “24 Canadians in New York”

Participating Artists: Anne Marie Beneteau, Margaret Lawrence, Dianne Bigelow, Victoria Lewis,Michael Boss, Chris MacNamara, Lillian Brock, Judith Morsinik Kashtan,Joseph DeAngelis, Gregory Murphy, Clarke Ellis, David Renaud, Susan Gold, Margot Roi, Michele Goulet, Merry Ellen Scully Mosna, Scott Gregory, Mark Sikich, Suzzane Koynha, Wayne Tousignant, Katherine Korach, Michael Wilk.

(Jun.25-Jul.20) ‘Amos Enos New Yorkcite’ (Exhibition at Artcite, Inc.)

New York Site

(Aug.21-Sep.04) Gallery CLOSED


(Sep.05-Sep.27) Issues of Censorship (with lecture by John Greyson)

Issues of Censorship
Detail image from the exhibition “Issues of Censorship”

Featured Artists: Dionne Brand / Krisantha Sri Bhaggiyadatta, Stan Denniston, Lynne Fernie, Vera Frenkel, John Greyson, Peter Greyson, Gary Kibbons, Kerri Kwinter, Cyndra McDowell, Lisa Steele / Kym Tomzcak, Robert Wiens.

(National Touring exhibition organized by Jim Miller and circulated by ‘A Space’)

The initial spark for the ISSUES OF CENSORSHIP project was provided by an occurrence on May 31, 1984. On that evening, two government officials, actng for the Ontario Censor board, seized equipment and video tapes from ‘A Space’, a collectively operated artists’ space in Toronto. The seizure of tapes and equipment was not an isolated incident of censorship, but one aspect of the larger phenomenon of cultural control operating in our society. Over the past few years in Canada, and particularily in Ontario, the subject of censorship has been at the centre of a growing debate… there has been a tendency for the numerous complex issues– among them: the rising concern over violence and sexist imagery; state harassment of the gay and lesbian communities; the introduction of the charter of rights and freedoms; the expansion of censorhip powers in Ontario throught the enactment of Bill 82; the development and expansion of new communication technologies; etc.– to be reduced into one crude argument pitting “freedom of speech” against “pornographic” practices. Such a polarized situation misrepresents the complexities of the issues. ISSUES OF CENSORSHIP attempts to expand the censorship debate by examining its history and politics.


(Oct.08-Nov.02) Richard Baillargeon / Michel La Mothe (Baillargeon’s Babylonian Journal and La Mothe’s Camera Osbscura)

Camera Obscura
“Camera Obscura No. 2” by Richard Baillargeon and Michel Lamothe.

Michel Lamothe’s compelling black & white photographs reveal moments of his life and illustrate his wide travels with energy and vigour. His most recent photographs, from his CAMERA OBSCURA series, represent a radical shift in his new work. Made with a home made pin-hole camera on 4 ” by 5 ” and 8″ by 10″ paper negatives, these images make up a psychologically intense journal of captured moments. Lamothe challenges us to question the veracity of the impressions transmitted by the camera, and whether it alone has the ability to communicate them.

Richard Baillargeon’s BABYLONIAN JOURNAL (SMALL NEW YORK SUITE) presents the photographer’s reactions on his first visit to New York City. Like Paris, New York is a sensory hotbed an the object of much photographic examination. Baillargeon’s photographs and texts evoke and adapt this flow of images.


(Nov.05-Nov.30) Peter Gillet ‘Rapid Change’

Detail image from Peter Gillett’s exhibition “Rapid Change”

Peter Gillet is a toronto artist painting about the concerns of “fast-paced living and the sudden changes in lifestyle that are so much accelerated by new technology …” many of Gilett’s three dimensional constructed paintings can be construed as warnings in their underscoring of man’s blind indifference to this accelerated rate of change and the imbalances in the natural order it creates.

(Nov.25) Patrick Jenkins – Film and Discussion

Patrick Jenkins sees his films as akin to the spirit of the early pioneers of the silent cinema rather than in the framework of recent developments such as structuralist and new narrative cinema. As a result Jenkins’ interest lies within a more human, populist cinema that is quite different from the rigorous aesthetic of experimental film.

G (1977) Super 8mm
Fluster (1978) Super 8mm
A Sense of Spatial Organization (1980) Super 8mm
Sign Language ( 1982)
Ruse (1980)
Shadowplay (1981)
Wedding Before Me (1976)


5th Annual DOIN’ THE LOUVRE… Artcite’s annual, unjuried Christmas fundraising exhibition