Founding Members: 16 at Artcite

Artcite Inc’s founding members.

“There is no other space in town where one could hope to preview such a diverse sampling of local talent.”

Just inside the front door Joe DeAngelis has installed a witty and very apt mixed media with the weighty title of The Palazzo or Squint Your Eyes You Could be in Italy, including explicit instruction on how to complete the illusion using an aged warehouse across the street. Its good fun sets just the right tone for an opening. Artcite is meant to be the sort of gallery where an artist can be comfortable with the work on display, free of the commercial restrictions that might prejudice selection for a private gallery. The freedom shows in John Steel’s flamboyant sculpture or in Anne-Marie Beneteau’s charmingly eccentric drawings-cum-paintings. There is room for both the high realism of George Keltika and the abstracted roadscapes of Milica Yaksich. Terry Evans’ somber, moody pastels are a gentle counterpoint to Margaret Lawrence’s very accomplished drawings. The planned, disciplined surfaces of Gene Lotz’ sculpture contrast nicely with the rugged elegance of Wayne Tousignant’s works in steel, stone and wood. Artcite has made an auspicious beginning and has been received better than anyone dared hope. May the successes continue and the spirit that made them possible flourish. ” – James Elliot, Windsor Star Art Critic,
May 22, 1982


(Jun.09-Jun.19) John Steel ‘Not an Artist’ (Windsor)

(Jun.23-Jul.10) ‘Ten’- (Bernardi, Bigelow, Celestino, Ferraro, Goulette, Hunt, Manias, Mosna, Regenbogen, Roy)

‘Ten’ artists get painted in an interactive fashion.

An invitational exhibition of ten Windsor Artists.


(Jul.14-Aug.07) Artcite presents photographs by Sorel Cohen / Suzy Lake from the National Film Board Collection

Cohen Lake
Photograph from Sorel Cohen and Suzy Lake’s exhibition.


(Aug.11-Sept.04) Detroit Artist’s Market Brings Beaubian 6 to Artcite: Mary Bruns, Diane Carr, Bruce Peterson, Mel Rosas, G. Alden Smith, Paul Webster.


Six Detroit-based artists with studios at the same Beaubien address come to Artcite Inc. to show 17 works in a cultural exchange between Detroit and Windsor.


(Sep.08-Sep.18) Rex Lingwood: sculpture in leather


Rex Lingwood creates abstract figures by folding and tucking, heating and stretching, drying and dyeing, hardening and burning pieces of leather into various forms. His work explores many ranges of human emotion, from amusement to discomfort.

(Sep.22-Oct.16) ‘Fringe Research’- David Hylinsky and Michael Snowdon: paintings, photographs & holograms

Fringe Research


(Oct.18-Nov.20) QuickChangeArtists (Anne Marie Beneteau, Terry Evans, Scott Gregory, Milica Yaksich, Gene Lotz)

Quick Change


(Nov.24-Dec.11) Christopher Creighton ‘Composite Panoramics’



(Dec.14-Dec.30) 1st DOIN’ THE LOUVRE… Artcite’s annual, unjuried Christmas fundraising exhibition


Doing the Louvre is Artcite’s unjuried annual art sale and fundraiser. This event features the works of many artists, hung from ceiling to floor, completely filling the gallery space. Patrons then join us to view these pieces, priced from $0.99-$99.99 – great gifts for the holiday season!