36TH ANNUAL DOIN’ THE LOUVRE Holiday FUN(d)raising®™ Exhibition

Gala opening for artists, guests and patrons and Ontario Trillium Foundation Recognition Event – Saturday, December 2, 7:00 pm

Show & Sale Runs: December 2-December 24, 2017

Special Christmas Shopping Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 12 – 6 pm (closed Sundays, Mondays, and mornings)

Artists’ Submission Deadline: Saturday Nov. 25, 2017 

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Artcite’s annual Christmas FUN(d)raising exhibition and sale which takes place every December! This annual event is not only important to Artcite as a fundraiser but is also an opportunity for many artists (some of whom have never previously shown their work) to exhibit and sell their works. It features an immense amount of artworks by over many artists from the area, and-as always, many pieces are created specifically for this special exhibit by old and new Artcite members (and many non-members); as a rule, all work is priced under $199.99!

Artcite Inc., Windsor’s non-profit, Artist-Run Centre for the Contemporary Arts, is pleased to present “Doin’ the Louvre”: Artcite’s 36th annual Christmas FUN(d)raising exhibition and sale. Give the gift they will enjoy for years to come: give the gift of ART! (Or-at our crazy prices–add to your OWN fine art collection!)

ORIGINAL ART–paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, mixed media, sculpture–and artist-made gift items (xmas ornaments, books, toys, cards, ‘art wear’, jewellery, etc.) created by established and emerging Windsor and Detroit area artists will all be exhibited “salon style” (floor to 18′ ceiling, ala “The Louvre”), with all work priced for Christmas giving! BIG sale prices for these one-of-a-kind art pieces start at 99¢(!) — and NOTHING is priced over $199.99!

Can’t decide from all of the choices? Want something really special and expensive for that special someone? As in past years, we will be offering our gallery visitors the chance to win original artworks by distinguished Windsor artists Victor Romao, Collette Broeders, Katherine Roth, Michele Goulette, Vince Kogut, Wayne Tousignant, Joshua Babcock, Rory O’Connor, and Patricia Coates! A $2 ticket may win you an artwork valued over $500! As always, the DTL raffle wall will be located on the back East wall.

And, as in previous years, our DTL holiday window display was presented to brighten your downtown shopping stroll.

HOW TO DO THE LOUVRE: All the art on the walls and shelves has tiny control numbers affixed at the bottom right hand corners. We will have a good supply of “DTL Price Lists” by the door. Grab one, look up the number and see the artist, title and the price. Opening night might be too crowded to get a big work down from the walls, but a deposit will “red dot” it and reserve it for you to pick up soon after. See something you want that is already sold? Let us know and we’ll call the artist to see if they have more, or similar.

ALSO THIS YEARArtcite, Inc. is pleased to announce that we have been funded through the Ontario150 Community Capital Program earlier this year. This funding allowed us to upgrade the flooring on the main floor of our gallery space, creating a safer surface for visitors in our downtown Windsor location in the Capitol Theatre building. This funding will allow the community-at-large to continue to enjoy and participate in Artcite’s programming and events for years to come. We would like to thank the Ontario Trillium Foundation for its generous support. Join us for our funding Recognition Event running concurrently with Doin’ the Louvre.

Artists included this year: Michelle Chappus, Rory O’Connor, Neda Laketic-Soc, Talysha Bujold-Abu, Andrea Mercier, Kriste Latouf, Carol Anne Winters, Holly L. Wolter, Judy DePassio, William Jeffery Martin, Sue Cole, Brigid Burke, Raymond Colautti, Isabel and Lori Grondin, Amanda Dupuis, Rashmi Dadwal, Karen Rockwell, Kristina Bradt, Kewy Janisse, Josephine Hazen, Susan Gold, Gladys Gerrier, Stephanie Johnson, Michelle Dobrin, Deborah Dunlop, Erika Duchene, Alyssa J. Pisciotto, Jennifer Tymowska, Gloria Qazolli, Scott Gregory, Carley Noelle, Michele Emery, Geoffrey Hays, Irena Vucajnk, Margaret Dawson, Jelena Cetkovic, Paul Turgeon, Brandon Lemire, Yuki Deng, Hannah Belle McCullough, Jim Mroczkowski, Hani Yassine, Sasha Opeiko, Natalie Sinn, Christine Paris, Wayne Tousignant, Joseph Morneau, Jeff Howell, Shane Wright, Sergio Mazzotta, Samantha Therrien, Barbara Mahoney, Rachel Tremblay, Angela Roy, Owen Swain, Joshua Babcock, Laurie Smith, Adele Steinberg, Jeff Denomme, Isabelle Milot, Katherine Roth, Judy Chappus, Bruce Jamieson, Jean Bull, Sarah Beveridge, Madison Espie, and more!