(Jan.18-Feb.12) Greg Ludlow ‘Diversions’: painting/sculpture


“If it’s necessary to pigeonhole artists, then Ludlow might be placed, somewhat uncomfortably perhaps, with the Constructionist crew. His big, bright, visually mobile works rest somewhere between painting and sculpture, a little more than the one and a little less than the other.” — J. Elliot

(Jan.28) John Steel ‘New Compositions’ (Windsor) 


(Feb.03) Jeff Hucul ‘Poetry’




(Feb.15-Mar.11) Gabriel Maggio ‘After Parnasus’: new work


“Sinuous, writhing, slender forms,like the creatures of Prometheus, are linked together in an unending dance et contredanse. Their amoebean shapes are bowed humbly and reverently towards the earth, whence comes their dauntless vital impulse.” — Charles Fantazzi

(Feb.25) Sacred Cows ‘Another Pile’


(Mar.14) Patterns of Change
Patterns of Change — Windsor’s unique percussion ensemble — plays a variety of music — and a variety of instruments. From brake drums to tin cans to more traditional percussion, Patterns of Change incorporates the rhythms of Africa and South America, improvisation, original material and the sound innovations of composers such as John Cage Steve Reich and Morton Feldman.
Patterns of Change were: Carl Harris, Dan Alexander and Paul Lawton

(Mar.14-Apr.08) Rod Strickland ‘Futs Diputs’ (Windsor): sculpture

Detail image from Rod Strickland’s exhibition “Futs Diputs”

“Dutch or Flemish, perhaps? Something obscure rooted deeply in Wallon? Naw, how about ‘Stupid Stuff” spelt backwards. Anyone approaching the Strickland oeuvre would be well advised to keep this verbal slight-of-hand in mind. Because Strickland’s sculpture is not meant to be obscure or recondite but as familiar and direct as the slang that
inspired the title. “– J. Elliot


(Apr.11-Apr.22) Kathleen Peer ‘Here We Are…Where Are You?’ + David Bobier ‘He’s A Sculpture, You Know!’ (MFA Thesis exhibitions)


(April 19) Stu Broomer and John Mars – Dr. Mabuse Der Spieler
Audio/Visual Performance With Dr. Mabuse der Spieler (Fritz) Lang reached new heights of cinematic prowess. At once a thriller with a basis in literal contemporary life, Dr. Mabuse also stands as an extreme fast-paced melodrama heavy with expressionist overtones. … Through this, Lang created in Dr. Mabuse a compelling study of pre-Nazi Germany’s growing fascination with the concept of the superman. Original score performed live by Stu Broomer and John Mars.

 (Apr.25-May.20) Murray Kropf’s ‘Imposed Order On A Fallen Tree’ (Toronto)

Detail image from Murray Kropf’s exhibition “Imposed Order on a Fallen Tree”


(May.23-Jun.17) Suzanne Konyha ‘Dreamscapes’ (Windsor): paintings



(Jun.20-Jul.15) Virginia Maksymowicz, Gilda Snowden, Linda Centivany ‘Three Women: Crossed Border’

Three Women
Detail image from the exhibition “Three Women: Crossed Border”


 (Jul.18-Aug.12) Al Packer ‘The Young Youngster’ (Windsor)

Young Youngster

(Jul. & Aug.: various dates) Collaborations Bicentennial

Collaborations Bicentennial

Collaborations Bicentennial brought together artists to create presentations combining two and three dimensional elements, sound, movement and video. It brought together artist and audience to experience new creative energies, to share the enthusiasm. With this and other projects, Artcite aims to take art activity out of the “gallery” setting and into locations which allow for more spontaneous and effectual presentation.

Artworks for Collaboration Bicentennial were chosen from entries from across Ontario, by a jury consisting of Megan Bice, Jens Hanson, Nick Hall, Derek Dowden & Gina Lori Riley

(Jul.6) Mark Sikich + Velkro Ripper (Windsor): paintings

Space Binding Time
Mark Sikich and Velkro Ripper’s ‘Space Binding Time’

(Jul.20) Anne Marie Beneteau, Carl Harris + Cathy LeGrand

I Break For Bullseyes
Detail image of ‘I Break for Bullseyes” by Anne-Marie Beneteau, Carl Harris, and Cathy LeGrand

(Jul.20) Frank Koustrup + Kevin Norcross

Kings Highway 74
Detail image from ‘Kings Highway 74’ by Frank Koustrup and Kevin Norcross


Collaborations Bicentennial: (Aug.03) Grace Manias, Milica Yaksich, Cheryl Bouzide

‘Trillium’ by Grace Manias, Cheryl Bouzide, and Milica Yaksich

(Aug.03) David Renaud + Chuck Blewett (Windsor)

Chuck Blewett and David Reneaud work on their piece ‘Process/Progress”


(Sep.12-Oct.07) Dennis Tourbin ‘Paris La Nuit’: mixed media

Detail image from Dennis Tourbin’s exhibition “Paris La Nuit”

‘Paris La Nuit’ is a virtual kaleidoscope of an exhibition, featuring visual poems, constructions, slide projections,
and sound recordings. “More titillating than the Can-Can, let Tourbin take you on a trip through Paris…Paris / Springtime / the bustle of the city / by day / a trip abroad / a letter sent / by photograph….”
In conjunction with the colourful exhibition, Tourbin presented a series of evening slide talks and a video screening.


(Oct.11-Nov.04) Marlene Creates ‘Paper and Place’ (installation)

Detail image from the exhibition “Paper and Place” by Marlene Creates
The exhibition included photographs of site projects completed by Creates in the landscape of Britain, Ireland and Newfoundland.
“In the remote places where I go to work, my projects are a geological and historical past. The land is important to me, but even more important is the idea that it becomes a place when someone has been there.”

(October 25) – Daniel Sloate, Poetry Reading
Selections from Dead Shadows, A Taste of Earth and The Diary of Lydia Thrippe
A bilingual event featuring selections from recently published works by critically acclaimed poet and author Daniel Sloate. Sloate offers an “absurd and satirical view of the follies which grow in the groves of the Academe and elsewhere”.
The French half of the programme will feature Sloates translations of Rimbaud and the Quebecois poet Eloi de Grandmont.


(Nov.07-Dec.02) Lisa Bradshaw ‘Recent Works’ (Stratford): paintings and carved masks (Curated by Steve Daigle)

‘Autumn Landscape 1984’ by Lisa Bradshaw from her exhibition “Recent Works”
Bradshaw’s intimate but compelling works depict a world of fantastic and imaginative ‘moodscapes’ and creatures.
“I like to make cartoon or unreal worlds look as if they could be real…” – Lisa Bradshaw

(Nov.07) Lisa Steele

Video still from ‘Some Call It Bad Luck” by Lisa Steele
Lisa Steele is an internationally recognized video artist, editor and critic, and co-ordinator of V/ Tape, Toronto. “The Gloria Tapes” (1980, 53 min.) came out of Steele’s experience of being a worker at Interval House in Toronto, a refuge for Women in Crisis: “…of value to staff and residents in similar situations, (the tape has) meaning to any woman who has ever been mystified by a gynaecologist, suffered over prices in a supermarket or been used by man.” – Jennifer Oille, Vanguard.

“Some Call It Bad Luck” 1982. 47 min. Re-enacts a drama of police interrogation, reconstruction and ultimate confession.

(Nov.24) Ruth Secunda ‘I Always Wanted To Be A Dancer’ (Montreal)

Detail image from Ruth Secunda’s exhibition “I Always Wanted to be a Dancer”
A multi-media theatre / dance piece, written, produced, choreographed and performed by Montreal artist and performer Ruth Secunda. “This is the story of a little girl who always wanted to be a dancer… every Saturday Mrs. Rose played the piano, and we all learned our shuffle shuffle, step step; shuffle shuffle, step step….”

‘4 Women’ (video + film series)

Detail still from a Nancy Nicol video from the exhibition “4 Women”

(Nov.14) Nancy Nicol “Our Choice, A Tape About Teenage Mothers” 1983

Let Poland Be Poland
Video still from ‘Let Poland Be Poland’ by Nancy Nicol

“Let Poland Be Poland” 1982, 83 min. “Let Poland Be Poland’ is insightful in its analysis of the duplicity of those Western leaders who capitalized on recent events in Poland in order to sing the praises of liberal democracy in their own countries, while hiding the role that Western banking institutions had in the collapse of the Polish economy…” — Bruce Barber, Parachute

(Nov.21) Anna Gronau

Detail image from Anna Gronau’s ‘Wound Close’
Anna Gronau is the past Director/Programmer of the Funnel Experimental Film Theatre. As a critic she spoke on Magic,Witchcraft and Film in the recent A-Space lecture series, “Talking-A Habit”

“Maple Leaf Understory”, 1978, 10 min.

“In Camera Sessions”, 1978, 5 min.
There is a phrase in this film: “whoever has their finger on
the trigger makes the decisions….”

“Wound Close” 1982, 8 min.
A tape that was to be about the expected pregnancy of Eleanor Cruise, but she miscarried; the meaning is in the knowledge of that fact.

“Aradia”, 1982, 2 1/2 min.

“Regards” 1983, 31 min.
“What is it that makes breakfast so different from other meals?” About memory, continuity and association.

(Nov.28) Elizabeth Chitty

Dog Machine
Video still from ‘Dogmachine’ by Elizabeth Chitty

Elizabeth Chitty is a performance and video artist whose formal training and background was in dance. Her works have shown extensively recently at PS 1, Brooklyn and at the Second Annual Paris Biennale.

“Telling Tales”, 1979 28 min.
The circuit and short circuit of expression and perception.

“Dogmachine”, 1981, 20 min.
Featuring five girls in colour, a shocking pink cowgirl and music by T.B.A., Chitty invites us to get down and be fashionably and politically correct, and “Do the Dogma”.

“Desire Control”, 1981, 12 min.
Presupposes that Pornography can also serve the needs of female sexuality.

“T.V. Love”, 3 min. 40 sec.
A witty love story made (literally) for T.V.


(Dec.14) Margaret Dragu ‘The Joy Of Multi-Discipline’

Detail image from Margaret Dragu’s exhibition, “The Joy of Multi-Discipline”

A multi-media event combining dance, slides, audio, video, performance and 5 short mini-lectures in Romanian, French, German and English. This is one of the latest interdisciplinary works by internationally recognized performer-artist-choreographer and dance curator Margaret Dragu. “Fun and Uptempo”, “The Joy of Multi-Discipline”
feature highlights from Dragu’s earlier performances an collaborative efforts with other choreographers and visual artist and her curatorial work with Dance works in Toronto.
“It is woven together with my recent pursuit of inside / outside / stranger choreography and inside / outside/ stranger linguistics.” – Margaret Dragu

(Dec.05-Dec.22) 3rd DOIN’ THE LOUVRE… Artcite’s annual, unjuried Christmas fundraising exhibition