Artcite is currently seeking proposals from artists, collectives and independent curators for inclusion in our 2017 SUMMER ART FESTIVAL series of off-site installations and exhibitions, running July 28–August 5, 2017.

Proposals for site-specific, storefront installations, performance and sound based art projects are especially encouraged, although the programming committee are accepting traditional presentations (i.e., painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video). Exhibition spaces will be allocated by the Summer Art Festival organizing committee, based on artists’ proposals and space availability.

Please include THE FOLLOWING w/ your submission:
1) a brief artist’s statement; short bio, resume or c.v. (max 1 pg)

2) high res JPEGS by email or on CD/DVD (no larger than 1024 x 2400 pixels) representative of your proposed work. Include w/ your proposal: documentation list for your supporting visuals indicating title, year, medium, and dimensions

3) a description of the proposed “Summer Art Festival” installation piece (if different from works documented in submitted support material)

4) any site/space requirements and unusual installation requirements (access to power, AV equipment, special lighting, alterations to sites, i.e., erection of temporary walls, etc.).

Please clearly identify your submission with: your name; address; telephone number; e-mail address; and a self-addressed stamped envelope if you wish for your submission to be returned.


Summer Art Festival is also accepting submissions for workshops, lectures, or essays. Applicants are encouraged to respond to local themes such as use of public space (ie. Pelissier evictions), effects of urban sprawl (ie. Save Ojibway park), and fostering positive creative growth in the community; other topics will also be considered.

Please send proposals attention to: Artcite Programming Committee, SUMMER ART FEST 2017, c/o Artcite Inc. 109 University Ave. W. Windsor, ON N9A 5P4.

For e-mail submissions, send to:
Please put “SAF 2017 Submission” in the subject heading.

Submission deadline is July 21st, 2017 at 5:00 pm

All works, materials and supplies exhibited during “Summer Art Festival” will be insured during the exhibition run only; Artcite Inc. is not responsible for loss or damage to artworks or supplies not removed from exhibition areas by August 5, 2017.

For more information please contact:
Artcite Inc. 109 University Ave. W. Windsor, ON N9A 5P4 tel: 519-977-6564 /