Opening Reception: Friday, May 1 8pm
w/ the artists in attendance

Détournement translates into hijacking or diversion, and is a tactic coined by the Letterist International, and the Situationist International in 1950s France.

From the trajectory of the détournement, emerged numerous historical and contemporary cultural practices such as socially engaged and activist art, culture jamming, punk, and DIY.

Like the Situationists and their efforts to meld art and politics (as exemplified in their major involvement in the general strike of May 1968 in France), many artists that operate within these genres strive to have an actual sociopolitical effect. The Adbusters poster that became a catalyst for Occupy Wall Street and the term 99% is one high profile instance.

The Detournements exhibit will feature work by Emily Davidson (Halifax NS), and Steve Lambert (Beacon NY) who each challenge neoliberal narratives at work in our everyday environment by engaging with various community groups through projects that lie at the intersection of art and activism.

Detournements will also feature a social justice themed library of print publications, workshops and performances produced by local artists, activists, collectives and non profit organizations.

This exhibition is presented in conjunction with the 2015 MayWorks Windsor festival celebrations, held annually every May.

Artcite would like to thank the Windsor District Labour Council for their support.