A sound and video installation.
Dr. Steve Goodman (London, UK),
Dr. Tobey Heys (Manchester, UK)

Artcite Inc., Windsor’s Artist-Run Centre for the Contemporary Arts, is pleased to present: “DELPHIC PANACEAS” a sound and video installation by AUDINT (UK)

AUDINT — a contraction of Audio Intelligence — is the artist-duo of Dr. Steve Goodman and Dr. Tobey Heys
Sept. 17 – Oct. 24, 2015 Skype Lecture, Q&A with AUDINT: Date & time TBA

FREE Admission to both the exhibition and Skype lecture!

Gallery hours: Wed – Sat noon – 5 pm, or by appointment (group tours only)
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Based on the Martial Hauntology vinyl/book/print project released on AUDINT records in late 2014, the “Delphic Panaceas” exhibition consists of the artists’ ongoing Dead Record archives, along with Delusions of the Living Dead, a video projection of the animated film produced to accompany the first side of their latest album release. The multi-layered display is also accompanied by a sound installation that is designed “to be felt as much as heard”. It has long been recognized that the ideal 21st century weapon is invisible, seemingly noninvasive. When drones, not soldiers, are doing the fighting for us, our leaders can more easily eschew the approval of their elected representatives to their wars.

The weapon more invisible than a hovering drone? Sound. For the past several years, AUDINT has been conducting research, rituals and experiments in how sound has been used to “demarcate soundscapes, and the ways in which martial and civil sound deployments modulate psychological, physiological and architectural states”. More recently, AUDINT’s research has expanded into an investigation into the “opening of the ‘3rd ear’, a dimension that materializes when sound, ultrasound, and infrasound are simultaneously deployed in a precise schema of sequencing, duration, and amplification. In addition, “the 3rd ear forms a conduit for the channeling of voices and frequencies, allowing communication between the living and the dead, sanity and insanity and between disparate locations in space and time.”

The central work which informs AUDINT’s latest installation, Martial Hauntology (also included in this exhibition), was released in late 2014 as a limited edition of 256 copies. “It links the underground groove of the Large Hadron Collider with the vaults of the Bank of Hell; connects the Dead Record Network with the Phantom Hailer…and traces
the evolution of the Wandering Soul Tapes to the viral dynamics of the online spectreware named IREX2”.

Based on one side of the vinyl record that accompanies the duo’s Dead Record Office publication, the Delusions
of the Living Dead
animated video projection tells the story of sound recordist and designer Walter Slepian’s 1949 plan to purloin and photograph French neurologist Jules Cotard’s notebook: an arcane medical document that holds information pertaining to the process and methods required to “seed walking corpse syndrome into a subject’s bed of cognition”.

Dr. Steve Goodman runs the London, UK record label Hyperdub ( and produces electronic music as Kode9. He is a lecturer in Music Culture in the School of Social Sciences, Media and Cultural Studies at the University of East London, and runs the MA Programin Sonic Culture. His book, Sonic Warfare: Sound, Affect and the Ecology of Fear, was published in 2010 by the MIT Press. Goodman is also a member of the autonomous research collective, the Ccru (Cybernetic culture research unit).

Dr. Toby Heys is a Digital Technologies Research Fellow at the Manchester Institute for Research and Innovation in Art and Design (MIRIAD) at Manchester Metropolitan University (UK). Since 1992, he has produced over 70 solo exhibitions and 100 group exhibitions for galleries, museums, biennials and festivals around the world. His sound art has been installed and performed at hundreds of venues, including the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the Mutek Festival in Montreal and the Dictionary of War event in Frankfurt. As the collaborative group AUDiNT, the work of Goodman and Heys was recently seen, heard and experienced at Berlin’s Acadamie der Kunst, Sheffield, UK’s Site Gallery, and, in May 2015, at the Tate Modern, UK. For more information, visit